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26 August 2016


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Go fly a St. George Cross in Saudi Arabia and let me know how it goes.

The double standard is what the AR rallies against, this BS universalism idea that you can't even address cause you're so in the wrong.


Mr. Habakkuk,

Glad you've arrived with your typical sense of reason. Go0e you enjoyed the article.



Here's common, not PC, definition.

"Urban crime is not much distinguished by skin-color."
You should inform the Federal Government since they are the ones requiring the keeping of statistics by race, which implies color.
"Prison population is, however; that's not because fewer poor pink-skins do less crime, though"
Prove it in court - which is how all those people in prison got there.



"the unreformed Republic that existed prior to the Bill of Rights." You are referring to the government under the Articles of Confederation? The framers of the present constitution designed a system of government that created a republic in which the elected were elected by oligarchs. This constitution with its limitations and divisions of power among the three branched federal government, the states and the popular electors remains a formidable barrier to the emergence of an unlimited democracy. pl

different clue

The Porkchop Express,

Anything systematically believed in can be used as the psychological equivalent of a religion. One might say that Soviet Socialist Marxist-Leninist Communism became a working operational religion in practice.

Several years ago our host's cousing, Mr. Chevalier, wrote a guest post about the coming eventual failure of Chavezian Bolivarnism in Venezuela. I thought his invention of the word Bolivarnism was particularly interesting. That suffix, -nism , could be attached to other believed-in social or political-economic ideology systems to indicate that they have ceased to be applicable working theories of how society or political economies are arranged, have escaped the earth's gravity of reality basedness, and have gone into orbit as faith-based belief systems.
Socialism as a method becomes socialnism as a belief system. Capitalism as a theory of economic functioning becomes Capitalnism as a belief in the worship of sacred markets and sacred market forces. Atheism becomes Atheinism . . . the faith based belief that no god or gods exist or can possibly exist.

If others find this -nism suffix useful for this line of thinking, feel free to use it. If no one does, then no one will.



You're high.

1) Lynchings of blacks and whites were in the four digit numbers over a century. Stop spreading Black Lies Matter agitprop.

2) Poor white communities commit properly crimes overwhelmingly. The savage violence is limited mainly to poor Negri communities.

Weak shill 2/10


kao and Babak

These posts that are getting close to reality. Middle America was thrown out of work and ignored. The same thing happened in Russia in the 1990’s for the exact same reasons. Oligarchs are pillaging the nation’s wealth with the help of the global meritocracy. Charging families $600 for an EpiPen that costs several dollars to manufacture is racketeering plain and simple. Washington DC is doing nothing to stop the corruption or to provide jobs or to set up Medicare for all.

If government only serves the interests of multi-national corporations, humans will naturally revert to our tribal identities for security and comfort. There are perhaps 11 Nations in North America if Mexico and English Canada are included:

With the mass movements of survivors due to a 10-foot plus sea rise from climate change; economic chaos; civil unrest and blowback from the foreign wars, Washington DC will become irrelevant. Since Dixie and the Breadbasket will likely separate into secular/urban and fundamentalist/rural sections and South Florida into a Hispanic enclave; the USA may well splinter into numerous Statelets guarded by mercenaries, religious militia or people protection units.

Mark Logan


I must have been unclear. IMO our jobs were mostly off-shored, which is a problem which affects both poor whites and others in the US roughly equally. Sealing the border is fixing the wrong problem, as is pitting Americans against each other.

Keith Harbaugh

If you want to see a principal cause of why America is in the mess it is these days,
I highly recommend
The Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald.



Exactly right and I would go further in stating that solving the problem is to be avoided. The Arch Druid had a blog essay pointing out that what really is going on is a three sided game with the sides being "The Saviors" aka the social justice crowd, "The Victims" aka women, Gay and non-white people and "The Perpetrators" aka straight white males.

The game is run by "The Saviors" who in their virtue signaling get points on pointing out how the "perpetrators" oppress "the victims". The "Saviors" may also get such perks as jobs, money and power. The "victims" will only get sympathy and the "perpetrators" are always to be shamed and possibly be at risk for losing their jobs. The deeds and life history of the individual is irrelevant to the "Saviors" as one is always just a member of one the three sides. As an example, I once read that the daughters of President Obama will always have less opportunities in life than any random white male.

For the "Saviors", solving the problem and thus ending the game must be avoided as that would end the gravy train. Mean while, the oligarchs are happy for the game to continue as it helps take attention away from what they are doing.


Terrified? Hardly.Unless you mean by cowards doxing me. Otherwise, no.


I'm not terrified please explain why I should be.


TPE, I am watching it for longer now. Although only during the last decades in the US too.

"For years these socially dysfunctional millennials have sheltered ..."

Stereotype. He never seems to have stumbled across a VIP other then Peter Thiel.



