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25 August 2016


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Fletcher is a moral cipher, but becomes a "hard hearted empath" by the time of Cry Havoc.

The Harvesters are a death cult/special forces branch of the military (full name: Harvester Suicide Commando).

The FOSsils have weaponized their PTSD inadvertently. The Neural attempted to use his psychic power on Clay and met the mental equivalent of a feeding frenzy.

The skipping rhyme at the beginning references the Battle of Scylla. Those familiar with Cry Havoc history know what happened there.


Tyler, I watched "Avatar" for the 2nd time yesterday & yes those flying dragons sure looked like super fun. They didn't talk but had an intuitive
connection with their riders. I love that film.

Once, back in the day, I climbed a tree & dropped down on a buffalo,
clinging to his stinky mane, think I stayed on board for 3 (maybe) 4 seconds...
there was no talkin' but we both knew this ride was not meant to be. One of
the dumbest things I ever did.

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