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12 August 2016


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They could, but so far I have seen no evidence that the Clinton Family Foundation is involved with influence peddling, money laundering or anything other than garden variety charitable contributions.

scott s.

You can do something called a donor-advised fund which has some of the same benefits -- immediate deduction (with advantage of contributing stock or other assets with untaxed capital gain) and then designate which 501c(3) get the money and when. You still need a 501c(3) vehicle to wash the money through (make sure it isn't a tea-party or other charity on a BOLO list).


Wiki lists Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation (founded in 1997 as the William J. Clinton Foundation,[4] and called during 2013–15 the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation[5]) is a nonprofit corporation under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. tax code. It was established by former President of the United States Bill Clinton with the stated mission to "strengthen the capacity of people throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence."


I cannot locate a 2nd foundation or non-profit 501(c)(3)

Perhaps you could help w/ this?


Clinton Family Foundation

The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation

You're welcome.



OK. They have three foundations to launder money through. pl


One of the more maddening things I heard Dennis Ross say -- on a Diane Rehm show over 5 years ago, someone called in & complained that representatives for Israel had outsized influence.

Ross agreed.
He said, "You have the same opportunities to use the same methods; get out and do it."

Does an analogy hold?

Do all of the correspondents on SST have the same opportunities, and access to the same legal advice, as Bill, Hill and Chelsea to gather and shelter huge amounts of wealth?

(Heck, does Ross's statement ring true?)

David Habakkuk


I think that, if Ross did indeed say that, it raises a much larger question.

It would appear that his conception of the United States is not as a constitutional republic based upon an idea of citizenship, but as place where members of different ethnic groups compete for power in order to favour their own – whether they be in the United States or outside it.

As Ross has admitted that he has no serious commitment to – probably indeed, no real understanding of – ideas of constitutional government, we need to be clear as to how many of his fellow ‘Borgists’ share his views.

What, for instance, about Richard N. Haass?



If I were advising you in building a case for prosecution, I'd suggest trimming the bit about the family foundation. It exists to create a nice picture of the Clintons as charitable givers for political PR. Focus on the other foundations, rather than undercutting your case in this way.


Only two lawyers per state are licensed annually as Phase IV tax attorneys by New York Univ, with the exception of CA and NY, which I believe have four. It’s a two-week process to be re-licensed every year, with a course and a supposedly grueling test. Generally in the first quarter when it’s cold in Manhattan, as my Phase IV tax attorney friend bitched. These tax attorneys are registered with the IRS as Phase IV tax attorneys, and have a direct line to the regional IRS director.

Ever see that guy in a prominent commercial *years ago* whose jowls shook and who urged you to contact him if you had a net $3,000,000 estate and how he could set you up to save taxes/money? He was a Phase II tax attorney, not Phase IV.

As I wrote, Phase IV tax attorneys work almost exclusively with other attorneys, who will advertise their ability to help you set up trusts and foundations, except for those who have monster estates; ie, the 1%. Ten to 15 years ago, that lower limit was net $50 million. I don’t know if that amount has risen.

I don’t know who controls the number of Phase IV attorneys, but I believe it is the IRS in concert with NYU’s tax dept. Don’t hold me to that.

Swami Bhut Jolokia

Would our esteemed host would undo all the charitable works done by the Ford Foundation, the Rockerfeller Foundation, the Gates Foundation etc. to make a point against the Clintons?



Did I say that? Are the Clintons all these other people? Is the possibility there to launder money? Yes. pl

Matthew Saroff

A point there are sources that are not Tucker Carlson's The Daily Caller that can be used, particularly since the Clinton Family Foundation is not the same as the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton FAMILY foundation appears to be an actual charity.

The CFF is simply a clearing house for funds that go elsewhere, while CF is used to support the Clinton entourage and for subtle influence peddling.


I'll sign on as maintenance crew. Not sure what I'll tell my wife.



"I don’t know who controls ..."

Yeah, you don't but you pretend you do.


I know the specification, not who specified it, specifically.

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