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13 July 2016


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The Twisted Genius

My theory is that the shame of being caught stealing panties started him down the wrong road. He seems to have started out fine and was proud of being in the Army and of his MOS skills. If all he did was hit on that female and get rebuffed, he probably could have moved on with his 1st Sergeant telling him to,"knock it off, Romeo." But the personal shame of being derided as a perv pantie stealer caused him to look elsewhere for some reason to regain his self-worth. (This is starting to sound like psycho-babble.) He became more withdrawn and spent too much time reading black militant sites. He started to believe their rantings and imagined himself regaining his self pride as a black militant. He tried to join a black militant group but was blacklisted when they did a background check and found he was essentially dropped from the Army for stealing panties. He then went out to prove to himself and others that he was the biggest, baddest black militant in Texas. And we have five dead cops in Dallas. All to reestablish his self-worth and self-pride.



You're parsing his words purposefully to make it seem like he had a problem with Black Lies Matter. Stop being mendacious.



Or he wanted to murder YT and did it.


Some of the same people ready to believe the disproven rumors of Omar Marteen being a closet case based off of homosexual fabulism are back again, ready to believe that ol Malik wasn't out to kill as many whites and cops as possible because it doesn't jive with your messiah figure of the pure black innocent ready to redeem you of your white sins.



Aleksandar, I have five tours in Afghanistan between 2002 and 2013, and I have no clue what you are writing about.

As to Johnson, the media will not ask about his military service and reported personality changes, as those questions don't fit any of the various narratives being pushed. The DoD certainly doesn't want any questions asked about Johnson's background. Whether he was treated too harshly or not harshly enough, the answer does nothing good for careers within DoD.

As an aside, Colonel Lang brings up McVeigh's quitting SFAS. Edward Snowden started the SFQC, but did not finish. Ali Abdul Saoud Mohamed also tried to serve in SF but was prevented...COL(R) Pete Blaber writes about the true meaning of the word "maverick" in his excellent book "The Mission, the Men, and Me."




JM Gavin

IMO you are correct. His fall from grace may have started with his interest in lingerie but there has to be more about this in terms of the reason for his evident expulsion from service. something is wrong here. TTG may be right. Once his pride was so badly wounded the descent into hatred is easy to understand if he thought whites as a group had done this to him. A good CO would not run this guy off for no more than panty raids. I didn't realize that McVeigh had QUIT the SFAS course. I thought they threw him out but it would be the same psychological phenomenon either way. DOL pl

Peter Reichard

I was witness to a similar event in Cleveland in 1968 at the center of which was the Black Nationalist Ahmed Evans. The Korean War vet and Ranger NCO was kicked out of the army for striking a superior officer, non combat head trauma a possible factor. After training and arming a number of militants and while under continuous police surveillance it was initially reported he staged a carefully orchestrated ambush though the facts are murky, the police may have fired first. A wild running gun battle over several hours took place with three cops KIA. Unlike Dallas, a major riot then ensued. Things were so much worse in the sixties, this is not the start of a race war.


Curious if he was with the Soviet Army in Afghanistan, given his name/handle, assuming he really was there that is...



The US Army's reaction to Micah Johnson's death and crime is to investigate to see if it did not punish him hard enough for the crime of panty sniffing. http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/14/politics/dallas-shooter-military-record/ His mother BTW says that the woman in question often visited him before they deployed and slept with him in her house. pl

Seamus Padraig

Alright. Thanks to everybody who replied.


Col. Lang,





I thought his story reeked of fabulism as well.

I was in Afghanistan from 03-04 at Salerno.



Yes. I am not excusing Micah Johnson but here is my theory of the case (expanded). Boy goes to HS. Joins JROTC with girlfriend (sleep-in girlfriend)Every straight kid's dream, almost as good as Miss Dombrowski the gym teacher wanting your body. Young man joins Army Reserve WITH girl-friend, deploys WITH HER to Afghanistan where this CofE unit is employed in building some facility out in the boondocks. Man has own woman on site. Intense jealousy results. Other women not available. This is not like Europe in WW2, Korea, VN where there were compliant indeed eager women everywhere. Johnson indulges his olfactory fascination with his mistress's bodily fluids. Gets caught with her undies. Sergeants lay it on him with the chain of command. CofC of this Reserve unit decides that having a case like this in their midst may reflect badly on them in this atmosphere of zero tolerance for human failing (Cromwell's Army Syndrome) They throw the book at him. He gets sent home early and set up for Bad Conduct Discharge. His government provided lawyer gets that changed to an Honorable Discharge. Is he pissed? You bet. What happened to him wasn't racism. It was poor leadership. pl

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