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05 August 2016


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I don't mean to minimize the great strides Russia has made in the last twenty years and their move to increase import substitution is important if only to remedy some of the effects of Dutch Disease. I also don't think Putin wants Russia to become a hermit kingdom but a modern capitalist state immersed in the global economy. Both these goals have been set back somewhat by the sanctions and low oil/gas prices and especially by the fact they have difficulty in securing the needed investment funds required for the rebuilding of their internal production.

Separating the spin from the facts is always required to get a clear picture about anything reported in western media but the basic facts remain when the hype is discarded.

I'd like to hear more about this Russian hi-tech and its potential in the world marketplace. Today's tech hotspot and profit center seems to be communications devices, does Russia have an offering in this growing area?




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