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14 August 2016


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In reply to Lurker 15 August 2016 at 11:15 AM

Attempting to close your unclosed html tag which is affecting all the comments beneath yours



What is now Algeria had been a Roman client state (Numidia) from the time of the Second Punic war and later was a province for many centuries before the it's conquest.


That was the case for the vast majority of berbers of that generation.


What are these: Western, Anglo-Saxon and/or Universalists seeking to achieve by attempting to export extreme decadent values (i.e. Wahabism & Sharia law, LGTBQ, Neo-Nazism)?

Nick Smith

The brackets stuff is really, really beneath a forum of this quality.


thanks CE, have two annex files by now, both apparently largely connected to the content. None at first made sense as "the" annex I, I am looking for. On the other hand, seems like that is it. I only have a hard time to believe he seriously only offered these two sources as basis for polls: Forschungsgruppe Wahlen, ARD-DeutschlandTrend.

Maybe there isn't more to it???? ... Although? ...
_Ukraine and Europe_germany_osf annex ii.rtf
_Ukraine and Europe_germany_germany debate annex i.rtf

... Don't understand the notation in annex I:
March 2014
77 Against kicking Russia out of G8
69/57 Against economic sanctions against Russia
69 Don’t expect that Russia and west won’t be partners anymore for a long time
58 EU and Germany should support Ukraine
57 Crimea crisis is Ukraine’s fault
56 Crimea crisis is Russia’s fault
55/41 Against EU membership for Ukraine in some years/next years
51/34 In favor of EU membership for Ukraine in some years/next years
44 Only diplomatic means should be used against Russia (not sanctions)
25 Expect that Russia and west won’t be partners anymore for a long time
24/26/38 In favor of economic sanctions against Russia
19 In favor of kicking Russia out of G8
12 In favor of military support for Ukraine

But yes, the time frame fits, since it ends here:
February 2015
89 Against supplying weapons to Ukraine
70 Afraid that conflict between Russia and west will escalate
65 Generally in favor of sanctions
55 EU should counter Russia more decisively
51 in favor of more sanctions
41 EU shouldn’t counter Russia more decisively
41 Against more sanctions
31 Generally against sanctions

take care.

David Habakkuk


It is necessary to understand Soros, as also others, in the context of long-standing arguments coming out of the new opportunities, and also new dangers, created for Jews by the Enlightenment.

There were, and are, many different Jewish responses to these.

Actually, that adopted by Soros has a great deal in common with that originally taken by his fellow Hungarian Jew, Arthur Koestler.

In both cases, the initial impulse was an attempt to leap into a utopian future. In Koestler’s case, it was the utopian future promised by Marxism. In that of Soros, it was a certain kind of ‘Hapsburg liberalism’, as reworked by Sir Karl Popper.

A difference is that Koestler came to realise his utopian future did not work – see his 1940 novel, ‘Darkness at Noon’. In relation to Soros, however, there has been a curious kind of ‘dual movement’.

So, on the one hand, the ‘individualism’ of Popper’s liberalism has gone progressively bonkers (the crusade for the transgender toilet being only the most salient example.)

On the other hand, the ‘backlash’ has been so long coming that it could be ignored. So the kind of intellectual crisis which was forced on Koestler has not yet materialised for Soros. And he is now too old to face it.

That said, Soros is, at least, relatively consistent.

So while he wants to see Israel survive, and has fellow-feeling for Jews there, he has tried to push the country’s inhabitants towards some kind of accommodation with the Arab population.

What he does not represent is a position taken by many influential American and British Jews: which might be caricatured, using the terminology employed by ‘Lurker’, as: ‘Globalism’ for the ‘goyim’ – for the Jews, ‘globalism’ when it suits, ‘nationalism’ when it doesn’t.

Another Jewish response, of course, was assimilation.

And this is central to the tragedy of Jews in Germany: which lay quite precisely in the fact that so many very deeply identified with a culture which turned on them.

In relation to Britain, however, the ‘assimilationist’ strand was, and has remained, very strong.

However, in a way that creates its own problems.

