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01 August 2016


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Babak Makkinejad


This seems to be the only option left:


Sam Peralta

Hillary political appointments from cabinet to agency positions will clearly demonstrate a payback to her major donors. The neocons, R2P and warhawks will dominate the foreign policy, DoD and intelligence positions. Wall St will dominate the economic and financial positions. Domestic policy positions will be dominated by government interventionists and Social Justice Warriors.

In FP, to establish that a woman POTUS can be a strong C-in-C, Hillary will attempt to create situations to demonstrate shock & awe and military action. She will demand many photo-ops with military personnel and equipment in combat environments. Ukraine will once again become "hot" within the first 6 months with arms, funding and encouragement to the Banderistas to resume the conflict with the East. Other destabilizations on the border with Russia will be encouraged. NATO will get a new lease of life. A new aggressive posture will be created in frontline states in Eastern Europe like Poland & the Baltics by setting up theater missile defense and US ground forces. Western Europe will be wrapped back into an aggressive cold war framework with the girls showing up in many photo-ops(HRC, Merkel & May). Ramping back up regime change in Syria will be another directive. It will begin with more covert activities like sending in more sophisticated weapons, advisors and getting Jordan back in the game. Next, the destabilization of Lebanon and kicking Hezbollah in the teeth campaign will be launched. Saudi and Israel will play an active role in all these activities in the ME. She will play footsie with China in the first 6 months.

In the domestic arena, the current status quo of increased financialization and Wall St speculation with taxpayer backstops will be enhanced. The elements of Dodd-Frank and other regulatory schemes to restrain speculative activity will be attempted to be removed. A SCOTUS nominee who is a LGBT type will be nominated. EPA will get a "super greenie", while Hillary will demand we must do something NOW to reverse climate change. Following Bloomberg's call, she will start a War on Obesity & Soda. She will instruct her AG that every case of a shooting of a minority by police must be investigated and prosecuted. She will follow Bernie's call to forgive student debt & increase college education subsidies. Of course any private institution that issued student loans will get all their money & interest paid by taxpayers. And she will also launch a War on Guns to reduce & restrict gun ownership and usage.

The GOP will retain the House but lose the Senate.


I agree with Mr. Thomson and it all depends on how large the victory is. One major difference with Mr. Obama is that HRC will not expect anything from the GOP and will act accordingly unless the GOP is seriously diminished in Congress.
Then she will be able to divide and conquer.

I think immigration reform is probably highest on her agenda.



1. Push trade deals including TPP, etc.
2. Welch on Iran deal.
3. Destabilize Syria any way possible.
4. Supply lethal offensive weaponry to Ukraine.
5. Confront China in the South China sea, probably by means of a "coalition of the willing" - Japan, Australia and Korea.
6. Increase NATO provocative posture towards Russia.
7. Give Israel everything it wants.
8 Increase military involvement in Africa.


1. Vengeance on enemies.
2. Pathway for illegals to become democrat voters.
3. Prepare social security for rape by Wall Street.
4.Lay. foundations for Chelsea's political coronation.
5. Amass personal wealth.
6. Vengeance on enemies

SoCal Rhino

I see the rollout of a series of very small impact proposals aimed at demonstrating she is fighting for the little people, a jump at the first opportunity to show she's as tough as Cheney, and a stealth attempt to privatize social security, perhaps as part of the next iteration of TARP.


Biden was chairman of the judiciary during Thomas' confirmation hearings. Biden didn't let Thomas' other accusers testify, and amazingly enough, Thomas made it through a Democratic controlled Senate.


Congress is out of session briefly between the new and old Congress when the President could make recess appointments. That appointment would last until the next recess. Even now, I'm pretty certain Obama could fill the vacancy to that period which demonstrates "nine" isn't a sacred number.


Lars: Why does the US immigration system need to be reformed? This is a serious question.

When people say "reform," they mean "amnesty."

Mahatma Propagandhi

Spot. On.


