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04 August 2016


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Yes, I find that the tone and content of Brenner's comments is distinctly different from what it was before.
What happened?
Did he had a "conversion moment" to some new ideology or is he forced to uncover his true beliefs by the current context?


Qualified participance in an transnational organsation limited to Europe,having grown from the express purpose of balancing the economies of steel and coal in crucial regions of Europe, is not "Borging", it is not "Globalist", and it has kept plenty of souls attached to their bodies that they might seek what ever they seek in relative peace.
The growth of the EU has always been elitist lead, but up until they were doing the Eurobaromater (until 2007 or so?) most Europeans felt themselves members of their own country and Europe, with a mix of which was most important.



What was a decade ago is not what is now.



Conversion, I imagine, between having to hold two different set of beliefs nearly driving him mad. So now he has the globalist outlook because arguing one way for FP and another for domestic policy took its toll.


Professor Brenner,

nothing mindless about it. We don't believe in the EU's ultimate goal, which is a superstate. We prefer a sovereign UK.

But you can join the rest of the 'remainers' in calling us racist, uneducated or any of the other epithets they like to employ if it makes you feel better.

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