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26 August 2016


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I roused myself from my aged midsummer torpor long enough to listen to HC talk to the MJ crew today. The general tone was that of an empress giving an audience to her faithful subjects. Mika grovelled before her in hope if future favor and the rest of them were clearly fearful of future retribution for "lese majeste." HC's campaign is now very confident of victory and are concentrating on destroying Trump so completely that the margins may grow so large as to give the Dems the senate. Thus, he is now described as; a crypto Russian agent, racist, a Klansman in disguise, a liar, etc. A note of defiant scorn for their opponents, and those who do not support her majesty, has entered the campaign. A couple of days ago Fallon, her press spokesman, said that people who do not accept her version of things should not vote for her. i don't recall having previously heard a candidate spurn possible voting support. Today on MJ when asked if she would support a Republican SecState having conducted him/her self as she had in re donors to a family foundation, she said that she would congratulate that person for having seen that the good to be done was more important than the methods. Think about that. pl


Tyler: The Alt-Right also focuses on "replacement." This is the real Achilles heal of the PC crowd.

Political correctness is not "progressive," i.e., motivated by increasing freedom for all people. Political correctness is about replacing the "patriarchy" with new people. And most importantly, PC is about shutting down end-game questions. For example, what is the "correct" number of immigrants? What is the ultimate purpose of the immigration system?

PC uses the racism charge to ensure these questions are not asked.


Congrats on your coming out, the writing I mean, it is helpful. What is the population of the Alt-Right group. I know she always went off on the Right Wing Conspiracy group but it looks like she is now narrowing it down to a smaller population group that Im sure is growing.
Certainly things are being turned or flipped rather quickly for us over 40 crowd so it looks like Donald will be heading for the Pulpit of a Southern Baptist Church to praise Jesus while Hillary continues to narrow her enemies list while poor Mika pouts and cries over How Can They Do This.
It's all nothing but a game, huh.

Ishmael Zechariah

Tyler, Col. Lang, SST;

Hillary Clinton is one perfect example of the corrupt elites Hayes described in his book "Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy". I highly recommend the book. Hopefully your local library has it.
Ishmael Zechariah
P.s: If anyone can decode and explain what is going on in Iraq/Syria theaters I would be grateful. Usually we can get an idea by listening to the silence but so far we have been unsuccessful.



Well written and clear as hell. IMO, like it or don't, we are heading towards a true multi-party existence, where the uni-party will finally disintegrate as their sham, faux differences evaporate under the harsh light of exposure to groups like the Alt-Right and Bernie devotees. What will the oligarchs do when people finally get tired of some snot nosed idiot of their ilk, of what ever gender, raises the price of a loaf of bread to $300, citing the utility and ubiquitous value of their product. Or whatever fatuous crap that escapes their lips during the inevitable CNBC interview.



You are correct. The Borg Queen and her team are convinced the election is in the bag. They continue to raise the big campaign funds as all the movers & shakers pour in the cash lest they not get a shot at the spoils. They're now looking ahead at their first 100 days and who their patronage network should repay and who should be punished.

IMO, this election cycle is not over. While it may seem bleak for Trump right now, I recall that Dukakis was ahead of Bush 41 by 55% to 38% in the national polls late summer.



IMO, the frame is not necessarily left vs right. I think Peggy Noonan's "protected" vs "unprotected" or the Archdruid's elite and salary class vs the wage class may provide better frames. The Brexit referendum showed that both traditional Tories and Labor who were from the unprotected wage class came together to vote for Brexit while the political and financial elite along with the urban salary class opposed it.

You can see the corporatist and Wall St Republicans along with the ziocons and the SJW Democrats as well as the urban & coastal elites and salary class all backing the Borg Queen. And the corporate media staffed by the same tribe are actively campaigning for her. She has all the institutional advantages and the big money. The question is how motivated the unprotected hillbillies in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada and North Carolina are to turn out in November? If they decide to vote en masse the election could provide a surprise.


IZ: "Twilight" is a great book. Hayes convincingly demonstrates that--unlike the old WASPS--the New Meritocrats feel no responsibility for the plebs.


Dilbert cartoonist, Scott Adams tweets:
" ‏@ScottAdamsSays 21h21 hours ago
The Master Persuader engineers a linguistic kill shot for Clinton's accusations of racism: "It's all they have left." (Perfect)"

Adams's narrative is that Trump's campaign made use of "linguistic kill shots," such as crooked hillary, low energy bush, little Marco, etc. These kill shots are then reinforced with confirmation bias. These are neurolinguistic tools such as reframing and such. He explains that what changed after Bernie Sanders defeat is that "Godzilla," Robert Cialdini- a master of the art of influence and persuasion, joined the Clinton team. So instead of keeping on with boring policy stuff, she has reversed roles with trump. She has laid on Trump the kill shot of dark, racist, and dangerous.

"Sanders had been outperforming expectations, and Clinton had been underperforming expectations. “Wherever you see somebody exceed expectations by that much, either they are a persuader, like Trump is, or they have somebody helping them,” Adams concluded.

That stopped, as soon as Sanders yielded to Clinton.

Adams explained: “Clinton stopped talking about her boring policies, and details, and her experience, and she went to pure persuasion. She went to the bigger scare,” which was the image of Donald Trump with his finger on the nuclear button.

The result, he said, was a lift in her poll numbers, and the ongoing slump in Donald Trump’s performance.

It would be “surprising,” he said, if Cialdini, or one of his students, weren’t helping Clinton, given his past involvement in the Obama campaign.