It's also deporting the illegals who are here. Stop trying to handwave that away. Exhibit A: http://www.statter911.com/2016/08/28/chief-killed-firefighters-hurt-knocked-guardrail-bus-driven-driver-us-illegally/

Now it's "Americans Unite" after 40 years of ethnic tribal interest groups? Oh my Goodness.



If you say you're not terrified a third time I'm sure it'll be much more believable.

Peter Reichard

Of course America is an extension of Western Civilization with a WASP core but with less cultural homogeneity than a European country as there have always been many people here from non English speaking nations. Our largest city was first settled by the Dutch. Add in African slaves, later freed plus Indians and you do have a cultural mosaic even if most people always were, as they are today, White Christians.

Peter Reichard

David Habakkuk,
Didn't wish to imply that it was ever particularly tolerant or harmonious just that America is and has always been ethnically and culturally complicated. It has not been easy but somehow we have made it work as Schwartz points out by bonding newcomers to the founding British core civilization though all add to it and change it slightly. Identity politics is a threat to all that and to social harmony.



"Tulsa, Beaumont, Rosewood, Wilmington, Mobile, the Zoot Suits." These were a century ago. The '80's were almost 4 decades ago.

"an extremely poor grasp of what statistics mean, and how they work." The relevant factor is causation not correlation to a particular color. You want desperately for the correlation to color to matter more rather than look at the obvious. To use your description: "Considering the small fraction that African Americans make up of the US population,..." - then why are so many violent crimes committed by blacks. The obvious conclusion is that Hispanics, Asians and whites commit less violent crimes.

Eric Newhill

Pacifica Advocate - The FBI statistics clearly show that Blacks commit 50% to 55% (depending on the year) of violent crime in the US. That a disproportionate amount given that they are only 12%-13% of the population. Hispanics are also disproportionate in this regard, but the data is not a good because of the way that Hispanic is defined in the data.

Do you have any solid data supporting the notion that if we control for poverty level that black, Hispanic and white violent crime is equal on a per capita basis? Because Mother Jones says so doesn't count. Anecdotally, I would say that your statement is wrong. I can walk through the poor white areas I know about and not worry about being assaulted. Not true about the poor black areas I know. Then again, I'm white. So black racism probably plays a role. OTOH, a black man could walk through the poor white areas I know of and not be assaulted either. Show us the data, PA.

AS for lynching, many blacks were lynched by other blacks and it was usually summary justice for committing violent crime. In fact, many of the lynchings of blacks by whites were also summary justice for violent crime. They also used to lynch horse thieves and cattle rustlers of any color back then out West. The lynchings have to be viewed within the social milieu of the era.

I'm not justifying lynchings. Only suggesting that the mythology of the thing may not be entirely accurate, especially when given proper historic context.


I had to google them. It depends on whether they make hostile derogatory remarks about other groups. If so, then yes, they are racist. I have seen people on the left who are bigoted against whites and have double standards, so yes, racism comes in all forms. Whether La Raza people fall into this category I couldn't say, but others do.

I don't have a problem with advocating for the interests of the white working class and I agree that the Borg have earned their hatred by pushing for trade agreements and then allowing entire communities to rot as the jobs go overseas. I don't blame people hurt by this for voting Trump. I have also read Rod Dreher's interview with JD Vance, who seems to be a very clear sighted man. I will probably read his book.

I was reacting to the Jewiish ashtray reference along with the " doubling down on racism" comment. People who do that are bigots.


I am in complete agreement that there are Jewish bigots. I have for decades thought that the way many Israel defenders talk was blatantly racist against Palestinians, for instance.

Babak Makkinejad

Hey don't shoot the messenger.

I guess you do not know about the Brooklyn Housing Market; people are living in such density as poorer European cities.


Why is not Mrs. Clinton in prison already?
"...most of the attorneys representing former Secretary of State Clinton in this matter [clearance to read highly classified info] did not have the appropriate security clearances to review special access program material,” which is highly secret information that is restricted only to a few people based on their need to know. Seven email chains, which included messages sent and received by Clinton, contained such material, the FBI found.
... Last week, the FBI revealed that investigators have found another 15,000 emails that Clinton’s attorneys never turned over"


The difference between HRC and Trump, to me, is this:

HRC is unmitigatedly wrong and evil, whom I will never support.

Trump is someone whom I sorely want to support if not for the fact that he keeps showing himself to be incompetent, unserious, vapid, and clownish. I'm tired of those who say, "what'll you do? vote for the greater evil?" That's a dangerous mindset, blackmail and fear mongering. Exactly the kind of thing that I do not trust. If Trump lacks the decency to try to earn my support by being less vapid and less clownish, then I don't care to waste time supporting him.



Oh now that white people are playing by the rules the Left laid down for the last 60 years it's suddenly a "threat to social harmony".

This is the mendacious concern trolling I'm talking about. Get over it. Let the other side walk back BLM and Affirmative Action and using the 14thAmd and then maybe we can talk. Until then it's just more "d-d-don't be mean please" talk.

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