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06 August 2016


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That picture must have been doctored. It looks like there is almost, but not quite, a pink-white cloth wrapped around her chin and face.



Sir,I was holding back on this until I could search around a bit. It seems that it is not photo-shopped as many people noticed while watching coverage of Clinton's acceptance speech and spontaneously twittered, etc. about it. So what is it? Nothing good from a health perspective. Some are saying a syphilis sore. Looks like it, but it is hard to accept. Clearly she could have contracted syphilis from Bill if not from her own dalliances. It doesn't require sex to transmit. Any kind of bodily fluid exchange will do it. It would also explain some of the other alleged symptoms observed, such as spasms/convulsions, mental confusion, exhaustion - but syphilis is very treatable in the early stages. Why wouldn't she have simply quietly gotten care and been done with it? Perhaps duties at State interfered until it was too late? The lesion looks too surgical to me to be a naturally occurring sore. A better explanation is cancer. A growth was removed from her tongue. However the cancer was not isolated to the tongue. It is either currently in - or has been attempted removed - from her throat as well. That explains the rasping voice and coughing fits. Chemo therapy drugs and drugs used to counter chemo side effects can cause a wide spectrum of issues and the fainting, mental confusion and apparent seizures are all within the spectrum. A similar, but lesser threat, health-wise, would be STD warts. But I doubt such a large and deep area of tongue tissue would have been impacted. Most likely warts would have be frozen off (but surgical removal is a possible approach under some conditions). The warts would cause the coughing and scratchy voice, but not seizures, etc. Warts of the STD variety can cause cancers. Much ovarian and uterine cancer is said to be strongly associated with them. Herpes is another possibility that does not account for the seizures, etc. nor the surgical looking tongue wound. Syphilis explains what we know - but seems an unreasonable conclusion given effective treatments if addressed in the early stages. Cancer, of course, is a different story and would also explain the range of symptoms. Might be something else entirely though. Eric Newhill


Mouth and tongue lesions are commonplace. Newhill, if that is a real name of a certified medical doctor, is engaging in irresponsible speculation. I would love to have some video of Newhill when we was not being extremely self-aware to see if I could make a case for committing him.


That's quite a find... I'm wondering who the first reporter will be to lob some hard questions at her.

Eric Newhill

Edward, Some say it is merely a throat lozenge. I don't think so. And if it had been, it seems to me it would have fallen out when her head was tilted down. You be the judge: https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2016/07/30/is-the-hole-in-hillary-clintons-tongue-from-cancer-surgery/

Also, note that she now has false teeth that she didn't have just a few years ago; consistent with the oral/pharyngeal cancer hypothesis.



You can't really see the "tissue" I referred to on the picture you posted on your blog. A picture showing the entire face is here


and there is something wrong with it.

David Habakkuk


With regard to Hillary, and Trump, and Sanders.

From the start, one of the things that has struck me is that all these people are simply too old.

If what is at issue in being in charge of government is running a reasonably well-oiled machine, with capable subordinates, age may not matter greatly.

But that is patently not the case for any POTUS, in this day and age.

To do the job successfully requires immense physical and intellectual stamina.

Eric Newhill

Edward, What's wrong with the face is the massive amounts of botox and putty used to make it look younger and alive.

different clue


None from the Borgist MSM will dare. They have all been instructed that Clinton is the OverClass's preferred Trillion-Dollar Obama 2.0 Presidential designee-of-choice. No MSM reporter will dare to interfere with that.

Perhaps the OverClass knows all about her health problems. I would almost bet that Kaine is in very good health. The game plan would probably be to get Clinton-Kaine elected and then let Hillary resign for reasons of health after she has done all the good she can do for her sponsors. Then Kaine ( pro TPP/TTIP/TISA/etc.) will take over.

Eric Newhill

BeginAgain, that video will be called, "Me Severely Kicking Your Ass"


A medical exam and a battery of written tests.



Damn son denial ain't just the name of a river in Egypt.



Why do I think beginagain is a pencil neck nerd based on his parsing alone.


dc... I found the choice of Kaine for vp a bit puzzling, but in this context, sensible.

Eric Newhill

All, Assuming lack of photo-shopping, this link is pretty conclusive.