I sometimes think that the contemporary Jewish ‘community’ here is what is left, when most of the interesting Jews have ‘married out’.

One does not read the ‘Jewish Chronicle’ for intellectual stimulation.


I have always regarded Soros as a high CIA asset or more of an operator. His open society is just like the NED, just feeding from different trough. You do not break the Bank of England without support of the U.S. deep state. That was the starter money of his operation.

He is a dangerous man as a soon as his whole operation gets blown up as better.


(I am excepting the New World for a number of reasons that I could elaborate if asked.)

should we ask him, Fred?

Admittedly, I almost asked for clarification here:
In North Africa, in India, in Vietnam - Western Diocletian Civilization failed to take root - even after a hundred years and multiple wars.

Irony Alert:

What about this paradigm: the Western Diocletian Civilization can only succeed outside the 'diocletian line' if settled completely by Diocletians, e.g. the Pilgrim Fathers in the "new world". ...

Would that work for Israel too? Maybe, Babak will rule them out as pure Diocletians.

But, the settlers have to be prepared to fight the indigenous people as Diocletian fought his own interior enemies, the Christians.



The NED is not a CIA front. They have lots of those but the NED is not one of them. you need to stop fantasizing about the US. We are not the devil. We are not the evil country you and leaNder want to think us. This is a shame. You are a fine military analyst but you so much want to hate us. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Endowment_for_Democracy pl



Give modern jihadist Islam time and they'll be happy to convert Mexico and Peru the same way their ancestors did North Africa. However they won't have smallpox to kill off half the population while they are doing it and unlike leftists the Mexicans are going to fight just as hard as their ancestors did to maintain their way of life.

ex-PFC Chuck

You mention a "rapprochement between Netanyahu, Erdogan, [and] Putin." According to John Helmer's reporting from Moscow last week's meeting between the latter two of these three was anything but. Virtually nothing was agreed upon. Nor does Erdogan appear to have given Putin any reason to believe that he has given up his Syria machinations. Below are links to Helmer's long report on his Russia-focused news site and also an interview of him on The Real News Network that is about 15 minutes long.


Spot on as far as Soros goes.

Doug Colwell

I don't remember the details but I've heard Soros described as a Rothschild asset. That was a while back, but seemed convincing at the time. Perhaps you know more.


Mr. Habakkuk,

You have, in your scholarly way, driven the hammer on the nail's head.

A lot of the antipathy towards Jews on the AR isn't because of Hitler fetishism (the 14/88 crowd is regarded as a lot of try hards), but because of Jewish prog/marxist attitudes towards Western nations and their use of tikkun olam as a license to meddle.

Specifically the fact that Israel gets a wall on the border, Israel gets to decide who is a citizen, but Western nations have to be open to the refuse of the world or else oy vey its another Shoah. Then when you start peeling back the layers of the onion, its another Jew like Barbara Spencer demanding that Western nations commit national suicide.

Babak Makkinejad

That is what King Leopold II was doing in Congo; murdering Africans in order to depopulate it for the Europeans; modeling himself after the settlers in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.


/Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the legislation establishing NED, was quite candid when he said in 1991: "A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA."/

The CIA’s successors and collaborators
US: overt and covert destabilisation

Call it however you will. NED is builds and is financing groups the CIA then deploys for regime change. There is no cooperation between them? No CIA assets under the cover of NED operations? They are not pulling on the same string? I could probably list dozens of cases where they are.



Yes, the different parts of the US government try however fitfully to carry out the same policies even if over decades. Does the German government not do that? Yes, the CIA has been used to support political parties, etc. that the US favored or favors. They probably still do but the NED was created to do that in a more open way. What is it about that concept that you object to? Are you upset that the USSR collapsed? The CIA's support of anti-Soviet forces was a very useful thing in bringing down the USSR. I do not support the Obama Administration's policies just about anywhere in the world. IMO the policy is neo-liberalism/neoconism writ large and the NED and CIA as well as the armed forces are being used as tools to support that policy. IMO your arguments would be more impressive if you were attacking the policy rather than the US as a country that you obviously hate. pl


The US per se is not the problem - it's the unipolarity that's the problem. Any person, institution or state with no checks on its power and no serious opposition eventually develops a severe case of hubris.