“His fingerprints are all over this.”"

it's a unique perspective of the mechanics of what's going on.





I can't say it's "bleak", when the massaged polls are showing a dead heat.

The debates and the "silent Tory" effect are also going to be serious issues.



Accusations of racism are modern day witch sniffin.



When entrenched elderly interests go after young firebrands with nothing to lose, it always goes smoothly for the elderly entrenched interests.



It's always been nationalists vs. globalists. The Left still believes in its gospel of egalitarianism tho.

I look forward to the 88888888 essay from (((Nate Silver))) about why even though he was wrong about Trump, he was really right.



The Alt Right is an expression of the Western/"white" tribe. The only tribe not allowed to have interests in the West. Now things are going to get wild.



"...seen that the good to be done was more important than the methods."

Soon the chorus will sing out "John Brown's Body" while we bring back "our girls", free Syria and defend Ukraine (one of version of it anyway). More "good" works for the do gooders will be available soon.



Adams makes good points, but there are diminishing returns to calling someone a racist. It's more and more virtue signalling at this point than anything else.


"the good to be done was more important than the methods."
This is pure Saul Alinsky: If the ends don't justify the means, than what does?


I was glad to see Tyler take this on. As usual, it was funny too. A more detailed list of principles may be found here: https://voxday.blogspot.com.es/2016/08/what-alt-right-is.html



The "establishment" is defending the bi-partisan establishment candidate. The latest to jump aboard the Nurembergesque drum ensemble of the MSM is Frank Luntz. Listen while the "good" professor explains with soothing buzz words how this billionaire suddenly became a racist and if you vote for him you'll be a racist too. Next up the professoriate will threaten the students with ostracism and collegiate career destruction should you exercise your rights as an American to express an opinion not in conformity to the narrative.


That stopped, as soon as Sanders yielded to Clinton.

Scuttlebutt, gossip: have no idea if the following is true, but I heard it from a good friend who is not given to drama or hyperbole, and has a keen political mind and interest. He was a Bernie supporter, and his voice was full of revulsion when he told me this.

Apparently Bernie was photographed recently in his new Maserati--my friend saw it from a friend--and Bernie just paid $500,000 to $600,000 for a lakeside cottage. My friend’s assessment: where the fuck did he get that kind of money on a senator’s salary? He was bought off, my friend claims.


Some AM comic relief.

A Message from Canada's Black Guy - YouTube

This ad for an Australian startup’s new camera was apparently banned on the major networks here. Best “Trump” impersonation I have seen so far. Australians have such great senses of humor.
Australian Trump's Wall Ad Banned In America - YouTube


Scott Adams latest post gives more details about the "propaganda battle":

Besides, the Alt-Right, NRx & assorted variants is a really really weird bunch:

One of the "thinkers" of these is Mencius Moldbug a.k.a. Curtis Yarvin a computer professionnal with equally weird software projects (look for Urbit...).
A compendium of Moldbuggery;


It would be “surprising,” he said, if Cialdini, or one of his students, weren’t helping Clinton, given his past involvement in the Obama campaign.

If that’s the case, I think people like Cialdini are missing the boat. They have no idea of the degree of hurt the majority of people in this country suffered--are still suffering from--with the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. Americans will bow their heads and examine themselves eventually using whatever vice gets them through the night examining what they did wrong to wind up that way . . . but to mock their rage now, to paint them as hayseeds, to sneer at their distress and call them all "uneducated white men" and “losers," as Jewish LGBT activist Jay Michaelson did recently in The Forward, is not going to work. Neocon Disdain has run its course.

With the exception of one friend, a Latino, I have not met one person who is going to vote for Hillary. Even my dyed-in-the-wool 'every Democratic talking point is gospel' friends are telling me sotto voce they’re pulling the lever for Trump. And I was asked not to expose they think this way!

I have no idea what’s going to happen. But if Trump is elected, the promised revolution will have happened. Without guns. This will be a half-century watershed. Frankly, that’s why I want Trump to win.

Trump is no more dangerous for America than I am, or the Colonel, or Richard Sale, if you paid attention in the civics class no longer offered to American kids. The US President’s real power is foreign policy. In that regard, Trump is the only sane and genuine choice.


The other Clinton attack line Adams picks up on is:

"But Clinton just insulted 40% of American voters by calling them racists. Clinton literally – and publicly – turned on her own citizens."

I'd draw a parallel with a similar mistake the Remain campaign made in the last week before the Brexit vote. In the hysteria of the campaign a Neo-Nazi nutcase murdered a young pro-Remain woman MP Jo Cox. It became headline news. For two or three days campaigning was suspended and there was virtually no news reporting the referendum. It was just wall-to-wall MSM coverage of the murder. I think at this time Remain went ahead in the polls. I think the Remain campaigners - Borgists to a person - thought they were onto a good thing. The wall-to-wall coverage of the murders - pictures of traumatized family, friends, witnesses, constituents - continued unabated, despite the fact there was only days left to the vote. Little reporting on the two campaigns. And the increasingly unpleasant insinuation crept into the coverage suggesting all Brexit supporters were racists, were closet neo-Nazis.

I think this was when Brexit won. People really don't like being called racists when they aren't. They don't like being patronized or lied to or insulted.

The Clinton campaign could be lurching into the same territory. They cannot hide their contempt for large parts of their own fellow citizens.


without the scientistic (sic) neurolinguistic(s) label how do we tell the difference between a master of persuasion and a fast-talking creepy charlatan??

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