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15 August 2016


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No, I don't think he is any more an "agent of Putin" than I think Clinton is an "agent of Israel". But their goals align.


I can see your point, but I'm going to give Obama credit here for avoiding war with Iran, because the vast majority of both his party and the Republican party "elites", and all other pressure was driving directly toward it.

I voted for him solely on the hope that he would avoid war with Iran, and he did, so I'm giving credit where it is due.


In reply to PeteM 18 August 2016 at 12:03 PM

The Kurds

alba etie

Smoothie X12
What tantrum ?


Guess where the issue of Ukraine came from?


Well, actually their ideology is from Plainfield, VT. - They have given up on the Maoism and authoritarianism and adopted many of Murray Bookchin's ideas about anarchist community organisation.

In all the things I've read about them the only things that really bother me are some of the interviews with young soldiers show a continuing tendency to idolize the imprisoned PKK leader Ocalan - and his picture is up everywhere. They need to rid themselves of the remnants of the old personality cult.


alba etie

Smoothie x 12
That is a point taken .


My next vacation spot will be to Saint Petersburg, time permitting.


I found a dictionary: apposite means very appropriate, suitable for the occasion or situation. Thanks.

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