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26 August 2016


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By a chance recommendation from a colleague I n the late 2000s I came to heavily frequent the /n/ and then the /new/ imageboards, my first and only encounter with image board culture and my introduction to what I have increasingly seen over the past 2 years being labeled as the "alt right", ideas outlined in the OP. The boards disappeared, but If you had told me then to what degree the next election cycle would be influenced by the ideas I encountered in this community, I would really not have been surprised at all. Tyler hits the nail on the head with this one.


I would have thought the press would be all over a Maserati. Doesn’t pass my smell test.


Nurembergesque drum ensemble and Frank Lutz.

Consider who hires him.



I'm sorry you feel that way. Here's a gold star. I hope we can be friends still.



Buchanan is probably the closest "mainstream" intellectual who is Alt Right, all things considered. Definitely a thoughtful foundation, but the reality is that the AR is made up of energetic, fashy young folk by and large who reject what the Boomers have made, and the future that they put on offer.



Hillary is so healthy that when Dr. Drew Pinsky questioned her health, CNN cancelled his show.

That's how you know someone is super duper double healthy.



I think its more her stroke than anything doing the talking.


you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. the labeling just makes it easier to talk about it and organizes the concepts. no guarantee that a student would be able to internalize it or be successful at it. Such things are innate. my take away of the whole thing is reframing and the linguistic kill as long as it can be propagated by confirmation bias.

trump blew it with khan. i would have reframed the issue and gone this route: First my deeply felt sympathy to the parents for the loss of their brave patriotic son and we honor his memory and sacrifice. But I ask, what did we gain from Hillary's disastrous Iraq policy? Are we Safer? Are the Iraqi's better off? Did she learn anything from it, or did she just turn around and do the same thing to Libya, and now Syria. What will be her next useless war?

i think Modo, Maureen Dowd, tricked him in a lightning round. He replied "i would have rather heard from the mother." The Khan matter is not solved with a quick phrase. then he kept on digging the hole deeper.


Want to thank Tyler for this post. Frankly, even though i consider myself pretty knowledgeable, had never heard of this alt right before. I just figured it was another word for tea party. Therefore, suspect most people have no idea what it is except another name for "tea party." Don't think it's a linguistic kill. And there will be no followup acts (?) by him to propagate confirmation/reinforcement.

Agree with the Dilbert cartoonist that her gambit exposes her to a fierce counterattack:

"But Trump is always A-B testing. He rarely tries one approach in isolation. He tosses out a lot of ideas and sees which ones work with the public and the media. And he had two other responses to Clinton that have potential, in my view.

1. Trump is saying Clinton’s accusations of racism are “All they have left.” I like that framing because it makes you think of throwing your gun at the monster after you emptied the magazine. It speaks of a desperate last act, which also makes you think past the sale. And it minimizes the accusations as being desperation politics.

2. Trump reframed Clinton’s critique of the Alt-Right as an accusation that Trump supporters in general are racist. You probably don’t know why that is so powerful. I’ll explain.

Trump has built his brand around the idea that he will protect legal American citizens of all types – who[m] he loves – against bad people in other countries. Trump is saying he’s on Team America. Period.

But Clinton just insulted 40% of American voters by calling them racists. Clinton literally – and publicly – turned on her own citizens.

Trump, by contrast, has attacked only professionals who are in the cage fight against him ....

But Clinton’s Alt-Right speech did not target professionals. Clinton attacked American citizens. Lots of them."


Mark Logan


Just read the new book called "Alter Egos", the story of Clinton's people and Obama's clashing, but also I thought it a revealing look at how her mind works. Firmed up in my mind the notion planted here some time ago that she is, IIRC, "an intellect without a heart" greatly. Her actions seem mostly driven by perceived political impact on her reputation, which the description captures perfectly.

On topic, Trump's publicly expressed Birtherism and that a judge whose parents were born in Mexico is unfit to handle the case against Trump U made the attack inevitable. That Hillary is doing it seems meaningless. He wanted the kitchen to be hot, and it is. So be it. I hope the alt Right finds competent leadership. Next rodeo, perhaps.



