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02 August 2016


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tim s

I didn't get a feeling that the Repubs really made an effort to win in the 1st place. With the Neocons & Neolibs seemingly behind Hillary in the 1st place, the Repub race almost seemed to be more show than normal.

I'm not sure many people really have THAT much faith in Trump. Many are behind him to throw a wrench in the works of TPTB. There is not much else to do. Whether he will deliver on anything is unknown, even unlikely. However, I don't think there is much doubt what results will come from HC being elected, which elicits absolute nausea in many, including myself. Trump would look good against almost nobody, which speaks loudly about how detestable she is.

There are no good options at this stage of the game, which is no surprise.

Richard Sale

Trump lacks moral courage. He lacks physical courage. He fights as a coward fights -- Obama's birth certificate, Sen. Cruz Canadian birth, etc. He has no tenacity of purpose. He is a spoiled child who is incapable of analyzing himself -- it us always the other guy's fault.

He has no integrity, no dignity, no self pride that can suffer in the face of adversity. bravery means acting in the face of fear even though the odds are you will fail. trump has no bravery; he is merely a school yard bully.

Both Presidential candidates are a disgrace to our nation.

Richard Sale


I don't want to vote for Trump either but I am scared that Clinton will get us into another war. Ordinarily, I don't believe in "lesser evil" voting but if the difference between Trump and Clinton is another war with Syria, Iran, or especially Russia then I feel obliged, reluctantly, to vote for Trump, although I think he will be bad for the country. The people in Washington, the "borg", seem to live in their own reality and capable of extremely reckless and dangerous actions including, apparently, a nuclear war with Russia. Clinton, Nuland, and Flournoy seem like a nightmare foreign policy team.

To some extent during this campaign Trump has been independent of the "borg". Would this continue during a Trump presidency? He has already caved on the Palestine issue, probably due to a bribe from Sheldon Adelson. Hopefully, by November the public will have a clearer picture of his foreign policy. There is also still a chance that Clinton's legal problems could derail her campaign. Rep. Goodlatte is seeking a perjury investigation against her.

robt willmann

pl, Doug Colwell,

Thanks for finding a spot where "You've Been Trumped" can be seen at no charge. When I was casting around last night to try to find an address where it could be viewed for free, I missed that one.


This might be the first election where you get people vowing to move if either candidate wins.


Somehow, Gary Johnson needs to get more press in order to reach the 15% threshold to be allowed to debate our Two Disgraces. He could easily reach that number if anyone has the power to turn on the loudspeaker. Even if Johnson couldn't reach the required # of delegates in the national election, his presence could be enough to throw the Presidency to the House. Hence, Kasich, in the best case, or someone like him. Dare to dream, I suppose...and it's not even a good dream!!


Edward et al

I have been contemplating the comments here by medical people about HC's health. I have looked around in the internet and can't find anything published in 2016. Anyone know of anything substantial? pl



Kasich is a neocon who would have tried for an amnesty to price how great and good he was and ran further to the Left as the media attacked him like they have Trump. America would have stayed home for Ohio Romney.

The Khans have been on the news 500x more than Sean Smith, for instance. They are the propaganda arm of the DNC and are doing what they can to drag their candidate across the finish line. Trump is not perfect but he is the man you need to bring the media to heel.



Settle down Galahad. I'm electing a man who's going to build a wall, not the guy who's going to reclaim the Holy Grail.


Price should have been prove and Sean should have been Pat Smith. Apologies for the confusion.



Good luck on that. Have you seen the video of her having a partial sim0le seizure talking to a reporter?



I'm not sure if Kasich would have been necessarily any better than Trump. Throughout the primaries, the only voters he drew, until the day Trump clinched, were regular Republican voters, the so-called "country club" types. He had no prospect of expanding the electorate beyond what Romney had in 2012, if that much, and he went about campaigning as the ultimate regular Republican politician without much else to sell. In an era where huge segments of the electorate are unhappy with the status quo, that seems silly.

Trump gives the Republicans a high risk option to expand the electorate--gain additional working class voters, at the risk of alienating a large chunk of the country club types. Now, one might wonder if, given all the negatives HRC has compared to Obama in 2012, Mitt Romney from 2012 would have beaten her and it is quite possible, but it is not obvious if the GOP advantage, if they had any at all, would have been any significant.


