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07 August 2016


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Funny how (((American slavery))) gets all the press in the Narrative while Arab slavery and the castration and torture of their slaves is given short shrift.


I notice the Fifth Columnists are notably silent around here, probably because their girl is getting millions from the Saudis.


They are denigrated as "Zengi"


He won't play a woman. That is passe...he will play the role as an entire new gender.

Allen Thomson

"Other folks" would include the actual State people, plus those in the CIA Station.


Allen Thomson

Yes, well, I was head of the attaché system world wide for a couple of years. I have seen some "bad" attaches but in general the services are very careful in picking people to nominate to DIA for these jobs. This results in a lot of very capable officers on station. Some of them do this several times as reputations spread among career ambassadors and by name requests ensue. The CIA generally regards good military attaches as their greatest rivals in the field and act accordingly and wasting time conducting turf. wars. pl


Spot on in regards to Yemeni culture and their views towards each other. I think anyone with a bit of money can make one half of the country fight the other half. My view is that the Saudis know this too but what they don't know is how to deal with the political fallout.

I don't believe the Saudis actually want to win the war. They are afraid of the Huthis coming any further into Saudi territory than they are already. In their minds they wish the Huthis would drop Iran as a sponsor and accept Saudi cash in return. I believe the reason they want to employ Senegalese is that they know they won't actually fight but they can be seen to be doing something. It is clear by this stage that they don't want the collection of local resistance, Islah Party, salafi jihadis et al to beat the Huthis in Taiz. This is because they would further break Yemen and further "own" the resultant mess. They can't handle the mess. Better they pretend they're doing something for those Yemenis opposed to the Huthis and to those Saudis who believe in the war, than actually manage a political and developmental problem that is utterly beyond their ken to do so.
At some point the Saudis will probably figure out a deal with Ali Abdallah Saleh and the Huthis. Then they can withdraw their vassal "army" and declare victory for their clueless people in Riyadh and Jeddah. I suppose this will neatly coincide with their vastly more public defeat in Syria.


Off topic, forgive me, but anybody reading the Mirror Test by J K Weston? Interesting book.

Babak Makkinejad

From the famous trade interpot on the Islands of Zang-bar; where slaves were shipped to the Middle East through Oman.

Chris Chuba

If the girl in question is HRC the recent story about the nuclear engineer who was recently executed in Iran is dynamite. She is still maintaining that she never sent or received classified material in her emails yet she referred to this unfortunate in a coded nickname. There is no way that she would use a coded name for an operative without knowing that the content of the email was classified in nature. She really is a vile creature. It's not just that she lies, but she lies to protect herself. I wouldn't put it past her to use our military to try to enhance or protect her reputation. CNN is already running interference for her.

Babak Makkinejad

I think there are multiple reasons that Slavery in US gets particular attention. I think foremost among them is that the entire notion of Slavery is in contradiction with the ideas and practices of the English Common Law in which the ideal of Freedom is so entrenched as to be its foundation.

Secondarily, I think, it is because Slavery in US was being practiced after the American Revolution with all of its fine remarks about the Rights of Man etc.

Thirdly, I think, Slavery in US (as well as in Brazil) was confined to a single race of sub-Saharan Africans. The Near East slaves were from many different places: sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, China, Russian Steppe, India, etc.

Fourthly, the Slaves in the Near East did not create a Diaspora, unlike the African Diaspora in US (and in Brazil). Slaves became extinct in the Near East, leaving behind cultural residues but not much else.


The Saudis aren't useless when it comes to stuffing money in our politician's pockets. Where is ABSCAM when you need it? I would nominate Israel and maybe Ukraine as other worthless allies.

Babak Makkinejad

Even earlier, when the Sassanid Emperor sent an expeditionary force to restore Yemen to its rightful sovereign.

