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12 August 2016


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It is NOT the case that the best and brightest moved to the coasts. You should get out more. That kind of sentiment is what "the people" are rebelling against. pl


Unfortunately the Federalist Papers appear to not be offered on HRC's


The government may have learned its lesson from the first Snowden. It may be that any set of people investigating Clinton would be well vetted, and also be subject to strict information sharing conditions, such as designating the computers they would be allowed to use to communicate with each other, and carefully limiting access to physical evidence.


Col., with all due respect, I think you mean "good" not "goo," but the typo works as well. Our federal system does gum up at times, and it is messy at times, but I think the founding fathers and framers (yes, all men, I am aware of that)did a better job than our contemporaries could do.



It was obviously members of the FBI who leaked this story, so precautions are not working and will not work. BTW the story is about the refusal to allow them to investigate at all. pl



Yes. "Good" was intended but I belong to the Mark Twain school with regard to proofreading, i.e., that it is a labor best assigned to small minds. I know that is un-German of me, but alas ... pl


This is not an outrage contest.


FBI federal bureau of incompetence



IMO that is unfair. The FBI, like all Executive Branch institutions is subject to the will of the president. If he tells them not to investigate, they cannot, but they resent it and as a result leaks like this occur. pl



No? Why not? pl


Col., I think you're addressing me. Bill's comment is misdirection. It's your blog but on the whole I think whoever we elect to authorize, and profit from, wasteful government spending is more important than the program itself. There is little point in getting charged up about nepotic sinecures if we elect an exceptionalist willing to draw Russia right up to the nuclear line.



Oh, for god's sake, you think cost overruns in DoD are more important than defense itself? What "nepotic sinecures?" pl


Is the Washington Times a "reliable source?"

The original article says that there already was an investigation and they found nothing, and the latest complaint was deemed "political" i.e. politically motivated I am troubled by the "global Initiative" stuff as well, but having known a few FBI and Justice Department folks, I can tell you that they would in deed indict their Mothers, they are by and large not "liberal" at all, and if there were actual political influence they would burn the place down.

No political figure, or political appointee is going to order them not to investigate, perhaps not to indict on tortured grounds, but never not to investigate.



"but never not to investigate" Absolute horseshit! They do it all the time. The federal police and intelligence agencies are often told not to write papers on a particular subject or not to file an investigative report because the administration of the day does not want to hear the argument or be forced to act. Have you ever worked for the federal government? There is nothing easier than for the DoJ to let it be known to the FBI that they don't want something investigated. The FBI has many times tried to pin the tail on the AIPAC donkey and force them to register as an agent of Israel. they are simply told to desist. Conversely they force the FBI or other federal police to investigate things they think are a waste of time. In the intel world the same thing happens. Remember von Rumsfelds OSP that was created for the purpose of ramming falsehoods down the throats of the IC? A reliable source? that is more nonsense. Have I not told you people many times that sources and info must be evaluated separately? Ah, but you ar eprobably a Clinton propagandist. pl


No. I don't.

The kind of sinecures OM mentions in his response to Bill.

My first comment was directed at Bill.


"Have I not told you people many times..."

There's an expression that covers situations like this:

"I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you"

different clue


Which is why it would take a "secret snowden" to jailbreak NSA's treasure trove of Clinton's deleted emails and get them to wikileaks or somebody else beyond the reach of pro-Clinton vetting and coverupping.

Fifth Columnist

Trump is the last person any of you should have empathy for regarding media coverage. This is a guy who doesn't believe in bad press as long as everyone is talking about only him.

Who's fault is it that the more people see him on their tvs the more they don't like him?

Hillary is unethical and borderline criminal and yet the white grievance voters and racial agitators put all their eggs into the crazy basket.

No one made Trump say things that are batshit crazy. There is no silent majority of right-thinking people out there who are going to save him from himself. But do go on with Hillary health conspiracies and complaining about the media.


Every dollar for the B-21 is a taxpayer dollar...

No, it’s not. Total federal tax revenues for 2015 were $2.8 trillion. The US federal government created $60.8 trillion in new USD.

You need to familiarize yourself with the US Treasury’s Daily Treasury Statement. It’s the federal government’s checkbook. https://www.fms.treas.gov/dts/index.html. Sept 30th is the last day of the fiscal year. Here is 9/30/2015: https://www.fms.treas.gov/fmsweb/viewDTSFiles?dir=a&fname=15093000.pdf

Only your state and local taxes pay for goods and services.



Let's face it our system has become deeply corrupt. IMO, it has gone so far that we can't correct it in the short term. As the DoJ, FBI and law enforcement in general as well as the judiciary continue to fall deeper into politicization there is no easy reversal. People will get more cynical as the rule of law falls apart and we devolve fully into a banana republic system where the rich and powerful are above the law, while the law is applied harshly on the "little people".

The pay-to-play payola schemes and the revolving door are too lucrative and entrenched in how the elites amass wealth and power. They can't be reformed until we get to revolution. The elites will do whatever they can to retain their ability to extract maximum benefit and also have the ability to act with impunity.

The Borg Queen is untouchable now. She can and will act with impunity. Bill will become Mr. 5% as Zardari was when Benazir was the prime minister of Pakistan. We will be a full fledged banana republic and will show them how to take it to the next level. There will be no Chinese wall between the Clinton Foundation and the Borg Queen's administration. The White House will be open to the biggest bidders who funnel their influence peddling cash through the Foundation.

What happens when SCOTUS rubber stamps legislation essentially negating the 2nd Amendment? What happens when the Borg Queen escalates in Syria and Ukraine at the behest of the ziocon and Saudi donors? What happens when the "hillbillies" are made examples of at the behest of the SJWs?

ex-PFC Chuck

The Daily Caller had a post up two days ago asserting that USDAs are going ahead with investigations of the Clinton Foundation et al in spite of DoJ/DC trying to turn them off. Been busy on other stuff the last few days and haven't had time to follow up whether this is a one-off or other sources are on this as well.


different clue - My understanding is this hit Lynch's desk shortly after she was sworn in.


Well, well, well. Published this past week. From the recently released hacked Clinton emails. Is this kind of intervention in foreign affairs illegal, or just unsavory?

WikiLeaks’ Email Exposes Billionaire Globalist Soros as Hillary Clinton’s Puppet Master


I thought democracy was the the rule of majority, and a republic was ruled as a nation of laws.



A republic is not necessarily a democracy. pl

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