Trump lacks moral courage - where have our 'moral' politicians got us?
He lacks physical courage - evidence?
He fights as a coward fights - he fights to win. Current political environment is war by other means.
No tenacity or purpose - he's stuck to his guns so far
No self reflection - possibly correct there.
No integrity - depends where you look. mixed record
no self pride/adversity- we don't know because he hasn't been in adversity
bravery against the odds - he has taken them on, faced fierce opposition.
school yard bully - politics isn't school, and Trump for all his faults has a will to power that the basic b***h Republican lacks.

I believe Trump has a number of good ideas/qualities (less confrontational foreign policy, pragmatic, somewhat anti-oligarch, independence from the powers that be, restore manufacturing base, reign in immigration to stop balkanization). If he has to wage total rhetorical war in the face of entrenched opposition to basic common sense policies, then so be it.

Trump is a result of a declining socio-political order. The formless strongman who arise in an a phase of dissolution. IMO, blaming a the contingency that Trump is which offers at least some hope of 'a return to normalcy' threatens the relatively good with the perfect. He's not the saviour. But he's what we've got.


I always thought he handled "gotcha" comedy character Ali G well.


Richard Sale

That sounds very clever. I'm not sure what it means.

Richard Sale


Kasich is (like most of them including Shrillary) another career Republicrat - never held a job outside of politics/lobbying.
The career apparatchiks are only about self-promotion and feeding at the public trough.
Trump has major foot/mouth disease, but he's not one of THEM.



The Khans were on the DNC stage to bait Trump. IMO, he took it hook, line and sinker. What could have been a one day news cycle turned into a 4 day news cycle where it was perceived that Trump is trivializing the sacrifice of a US Army captain. In hindsight I'm sure he'll also agree that in his first statements and interviews to respond to the attack by the Khans, he could have done better by acknowledging the sacrifice and heroism of the soldier and then focusing on why was this sacrifice even necessary. He could have launched into the whole Iraq invasion decision making and the role played by the establishment of both parties. The human costs and the anarchy. He could have used the opportunity to frame the establishment vs the people story.

He got pwned on this one. Hopefully he learns. He's got to know by now that the MSM and the punditry are an arm of Hillary's campaign. He shouldn't make it easy for them.


He lacks physical courage - evidence?
--- bone spurs, yah right.

He fights as a coward fights - he fights to win. Current political environment is war by other means.
--- Knowing what fights you can win and what fights you cannot win is key to a leader of any brand or political leaning. Trump does not understand that and his mentality will never adapt to that point of view. Blinding attacking when the battle is lost is not how you win a war. "C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre.", Pierre Bosquet

No tenacity or purpose -- he's stuck to his guns so far
---- No he hasn't. As mentioned above; blinding attacking when a simple acknowledgement of someone sacrifice is not tenacity, it is stupidity. An inability to acknowledge your faults is not tenacity. Trump has no grounding. His world view is built upon sand and the zero-sum game. He does not have the moral compass that a firm belief in Religion brings, he has no knowledge of the lessons of history, and he has no understanding of philosophy and the balance that can bring to a world view. http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/05/donald-trump-2016-contradictions-213869

When I think of Trump I think of this quote:

Thus they let their anger and fury take from them the sense of humanity, and demonstrated that no beast is more savage than man when possessed with power answerable to his rage. "The Life of Cicero"


You are not electing anybody.


Trump vs Clinton: "We're up the creek without a paddle!"

rakesh wahi

please dont underestimate the role of media - just three reporters by hammering Gore all summer gave us Bush


"He is trapped in a mentality that is altogether focused on closing deals."


Some years ago I read about Neville Chamberlain that he as a practical Birmingham businessman simply could not understand those who did not see politics as a process of bargaining and that the "peace in our time" agreement was the direct result of that character flaw.

I often meet people of my generation who simply cannot understand why somebody would volunteer to serve in the army for a few years when they "could be advancing their career". ALmost invariably these people are something in advertising/marketing, banking/financial more often financial services than banking, or auctioneers (estate agents). Interestingly enough people in the science based professions often understand exactly why somebody would volunteer to serve in the army for a few years.

Perhaps Trump's character type is commoner that people realise.



It means your metrics are ridiculous and you're just looking for an opportunity to stand on your box and virtue signal to your peers.

As usual.


I don't have any info about her health. I saw part of a rally this weekend on C-Span where HC sounded awful.



Good grief I've seen some mendacious interpretations before but this takes the cake.

"Yeah he doesn't let himself be used as a punching bag by the DNC when they try to leverage a parent's grief he had nothing to do with against him WHAT A LOSER".

Cucks. Cucks everywhere.

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