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10 August 2016


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Well said, and one could add Trump's unwillingness to release his tax returns as further indication of cowardice.

Ishmael Zechariah

Mr. Sale,
Could we expect a similar analysis of Hillary Clinton?
Ishmael Zechariah

Edward Amame

People who habitually employ an abusive and bullying tone, are, at bottom, insecure people with a weak ego...

This ought to be an interesting thread.


It all depends on the nature of the disagreement. If it's a question of whether to raise or lower a tax rate by 1% or something similar, then you can have a polite discussion about it. If on the other hand one side is insisting on policies which have a good chance of getting us killed it's quite hard to have a polite discussion about that. Especially when the people you're arguing with refuse to see that what they are advocating is insane.

David Lentini

That would be nice. I don't want either candidate, but I find the questions of Clinton's health, both psychological and physical, are even more dire than Trump's.



Are you open to having your Clinton health hypothesis disproven. What would it take for this to happen? What fact or facts would convince you otherwise?


I'm living rent free in your head along with Trump, Dick.

P.S. - Anyone who engages in pop psychoanalysis on the basis of distant observation is either projecting or has no argument.



Tell me about the speeches Clinton gave to Wall Street that she won't release.

I love pencil necks throwing that word around. This idiot.



People who pop analyze over the internet are child molesters.

Arguments through assertion are fun.

Eric newhill

There are two basic forms of aggression; outward, which you address, and passive, which you ignore.

In a discussion, both are equally as fatal and both, IMO, come from the same source that you outline.

One is easier to identify and point a finger at, while the other flourishes, self righteously, while the finger is pointed.

Babak Makkinejad

Richard Sale:

In regards to the death threats against yourself; you had been in good company. Harry Markopolos who had spotted Bernard Madoff's $65bn Ponzi scheme years earlier, has stated that at some point he stopped alerting the US authorities because he feared for his life.

Just how wide-spread is this phenomenon in the United States, do you know?

I mean, where do Americans get off hectoring the rest of the world about the Rule of Law, when, in their own country, when push comes to shove, one's life would be in danger - just like so many other countries?

Edward Amame

David Lentini

I would certainly not dismiss Mr Trump's extremely advanced case of foot in mouth disease.


I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for one.


I need to read this post every week or so, to keep my worst impulses in check.


I fear you have not accepted the fact that
the US is "Exceptional " as the elites from
both parties have told us on a continuing
basis. What is the adage? Rule of law for
thee but not for me is now writ large in this
society on every level IMO. Anarchy awaits!


Is there no low your tribe won't sink to?


It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble.
it’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so! - Mark Twain

Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”


Richard, while I sympathize with any personal discomfort you have endured, and, in general, agree with the *thrust* of your take...my issue is, and I believe yours SHOULD be, as well; there is no longer even a general sense of agreement on what IS an "abusive and bullying tone". Anything is, these days. To me. I find myself surrounded by people who have never been in the military. Never worked a loading dock or a harbor. Never been in a union or a union battle. In many cases have never been in jail, been in trouble, been in a physical fight, indeed, been in much, that involved danger or aggression. This is a gross generalization, but it has an element of truth in it, I believe. I deal with a nation (or state) full of bureaucratic admins, or Mr Rodgers like professionals. And then there are the college students and soccer Moms. It seems like anything is "bullying" to them. Serving friggin gluten food is bullying. Everybody---exaggeration, ok, but you get my point, hopefully..wraps themselves up in the language and shield (and sword?) of the 'bullied victim'. It usually ends the discussion, with many saying 'what is wrong with that guy, he must have a weak ego'. Yeah, maybe, or one must have a weak outer shell.

Edward Amame



Babak Makkinejad

They are truly "Lost Children" - any challenge, even at the level of questioning some innocuous but dearly held belief is considered an attack.

Young men tell you that you are bullying them, young women tell you that they do not want to hear what you say.


A polite manner that leads to a polite discussion is only possible if BOTH sides think it a good idea or think at all.

I too lived on the "poor side" of the tracks among people who despised me for nothing other than "you don't belong here".

There were threats and actions taken against me for that reason alone.

There are NOW , more people that feel they have nothing and have no chance and are not interested in a discussion.

If you run into them at the wrong place there is no time to talk.

Farmer Don

I think Hillary could dispel most of this talk by scheduling a press conference, and making sure people see her walking a few blocks and climbing a couple flights of stairs getting to it.
Then answering unscripted questions about her health, followed by another 1/2 hour of other questions & answers showing that she has put this issue to rest.

In short just get out there and be seen doing some things a healthy active individual does.

She might want to go shirtless surfing like our Canadian Prince Trudeau.


It's interesting, Richard, more personally for me, you bring together Hazlitt and Schopenhauer on hatred.

good read, if I can put it like that.


Actually, the reply to all in this particular thread. What part of Sale's article on civility did y'all miss?

tim s

Don, PLEASE, not right after lunch!!! I might have to go lay down....

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