Watched 1/5 Alpha Strike, a 1974 alt-right "Documentary" of the Vietnam War, in which the US was actually winning, but for the DFH's in both the Johnson and Nixon Administrations and on the street.

"America" cannot fail, it can only be failed.



I use to read Sam Francis in Chronicles Magazine. The sanity of the paleos is sorely missed from the current political reality show. Pat Buchanan is one of the few left of the old-guard right.



I like HuffPoo's heart warming dog rescue videos. Trying to sell Hillary as the Earth Mama Toad Goddess who will nourish America back to primal health is bunk.

The Porkchop Express

I can definitely see it being some combination of the two, at a minimum. There are definitely other factors at play. But a pole shift seems just as plausible. Religiosity in the US is on a downward trend at least according to (with apologies to Col. Lang) social scientists--though political correctness seems at least on its face to be some bizarre stand in for a theological viewpoint. While at the same time it's also fair to say that starting with BJC admin the Democrats began reorienting their political philosophy towards "global capitalism." Definitely food for thought.


Trump is back leading in three tracking polls, UPI/CVOTER, People's Pundit Daily tracking poll and the LA Times/USC Dornsife. Now maybe these are all biased towards Trump but they have all shown clear movement towards Trump and they are all considered reputable. Trump has received the full demonisation campaign from the media, spent little money and done a few media inflated gaffes and yet he is back to level pegging as the business end of the campaign begins.

I think these two articles give a good assessment of the state of the race.


Pat, I instinctively disliked the health discussion, admittedly. Maybe since hypothyroidism at one point quite arbitrarily was thrown in? Not sure.

How to put it shortly? I do not think the real issue is her health. Never mind that the teetotaler's is supposedly exquisite.

Giuliani ... his appeal to people to look at the photographs and videos of HC being physically propped up and stumbling around

Remember, "good photo"?, it doesn't tell us anything beyond the frame. ...

In this vein, what is outside the frame of the photo that has gone viral, were she is led up the stairs? From the top of my head, she might have twisted her ankle. Although it does not make much sense to be helped in this context, much better would be a doctor or any assistant that bandages the foot/leg, I would assume the crowd around would immediately try to be helpful.

Personally I would be more interested in the head shaking events. Was that some type of exaggerated, since faked yes, yes, yes, I hear you?


I would plead for HankP to not be banned, if he is, we are all hot-heads occasionally.

His reference to "decent people", and, yes I understand, the accompanying indirect insinuation concerning you, no doubt was maybe ill-reflected.

What was tyler's or the altRight coinage for that again?


Welcome, HankP, I was sometimes disappointed too. On the other hand, I was also at one point somewhat disappointed or maybe slightly hesitant where a 'pure echo chamber' might lead me. ...

In one longer web-excursion I witnessed something that feels pretty similar to what we see now. ... And strictly, while the divides were pretty obvious on the grassroot level, the supposed categories on the two-party level occasionally had stopped to work. At least to the extend, I might have expected them to work.

If it is only about Pat disliking HRC, why do you object to him inviting someone into the debate to tell us SST members what Clinton talked about yesterday?




I keep you here for diversity. You and HankP are much the same. pl



What are "DFH's?" Were you in VN? I was. The NVA had largely lost the war by 1973. They lost it to "Linebacker 2." They lost it to the CORDS/COIN campaign. That is why they accepted an armistice. The US Congress, reflecting the fecklessness of mass US opinion surrendered the country to the communists in 1975. they literally snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.



That's all right I know that social scientists still exist. i am reconciled to the fact and will continue to oppose their baleful influence on history. pl



The establishment; which is in a panic because many in the civilization have decided to abandon the establishment rather than the civilization.



Here's an actual black American. There's nothing funny about the questions he asks.



Will you and Hank be the "decent people" deciders or can everyone join in? Do you have the complete list of "decent people" or should I consult with Santa Claus?


"You and HankP are much the same."

What makes you think that?

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