Abu Sinan

“In their minds they wish the Huthis would drop Iran as a sponsor and accept Saudi cash in return.” A couple of things are wrong with this statement. First, no one who is well versed in Yemeni history and politics who is a neutral player buys the concept of Iran being anything close to a “sponser” to the Houthis. Have they provided some limited support in the way of small weapons, cash and the like? Sure, but this hardly makes them anything of a sponsor. If you want to see what that would look like were the Iranians to seriously sponsor the Houthis one need look no further than Lebanon and Hizb’Allah. If Iran were seriously wanting to support the Houthis, a hundred or so MANPADS would put an end to the conflict tomorrow. A half dozen or so Saudi jets falling out of the air at the stinging end of a Houthi MANPAD would be game, set, match in favour of the Houthis. The last six months I have met with multiple members of Congress, Senators and members of the House, and none of them seriously buy the idea of Iran being a sponsor of the Houthis nor the stated reasoning of the war as one being a need for the Saudis to make a stand against the Iranians in a proxy war. In the meeting we had with the Yemen desk at the State Department I got the same impression. It would be safe to say that the Saudis have spent more in PR in the US in the last year than the Iranians have spent in supporting the Houthis in an all out war against its neighbor during the same period of time.

As for accepting Saudi cash, this comment disregards the raison d'être of the Houthis in the first place. The Houthis grew out of the Zaydi revivalist movement in the 1990s. The Zaydi revivalist movement started in reaction to the increasing importation of Saudi extremism into Yemen. The Saudis exported hundreds of millions of dollars of support for Salafiyah/extremist forces into Yemen. They supported extremist preachers and flooded the country with extremist propaganda as well as setting up schools and mosques that supported this ideology. One of these schools was in Dammaj, in the heartland of the Zaydi community in Yemen. This school was well known for its extremists and itself exported numerous terrorists to the global jihadi movement. When the school started buying up light and heavy weapons, the Houthis put an end to the school.

The fight between the Houthis and the Saudis goes far deeper than money. The feeling amoungst the Houthis and their supporters is that the Saudi fully intend to make the Zaydi community extinct in Yemen, that the goal of the war itself is to remove the pluralistic nature of Yemeni society itself. For the Houthis and their supporters the conflict with the Saudis is existential. So there will be no peace made with Saudi based on money. The Houthis will not accept anything other than a role for themselves in the governance of Yemen and a role in its future. Saudi must realise that it can no longer dictate the politics and the day to day lives of their neighbors.

The Saudis cannot win this war. They thought it would last a few weeks, a statement they made themselves. Now we are at 500+ days of war and not only are the Saudis not winning, the war is bankrupting them and hundreds of kilometres of Saudi land is now occupied and tens of thousands of Saudis have been forced to flee their border homes because of the conflict that the Saudis launched.

Babak Makkinejad

That is what Pakistanis told me who lived in Dubai for any length of time; "Arabs are racists."


In reply to Babak Makkinejad 08 August 2016 at 12:32 PM

Unfortunately your Pakistani informants are entirely correct. Anything other than a fairly tall and fairly fair-skinned arab is considered to be an inferior being. A "wogs r'nt us" mentality.


Meanwhile, Hadi can not pay 8 $/day to Yemani fighters:

Linda Lau

I would add that in addition to being a the son of a slave woman. He did wield considerable power when he was ambassador in Washington. Also did a great deal to bankroll the Republicans.


Linda Lau

Yes. I spent a lot of time with him then. He had a great time laughing at the Borgists here until a plain text intercept of him talking to his father revealed how much he was laughing at the gullibility of Americans officials. pl


First Colombians now Senegalese ?
(Yes, THAT Mike Hindmarsh : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Hindmarsh)
The Saudis picked the wrong Africans. They'd have been better recruiting Chadians. Far more rugged fighters whom likely require less money (although not as numerous to pick from). They're also battle hardened from Mali and within their own country in battling insurgents.
Saudis seem to like blacks, (sounds much better said in a saffer accent said as "blicks"), bent over.......maybe it's a class thing.
Several African nations were part of the Saudi anti-IS effort without actually knowing they were. Perhaps the anti-IS front has expanded to being anti- Houthi ?

The Beaver

@ Babak

Don't have to go far to find that out. Just look at how the pilgrims are treated once they land in Jeddah for the Hajj ( it is getting worse as decades go by). The segregation starts there, unless one is a well off Muslim from the US/UK or a rich Gulfie.

The Beaver

@ Linda

I guess the same can be said of the Chihuahua - a lot of power when he was the "bachelor" KSA Ambassador running around in DC after the replacement of Bandar couldn't take it. Then he married a widowed Saudi woman (can't confirm if she is from the Saud family one way or the other) and now he is the non-Royal FM managing the foreign policy of the King and his dauphin.

alba etie

Col Lang
Samantha Powers

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