So the US policy is not "The US"?
Then what is "The US"?


sorry, for the delay.

I think I have elaborated elsewhere but let me try again. Netanyahu is Likud and Likud defines Israel as a Jewish state.

Never be sure, anyone around here does or in fact can follow your elaboration. But now I understand where you are heading.

Maybe I have problems from one point on, since my mental capacities aren't big enough to wrap my head around everything as neatly as you would like me to?

The neo liberals want to dissolve national borders with visa free travel (not just free flow of money), abolish sovereign currencies, abolish racism and gender bias, abolish sexual preference bias, terminate official religions. Promote supranational entities such as WB, IMF, NATO and "free" trade pacts such as NAFTA, TPP & TTIP.

thanks for the answer, anyway.


I never got attracted to the 'deliberate genocide via smallpox plankets" idea, Fred. But yes, I am aware of it.

Beyond that I appreciate your warning, which I read somewhat like: Islam had the jihadist component from the start. But no, I did not seriously reflect this response.

Babak Makkinejad

There is a multi-religious war, disguising itself under various names.

Babak Makkinejad

Look no further than that man, Martin Buber, who chose to live in Israel. All his profound ideas on theology did not save him from his own willful tribalism.


Thank you for these links. I appreciate Helmer's insight into the meeting. I also read a cautious assessment from close sources to Erdogan like Ibrahim Karagul (read on from: the Atlantic is not the only center and keeping away from Asia is suicide)


Yet, there are other analysts from Russia focused web sites like Katehon that give a different perspective from St. Petersburg meeting. They point of the rapid succession of technical meetings between Russian and Turkish officials, Turkish and Iranian and Turkish and Central Asian leaders after St. Petersburg.

At stake is not only the end of Turkey's support for the Turkmen and ex-Caucasus fighters in Syria and Central Asia but its exit from NATO and entry into SCO.

Consider that Greece press released a picture of the US Ambassador in Turkey John Basse together with "the Turkish senior officer, who looks like one of the leaders of the coup Col. Ali Yazıcı (former military adviser to President Erdogan). They had a private meeting in Cengelkoy café the day before the coup."

It might appear that the Greeks are interested in driving further the wedge between NATO and Turkey. But the Greek Orthodox connection between Greece and Russia cannot be counted off.


Assad granted indefinite rights to the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces in Syria at the Hmeymim airbase at Latakia. Yet, Putin waited until the meeting with Erdogan in St. Petersburg to send the air base expansion project to the Duma. I find this very significant because Latakia is not too far from Incirlik from where most coup plotters came from.

Furthermore, Zbigniew Brzezinskis tweeted a scorching condemnation of US involvement in the coup

PCR writes: "Paul Craig Roberts
If Turkey leaves NATO, that would be a big change. Turkey has been in the pockets of Washington for a long time. If Washington was behind the coup, this probably has damaged the relationship permanently. Erdogan has very strong motives to realign with Russia despite the problems he had caused. The Russian government has a very strong interest to overlook Turkey’s past behavior and to befriend it, because it weakens NATO on Russia’s borders."

And finally, once again the news from Yeni Safak. "It revealed information that the Guvercinlik First Army Aviation Regiment's Maintenance Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Murat Bolat told prosecutors that the US was ready to help them to assassinate Erdogan during the coup.
"Americans were to provide the exact coordinates of Erdoğan, if the team was unable to find him in the hotel. They also said that up to four persons with civil dress have been tracking Erdoğan ", - the Turkish newspaper quotes the rebel.

The same fact, that Erdogan’s newspaper attacks the US and NATO so fiercely corroborates that Turkish authorities are preparing for harsh anti-US moves, including leaving NATO. And they have a lot of the evidence of NATO’s involvement in the coup."

For practical purposes, Turkey is gone from NATO but it may take time or the US may try to apologize and bring them back into the fold by hook or by crook.

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