2. Gun control
3. Immigration
4. Minimum wage

1. Cuba
2. Wrap up Syria and Ukraine
3. Pivot to Asia
4. Turkey?

IMHO Nuland will not be SoS, as she doesn't fit with an Asia focus. But we could see women at both State and Defense.


What do you mean by "Welch"



So, you think she will have both houses of Congress. pl



Senate, not house. She will attempt to push these things through as they cut against the GOP politically in 2018. Of the 4, only SCOTUS and immigration have a shot.



Thomas is one hundred times the jurist that Sotomayor is.



You might want to ask the media who's shoe horning it into that prism so they can drag HRC across the finish line.


I really do not see Clinton doing anything aggressive on either the domestic or foreign side. I see her as essentially a cautious politician. Syria is slowly but surely coming to it's end game, and the same with Iraq. I see today that U.S planes are attacking again in Libya, that is a worry that she will try to go all in there.

I don't see her doing much of anything about the Ukraine, except quietly accepting the status quo. Frankly, I see her continuing the Obama foreign policy ie do a little meddling here and there but no big moves. I do not see her doing anything on the Iran deal - in Israel the screams about it have almost completely died down except for Bibi who wants to overturn it because it represents a personal failure.

Domestically, she will try to get several SC Justices names. If the Democrats regain the Senate she will nominate liberal justices, if not, more Garland types. I think she will promote domestic initiatives like incremental improvements in Obamacare as well as pushing for tax reform. I think Clinton is more concerned with her legacy as the first woman President and will be cautious because she needs to win a second term to truly be a barrier breaker.

Bill Herschel

I think a strong case can be made that they are both sociopaths. "We came, we saw, he died," is the statement of a sociopath. Trump's business career littered with the bodies of those he has cheated is the history of a sociopath.

Bill Herschel

Interesting. Why does it sound so plausible.

Hank Foresman

We will have 4 or 8 years of the Republicans stonewalling; and 4 or 8 years of the Democrats hollering it is wrong. End result the people will be fed up and say a pox on both of your houses.

FB Ali

I'm a little surprised that no one has mentioned the attitude of the military command to foreign 'adventures' as a factor that may well affect her decisions.

Doesn't it matter? (Gen Dempsey is credited with stopping some Obama misadventures).

And, if it does, what is the likely attitude of the top brass?

ex-PFC Chuck

But don't expect any Hilary nominees to be any further to the left than Anthony Kennedy, if that. Hilary is NOT a New Deal Democrat. Since the Democratic Leadership Council alumni took control of the party about 1990, the Democratic Party's modus operandi has been to pose as if they were the inheritors of the New Deal legacy as advocating for the economic interests of the lower four quintiles, all the while undoing its accomplishments in that regard. Thus their support for SCOTUS nominees such as Thomas and Kennedy and limp opposition to Roberts and Alito. To summarize bluntly, the Democratic Party's modus operandi for the past quarter century has been built on fraud. Hilary is just dropping the pretense.


The Republican's are blocking confirmation of Garland "claiming" that The Voter's should decide.

Rumour is if the polling is good in October, Obama will pull Garland's nomination saying that The Voter's should decide.

Hoist, meet petard.


HRC will have us in a war somewhere. Her neocon fanaticism requires it.

In addition to all the earnest issues Bill and his SS detail will get busted partying with the coeds in Georgetown.

The House is a big stretch. It's a lot of seats to switch. Most are thoroughly gerrymandered and not nearly close enough to be in play. The Dems took a congressional redistricting bath after the '10 census and Obama's neglect.



No there is this



I don't think either house of Congress will change sides, therefore she would be limited to what can be accomplished with a GOP House and Senate that, while hostile, will be chastened, divided, and wanting to move forward after the Trump disaster. Trump's defeat (should it happen) is going to create a tsunami change in the Republican party. I believe the most likely piece of work she focuses on is secondary education financial reform. I think this is something to which people in the GOP would be receptive. The status quo on that front is hurting America and American business. She had a history of bipartisan work in the Senate, and that seems to be her way of operating.

Unlike others, I don't see a big appetite right now for enhanced foreign adventures.

On SC appointments, it depends how the GOP handles the process.

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