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06 August 2016


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Old Gun Pilot

Clinton's doctor releases statement: http://www.nytimes.com/politics/first-draft/2015/07/31/doctor-says-hillary-clinton-is-fit-to-serve/?_r=0

Eric Newhill

OGP, Why yes, of course he did. I'm sure he didn't want to be found dead after accidentally injecting himself with a massive dose of insulin.

Health information is protected by law. The doctor is only allowed to release that which Hillary permits him to in a signed agreement.

"She said Mrs. Clinton eats a diet rich in lean protein, vegetables and fruits. She exercises regularly, including yoga, swimming, walking and weight training"

Yeah sure. She looks like it.

This whole election can be summed up as, "Who are you going to believe? Your lying eyes or me"



From what I understand, the vast majority of Sanders’ Democratic supporters went over to Clinton some time ago. Bad move on Bernie’s part, because had he conceded earlier it would have looked as if he was gallantly leading his teeming masses into the party instead of trailing after them. Clinton does want to win over the younger voters who went for Sanders, but there’s also a hard core of anti-Clinton sentiment (on the left as well as the right). Those people were never going to vote for her and coalesced around Sanders as the most prominent anti-Clinton option in a less-than-crowded field.

A vote for Trump as a protest vote, or staying home, seems to me to be little more than pointless and potentially destructive nihilism, but people will do what they will do.

Of course, a lot depends on where you live. In my state it doesn’t much matter how I vote with regard to the national ticket. In swing states it’s a much bigger deal, particularly if the election seems close.

For Ryan to get to the presidency via the House speakership, both HRC and Kaine will have to join the choir invisible. Seems pretty unlikely to me.

The election of 1876 was a lot more suspenseful than I think this one will be in the end, but IMO there was only one choice back then. Tilden or Blood!

Okay, maybe not blood.



I would prefer a candidate that did not continue the neocon FP.

Dr. K

"pencil neck nerd" You must be talking about Tom Cotton. Isis must be drooling over his neck.

Nancy K

I don't think Clinton looks buff by any stretch of the imagination. What she looks like is a 70 year old overweight but not obese female. She doesn't look particularly good or bad for her age. Trump is probably equally overweight and has a puffy face with bags under his eyes. He looks in no better or worse shape than Clinton.. If she eats as reported her diet is better than his as he admits to a weakness for fast food and soft drinks, neither which are conducive to good health. He doesn't drink, but if she only has a glass or 2 of wine, that could be as healthy as a teetotaler. No one but their medical Doctors really know how healthy either of them are. All else is just speculation on all of our parts

different clue


Kaine, I should think. Job One was to deNY Sanders the nomination, and they got that done.

Sliding into Kaine would be the smoothest transition. If they don't do it that way, then they open their Inner Party ranks to all kinds of Game Of Thrones jealousy over who gets to succeed the fallen Lady Hillary. Any number of "foreign policy expert" Senator My Turns will insist on being appointed.



Hillary is a fat old woman who can't even do a debate without coughing or leaving the stage. She vanishes for weeks at a time.

Meanwhile Trump can do back to back events in front of thousands of people on a daily basis. Yet here you are, equivocating.

How many lights are there Nancy?


Mr. Habakkuk,

Gandalf. Obi Wan. Trump.

Sometimes you need an old white dude to save the world.

Nancy K

You may find Trump handsome and in great shape, I doubt most women do. As for Clinton being fat and old, Trump is a few month older than she is and take a look at that waddle under his chin and the girth around his belly. He probably has energy from all the caffeinated colas he drinks. There are 4 lights Tyler.

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