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08 August 2016


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A Pols

Diazepam is Valium, useful for seizures and much else...


as long as people are conjecturing, this should be one of the considerations

what are the symptoms of Diazepam overdose and/or interactions.


[snip from link]

A total of 893 drugs (5124 brand and generic names) are known to interact with diazepam.
13 major drug interactions (53 brand and generic names)
753 moderate drug interactions (4010 brand and generic names)
127 minor drug interactions (1061 brand and generic names)


That is really troublesome. I "experienced" ever-incapacitated, alcoholic and low life Yeltsin who literally gave up the country to the cabal of low lives to be robbed and factually demolished. Not having a national leader who is sane, reasonably healthy and self-aware is a scary proposition. HRC is not a healthy person by any criteria. It shows. Could she be, as was proposed earlier on these discussion boards, merely a vehicle to get a special interest group into power? This is down right scary, it also makes any US pontification on "democracy" simply unsustainable, not that it is not laughable now anyway.


Diazepam, also known as Plumiaz, also known as Valium...

Over the weekend internet has erupted w/ questions wrt HRC's health and speculation that she is having recurrent seizures - a result of the CVT discovered after her fall in 2012.

"In 2012, Clinton had a cerebral venous thrombosis (blood clot in her brain). The story went like this: Clinton supposedly had an intestinal infection and got severely dehydrated. She fainted, fell, and hit her head, which resulted in a concussion. A few weeks later, she was found to have a cerebral venous thrombosis (blood clot in her brain). Her doctors claimed that she was “making excellent progress” and they were “confident she will make a full recovery.” Source:https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/hillary-clintons-blood-clot-most-likely-in-a-leg-experts-say/2012/12/31/d2c853ea-5376-11e2-bf3e-76c0a789346f_story.html


look into Gelastic Seizures and HH - Hypothalamic Haramtomas.


Is Biden getting much mention as these health reports make their way onto the nightly news?


I've taken a little dig through the article linked. About half of the "evidence" can be dismissed out of hand. In particular, a clip of the "seizure" video, from a different angle, with sound and in context, makes it clear she's doing a double take on being asked about selecting Elizabeth Warren as her running mate.


Might there be a health issue? Perhaps, but right now the evidence is mighty thin. It's akin to diagnosing Trump with a personality disorder from afar.



What abut her ever present dark skinned minder? What about the Diazepam carried in his hand while walking with her? pl

different clue


She is a vehicle to keep the Obamazoids in power and cement and permanentize the Obama achievement . . . just as Obama's mission was to cement and permanentise the Cheney/Bush achievements.

The Country Club-Wall Street Republican/ Cat Food Democrat Coalition wants Hillary and then Kaine in there to ratify and sign more Free Trade Treason Agreements, and to privatise Social Security and Medicare. Only a Decromat President can achieve the privatising of Medicare and Social Security, just as only Nixon could go to China.

different clue

The "seizure film" looks either run forward and reverse several times or otherwise run forward from the same beginning over and over several times with very smooth splicing between each run to make it look real. If my intuitive eye-feel impression about that is correct, perhaps that particular video should not be relied on to make the case for Hillary's health problems. If that video became discredited, the discredit could spill over onto other evidence leading it to be improperly disregarded.

Just a sense of caution on my part.

Dr. K

Or Obama being a narcissist and not Trump.



It should be easy to put a name to this face and determine if he is a physician or a secret service agent (or both?). Also, I've looked at the unretouched original digital photo (which you can find at medium.com). Despite my efforts with photoshop, I'm not able to tease an injector out of it. That may simply be my lack of skill (I've only been using it for a scant two decades or so), but I'd prefer confirmation from someone other than the conspiracy press.

The Beaver


Can this be another case of tonton Mitterand and his personal doctor who was always next door to his bedroom whenever he was travelling.


Maybe she's just an insatiable benzo addict, who knows... With Bill clearly high out of his mind at the DNC when all the balloons were released I just don't know about these people sometimes..


Another note, from personal experience. Diazepam and an opioids, taken together, produce a powerful narcotic effect. I had this combo for an angiogram and it produced the classic 'go ahead and cut my head off with butter knife' effect. Any mixing of the two outside of a medically controlled setting could produce very erratic behavior and dangerous health implications.

Yes, you would think a presidential candidate would have better medical care and monitoring but the same could be said for many professional and entertainment people who ended up significantly impaired by drug combinations.

robt willmann

At noon today, the Washington (Pravda) Post jumped in to try to belittle any questions about Hillary's health, in light of the recently displayed photos--


The article tries to explain away the strange incident in the video clip at the rally in which she blanks out, and the black man goes up and talks to her, saying, "keep talking", etc. The Wash. Post claims that he is Secret Service Assistant Special Agent in Charge Todd Madison. If so, perhaps the Secret Service protocols have changed, in observing how he appeared there and in other photographs.

