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25 August 2016


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Fine work, Tyler. I shall have to read it again in order to pick up more nuance.

Is this part of an evolving larger whole?



Cry Havoc!


I'll join, JJ and BF.

Definitively worth reading again, and not only the "tails" of the dogs of war seem to deserve attention. ...

I have to admit at one point, I mentally stumbled. On the other hand, the theme that surfaces there, might be picked up in the end again.



"the theme that surfaces" What "theme" is that? pl


Pat, I only read it once, and I am human. Not only that, also no native speaker. Beyond , I don't have any experience with fantasy and science fiction literature, admittedly. Not sure about JJ, but it feels BF has.

"They locked gazes for a moment, and she rattled her throat again. “'Physician, heal thyself'”, she quoted at him,"

I may be misguided about many things on first impression, but at one point it felt s/he could heal her/himself. ... but there are other things, like the usage of some terms in semi-unexpected contexts: like Scytheclaw/scytheclaw????


"Foulness grow in the darkness – this is true for many things, including the mind."

It's good to shine a light in dark places.



Cry Havoc and Forlorn Hope take place in this world (reviewed here).



Ale'mah is calling Fletcher a liar and referring to their last conversational parlay.



Tyler has created a "universe" suitable to his needs and objectives in writing. The same was done in "Gulliver's Travels," but in reality all writers of fiction create a universe within which to operate. in Tylerland, a scytheclaw is a member of a species that is the fruit of his imagination. pl

The Twisted Genius

I reviewed the first two books in this series. BLUF. I liked them and am looking forward to more.

A short story from this universe is also available at The Athenaeum.

Damned fine job, Tyler.


I understand, Pat,

but the "species", if I may call it that, seemingly is able to turn into both some type of guardian/helper just as a confronting enemy. ... See JJ, above. ... Maybe, that's why one hesitatingly starts to consider it as some type of SF human weaponry. But, maybe I did not concentrate.

I somewhat wondered, how Tyler got from the setting with you and TTG, somewhere in the comment section, to this one. True.



Tyler is an accomplished writer with two published novels thus far. You don't seem to understand that protectors are usually killers as well. pl



The scytheclaws are a psychic anchor of sorts to try and help the FOSsils from going insane.



High praise, thank you.

These prequel stories give me a better sense of the charecters in the "present" who I write about.


Have them both on my Kindle. Very enjoyable. They are right there with B.V. Larson but both more mature and thoughtful.



Fun seeing how things came to pass, isn't it?


Very much so, Tyler. Looking forward to more.



The conspiracy and the hints at what will be are my favorite parts of this story.


Tyler, Better be careful or you could get drafted by DARPA.


Tyler, I looked at it closer. It might help communication with your reader to take more care with personal pronouns on one passage. Not least since scytheclaws seem to be everywhere or on both sides fighting:
Claws clicked on the bare tile as the female rose up and came into the light, her tail flicking out behind her. She was a beauty, as far as Scytheclaws went.

As I said I have no huge reading experience with fantasy literature. ... Now strictly the recommendation to read the Hobbits trilogy, was by one of my then "American friends" I talked about somewhere else.

I was slightly puzzled, when I realized what he had recommended me. Besides at the time there was not a paperback around yet. But somehow he managed to lure me into his story, and now that I had started, I wanted to know the end.

When I bought the next one. And knowing now what type of literature I was dealing with, obviously, I first checked if Gandalf was really dead. ;)

Maybe, this really rare reading experience led me onto the wrong track on the "coup de grace" passage.


See that's the foreigner, none native speaker, that sometimes wonders how things happen:

on one passage should be "in", I guess, but maybe my mind wandered again? Would be more save. What the hell made me on?

Once I stumbled across the argument by a British WWI hero, later an academic, who suggested "us Germans" might have a problem with propositions, or alternative precision, if I recall his precise argument it went something like this:
Context: a lady wearing a coat. He assumed it always had to be the lady "in" the coat, and never could be the lady "with" the coat.


Tyler, when I realized there was no link I looked up the books on Amazon and read reviews there. Then realized they've shown up on recommendation lists that Amazon sends me based on my other purchases.

I enjoy well written military sci-fi and your writing ranks up there with some of the best I've read. So have added your books to my wish list.

Loved this short story you posted! Great job! Any sci-fi with intelligent dinosaurs and/or dragons is especially likely to get my attention :)



You are confusing the scytheclaws and Khajal. One is a dinosaur (the cover of Forlorn Hope features a scytheclaw), the other is a reptilian alien.



I'm pleased you enjoyed it. There is a Ripper and Brokehorn short story in the anthology SNAFU:Survival of the Fittest.



I think every boy (and a few girls) dream of riding a dinosaur that talks back.

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