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12 August 2016


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Edward Amame

They're looking a gift horse in the mouth. You'd think the right wing press would be salivating at the thought of a HRC presidency. There's been a multi-years multimillion-dollar cottage industry devoted to attacking them.


I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for such an investigation--by the MSM? You must be joking.


People get the government they deserve.
As long as ...well...90% are lazy, indifferent and worthless (voting for "free" stuff), the "elite" will enrich themselves.
The sheeple;a significant number are (somehow) figuring this out and want Trump - anyone - to end it.
A similarly significant number (academics, public employees, unions) live off the crumbs from the Borg and do it's bidding.
They're not going to change ANYTHING.


A large bag of salt needed.
US Attorneys are on the front line of the borgist "elite."



What would you have me do? pl


That’s what I thought.


I'm not sure. I agreed with you on your comment to Bill Herschel and I thought the TTG's wish for an investigation by the media was wishful thinking at best. I think you should carry on as you have been doing in the past. Your views laced with a healthy dose of skepticism and your experience over time has provided you with tools few men possess. I think you use them wisely as well as judiciously. I don't know what the VMI term for carry on is, but continue to follow it.



I will persist for a while. Cadet argot seems to be ever changing. When I was there sometime before the final cooling of the earth's crust, the phrase would have been "drive on!" This was somewhat equivalent to FIDO! pl


Your readers will continue to be well served.

The Twisted Genius


You're right about the chances of the MSM, either as an abstract notion or an industry, to do such an investigation is nil. But it is never the MSM that does this kind of investigative journalism. It's one or a few reporters and a supportive editor with the passion to dig and lay it all on the table that do the job. The rest of the MSM just reprints the story. Maybe a historian and a retired detective could do it. I refuse to believe that we are all just complacent sheep willing to take what's dished out to us or a pack of howler monkeys flinging feces and screaming at the top of our lungs in futile rage.


I am wondering if the Clinton machine might try the following strategy to escape its email problems; suppose there are a group A of scandals that could probably be successfully prosecuted and a group B that could not. Allow the FBI to investigate group B but prevent them from pursuing group A.



Because of both Comey and Lynch, and the very odd non disclosure statements that the FBI agents involved in the investigation of Hillary's emailgate were required to sign, the FBI has lost all credibility in the eyes of a large swath of the American citizenry.

David Habakkuk


An interesting question. On another thread, I mentioned that I had tried to make some sense of bits of Kraus’s extraordinary First World War drama ‘The Last Days of Mankind’, as a result of knowing slightly a Czech Jewish (ethnically, he was brought up a Roman Catholic) Germanist, J.P. Stern, who referred to him in a notable short book he wrote on Hitler.

As I said then, when we had Richard Perle on a satellite link from Washington on a programme we were making back in 1986, he reminded me of one of the ‘civilian militarists’ who infest Kraus’s extraordinarily panoply of characters. I felt the same again while reading extracts from the Michael Morrell interview.

One of Kraus’s concerns, I think it is fair to say, is with how a language gone dead paralyses the faculty of imagination. A paralysis of imagination seems to me a critical feature of the contemporary ‘Borg’.

It is precisely this aspect which does indeed awaken fears that Hillary and her like could get us into situations which really ran out of control, as happened in 1914.

How far the mentalities are similar and different, and how far what Kraus said about the worlds of 1914 might illuminate those of today, seems to me a matter worth thinking about.


I hope you are right, but I personally wouldn't wager on it happening anytime soon. By the way, I'm a person that looks at life from the perspective of the glass is half empty--in short a pessimist.

John Minnerath

If our Republic survives this assault on its principles and rule of law it'll be a miracle.

different clue


Thanks. I remember reading on Naked Capitalism about how Lynch used her goverpost prior to being Attorney General to abort and prevent the prosecution of one or more Very Big Banks for Very Big Crimes. She helped one or more of these banks get off with a "cost-of-doing-bussiness" fine. And of course Holder did the same thing when he was AG.

So Lynch was made AG on the basis of the good work she did and the more good work she was expected to do in coverupping for OverClass Corruption at the very highest levels. So when as AG she decided not to prosecute or even investigate-further activities of the Clinton Foundation, she was doing the coverupping she was installed into the AG position to do on behalf of the OverClass Axis of FIRE sector- DC FedRegime corruption.

And yes . . . the Clintons are master shysters . . . skilled in bending the law till it cracks without quite breaking. They are much smarter than Nixon ever was in that regard. I wonder if Hillary studied all the details of the Nixon Coverup when she worked for the relevant Watergate Committees . . . so that if she ever needed to do a Clinton Coverup herself someday, she would know how to do it right.

Keith Harbaugh

Here's the link to the Thursday, 2016-08-11 story on which the WT story is based:

Swami Bhut Jolokia

How unfortunate there's no substance in the Washington Times articles. All they've done is repeat allegations made by one side in a political contest. A side that is not known for its honesty in such matters.


Can you tell me more about the Perle exchange and context? 1986? was that for BBC?

Michael Morrell did not register on my synapses. Recent interview posted somewhere around here? The Charly Rose interview at the bottom.

I have read Stern's book by the way. ... Although a German translation, maybe the original wasn't as easily available?


sorry Pat. Invented on the fly. I do keep wondering about items/details that for one reason or another leave imprints on my mind, without any type of further knowledge about the larger context. That's what I meant.

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