Regardless of what his work status is, it can be seen over time that she has real health problems. In my opinion, they are disqualifying, in addition to the misconduct involved in her private e-mail server while secretary of state and the misconduct in the Clinton Foundation and its associated organizations, which also show that she is unfit for the office of president.


It's as disconcerting and perhaps more so from a different angle. It appears to be some kind of involuntary head whip.

Muzaffar Ali


Excellent coverage on her medical condition....it is worse than we know!


minder is wearing a lapel pin indicating he is a "medic" - he can be seen in photos of her either beside or behind her... with the ever-present Diazepam (marked as such) in his hand...

".... Might there be a health issue? Perhaps, but right now the evidence is mighty thin. It's akin to diagnosing Trump with a personality disorder from afar." ~freudenschade

I totally disagree 1) that the evidence is mighty thin or 2) it's akin to...

Some side-effects of large doses of Diazepam/Valium might be: drowsiness, dizziness, spinning sensation, fatigue, constipation, ataxia (loss of balance), memory problems, restlessness or irritability, muscle weakness, nausea, drooling or dry mouth, slurred speech, blurred or double vision, etc.

Several photos have appeared indicating HRC has difficulty managing stairs. CNN attacked Drudge this a.m. for posting a photo taken of HRC Feb. 24, 2016 (because it WAS old, according to CNN) http://money.cnn.com/2016/08/08/media/drudge-report-hillary-clinton-fall/ The weather in Charleston, SC that day was sunny, no rain, no ice/snow, Hi 72 low 55 The claim is HRC 'slipped' - if that IS indeed the case, why are there so many people assisting her, with the ever-present handler on her left?
The Col.'s link to ZeroHedge above has additional photos of the incident which in my view added together indicate she was 'helped up the stairs' - Diazepam could be causing weakness in her legs or perhaps she is having double vision or depth problems.

Something is amiss... If she is having seizures, she has no business seeking the office she is seeking PERIOD.



First of all, Hillary Clinton is old at 69. I retired at 68 with arthritis and the start of short term memory loss which has gotten worse in the last five years. Barrack Obama looks old and he just had his 55th birthday. She wants to go out as the first woman President and to install Tim Kaine to finish out her term. But, even if she never had a brain injury from the concussion and thrombosis; she is the leader of a nation on the brink of revolt (ask Tyler if this is hyperbole). She enters a schizophrenic World at War but the propaganda says that this, the best of all possible worlds, is at peace. The foreign top priority is to remove the Assad Regime with proxy Islamist forces but America is trying defeat Islamists associated with the Caliphate simultaneously on the same battlefield. NATO just lost Turkey to the Islamists. The EU is splintering from austerity and the war refugees. It would drive a sane woman mad. Worse, at any second, she could launch a nuclear attack against Russia. She said that Russian strongman Vladimir Putin is tapping Adolf Hitler’s playbook to justify his invasion of Ukraine; a mischaracterization that starts Great Wars.


This could be true but I am more worried about the President of a nuclear superpower who will be surrounded by some people who do think that they can start and win war with Russia.



You must have access to very high resolution images. And you're even able to enhance a lapel pin to identify it as that of a medic? Hats off. I've written a few image processing algorithms in my day and am not sure how you accomplished this miraculous feat.

Wanting something to be true doesn't make it so. Taking a few hundred pixels and running it through a few image processing algorithms isn't going to give you that magical result from the movies, where a blob turns into the sharp image of a face. Most times a blob is just a blob, maybe a pen, the side of an iPhone, who knows. Identifying it as a diazipam injector held at the ready, like Bones from Star Trek, seems far fetched.

Give the following a try: see if you can make out what his badge says. It's much better lit, has higher contrast. If you can make it out, let's talk again about the blob.

Does she have serious ongoing medical issues? Maybe? But so far all the evidence I've seen is either fraudulent or highly speculative. Stop grasping at straws and find some real evidence.

michael brenner

Valium itself is no big deal. Many of us have taken it on some occasion or other. It's the underlying condition that may be noteworthy.

What I don't understand is that Valium is considered passe - supplanted by 2 or 3 generations of functional substitutes. One would think that were the underlying condition so serious as to warrant the constant presence of a medic, he would be carrying a vial of one of the newer, customized drugs.


Michael Brenner

Taking a valium tab because you have had a bad day and taking a massive dose from an auto injector seem quite different to me. pl


This could be a flashlight used to disorient an assailant. BGs often carry them, mine did.

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