Is the story behind this one of the "bombshells" that Wikileaks has been holding in its arsenal?

different clue


I have never done photo-shop. I don't even have my own computer. So I don't know all the things that photo-shop can do or how natural it may be made to look. So I can only say that the hole in the tongue looks "real" to me, but maybe a good photo-shop artist could make a photo-shop-hole look real.

In the Cassandra twitter photo, I do see what looks like a pink plastic molded "add-on" to the lower face kind of around the lower jaws. It looks like some kind of photo-artifact to me because it seems somehow out of color and texture sync with the rest of the face. If so, how was it photo-created after-the-fact and why? On the other hand, if it is a real plastic thing attached to her real face to cover something else up, who did such a bad job to create a plastic lower-jaw/face cover which would show up so obviously in a photo? Shouldn't she have access to the best makeup and facial prostheses that the masters of disguise in Hollywood can devise?

Withal, stuff like this is not supposed to have broken until she was safely in office. If she is forced to withdraw from the nomination beFORE the election and have Kaine transplanted into her spot; the Democratic Party might as well pour gasoline over itself and set itself on fire on Prime Time TV. The Bitter Bernistas will be beside themselves with rage, hate and fury. Some might vote for Kaine under that scenario, but not very many.

different clue

Eric Newhill,

In the joint photo of Clinton and Obama, what is that thing on her lower face/jaw and uppermost throat zone? If it is photo-shopped, it seems designed to stand out and call attention to the photo-shopping. If it is a real plastico-rubber thingie that she is wearing, it appears to have been very poorly crafted.

If it is real upon her face, and therefor shows UP in the photograph, what is it and what is it for?


The choice of Kaine is indeed in part because HRC cares about having someone capable of taking over on day one. This is not necessarily because she feels herself at death's door but prudence that one wishes more presidential candidates would show in choosing a running mate. She also selected him because he will play well with Bill, which will be important in her White House and he comes from a swing state with a Democratic governor who will nominate Kaine's successor. In addition, she no longer has any special need to shore up her left flank, given that many of Sanders' supporters came over to her before Sanders did and she has the full-throated endorsement of Elizabeth Warren, another favorite of the Democratic left, not to mention the obvious inducement offered by the prospect of Trump/Pence in the White House. Also she is very comfortable with Kaine personally - they have known each other for decades.

If you saw him at the convention, other reasons come to mind as well. He'll make a fine surrogate on the campaign trail and he has a warmth and ease that Clinton often has a hard time showing. It's a good matchup.


Looks like a job for Eliot Higgins and his crack team of photo analysts at Bellingcat...

What's the old saying ?

If a thing looks too good to be true... Then it probably isn't.

michael brenner

I suggest that a mental health exam is more important than the proposed physical medical.


michael brenner

well, if she falls on her ass on a stage, the mental exam might be unnecessary. pl


Guys how do you think she's going to handle Trump going after her on the debates if she can't even manage a press conference without appearing like Grandma off her meds?

Eric Newhill

Different Clue,
I have no idea. I have no expertise in photography at all. Hopefully someone here does.

I will go so far as to say that if one looks at various Clinton pics, there is a very old and decayed looking Clinton and a younger healthier Clinton. Very different. I am guessing the transformation can only be done via massive botox and putty make-up.

Who knows how far they would go to get her across the finish line. She could be 50% artificial parts by now; or not. That is why the independent health exam should be done. To put these questions to rest. It seems there is enough to justify the questions.


Being President (or at least appearing to be) clearly doesn't require all that much intellectual stamina, at any rate. Both Reagan and George W Bush are compelling demonstrations of that.

Now, being a GOOD President - well, there you do have a point...

robt willmann

An especially intriguing set of events took place in late 2012 and at the beginning of 2013. Hillary Clinton dropped out of sight, the story being that she had a virus, became dehydrated, fainted, and fell, causing a concussion. Then, she was in the hospital -- as the story went -- to dissolve a blood clot in a vessel between the skull and brain, behind an ear--



After that came the hearing in Congress about Benghazi, Libya, during which she made the now famous statement, "What difference, at this point, does it make?" But at that hearing, she was wearing glasses, and some people noticed that they had lines in them, designed to deal with double vision--



This significant matter then dropped off the radar screen.

Now there is the spot on her tongue, which, if genuine, calls for more investigation--




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