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15 July 2016


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Michael Brenner

They are on the edge. pl

alba etie

I agree with all of the above . Still do not think banning Moslems is a good idea though .

alba etie

I would agree - I am starting to hear rumblings of second or third generation ME emigres being self radicalized here in Central Texas. Its very troubling ..






One does not need look far.



On the other hand, the French buried the torture that those killed in Bataclan endured.

alba etie

Smoothie X12
It is baffling to me that the EU / NATO does not view the Levant as its under threat Near Abroad too .- Clearly Russia understands that its in all of our interest to defeat Daesh full stop - Yes the war is coming .

Charles Michael

First, thanks for sharing our sorrow, and the flag, I appreciate.

Emigration in France from Algeria and Marocco is along story. Accélération and a huge increase happened in the 50's to bring extra labor force in reconstruction and industrial developpment. It was mostly males only.
Durng the algerian war for independance these emigrant weres under FLN influence and taxes. Later with the new law reuniting them with their wife and children a lot settled definitively.

Today 60 years later we have the third generation, with full French citizenship which is normal, but housed in ghettos style suburbs, many poorly educated and jobless. Most djihadists are coming from these places.


My view is: end the war, you fools! OK, it's as much the objective of the NeoCons to destroy the EU, as it is to destroy Asad. Well, the neocons have just lost their main agent in the EU, that is the UK.


Off topic........what is going on in Turkey?

Eric Newhill

alba etie,
We need more potential terrorists in the USA why exactly? Diversity? Why do you people worship that concept to the point of being utter fools?

I would think that we - NATO - should pound the ISIS caliphate into nothingness. With the loss of the caliphate the organization loses its luster and appeal. We should absolutely work with Russia to achieve this. And that is what Trump has been saying since day 1.



And why not? We banned communists.

Will Reks


Right, that's the constitutional question involved here. Many of these with the potential to become radicalized are citizens. We could solve the illegal question and would still be vulnerable to those here legally. You'll note that some have responded to this event with external solutions that wouldn't account for this problem in the US.

These kinds of attacks (with vehicles) on soft targets have been predicted for years.


"They are on the edge"

If you mean French Muslims, I wouldn't agree. There's a large substrate of Muslims in lower jobs in the French administration who stabilise the situation. I have a lot of contact with them.

It's only the nutters that we hear about.



Go, tell the Socialists, stranger passing by, there here, obedient to their gun regulations, we lie.

Babak Makkinejad

They never got that far.



Don't think islamic jihadist. Think Friday Night Lights. To use a colorful metaphor imagine someone capp'n the poor smuck delivering gas to the local station and then making a special ISSIS terror delivery. I think 6,000 gallons makes a big fireball. Just say'n.

PS if you find a photo I think there were close to 2 dozen rounds through the front windshield on that truck in Nice. It wasn't armored. The video I saw looks like the driver shot a police officer on a motorcycle when he came abreast (Probably to pull him over). It is then that the driver accelerated and the slaughter of innocents began. The other two cops in the video were on foot and hand already been passed. There are a few lessons to learn or relearn from this event.


Tyler, you left out sanctions on Saudi Arabia, the terrorists biggest sponsor and removing sanctions on Iran, KSA's declared enemy.



My remark had nothing to do with France. Pay attention.. pl


Well, we must wait to know exactly what happened.
This guy is far from a typical terrorist.
Make me remind of a depressive guy long time ago who opened fire in a bar and kill 23 people.
Ours politicos, Hollande , Valls and so, will use the event for political purpose. Fear is a useful tool.
If a terrorist network have planned this,14 of july,a special day in France, claim would have been written long time ago.
None so far.
Wait and see



Sure that attack was the result of white truck supremacy. If it was a black truck someone would be claiming it was a loner truck that had been badly treated by evil white trucks. Of course in that case we would only see pictures of a smiling baby truck.

Thankfully there are few muslim trucks, because their buyers complain about the five daily motor breakouts followed by front tire pressure loss and the annoying need to park them only towards Mecca, otherwise they do not turn off.


This makes too much sense. I'd doubt Donal Trump cares to listen to any of these fine ideas.

Well, TonyL, you should be listening to Stephen Cohen 10 PM EST on WABC-AM Radio every Tuesday night. One hour. John Batchelor Show. Cohen is a Russian expert, history professor emeritus Princeton and NYU, and a realist. Considered on of the top Russian analysts for 40 years. [Also available online during show and in podcasts afterward.] Cohen is also married to The Nation publisher and editor-in-chief Katrina Vanden Heuvel. Tyler would call her a lefty, if he was being charming.

Cohen is saying what Tyler is saying about Trump, AND is saying and quotes Trump saying those things, as reported in the Russian press which Cohen, a good Kentucky son, says is more diverse and freer than ours (!). Cohen has been saying since January that Trump is the only sane candidate when it comes to Russia and the Ukraine, Syria, much to the consternation of John Batchelor who clearly dislikes Trump.

alba etie

Babak Makkinejad
MEK are terrorist .


tonyL contd.

And you oughta’ hear Cohen discuss the group our Colonel calls ‘The Children’s Crusade’. Derisive.

alba etie

Eric Newhill
Perhaps you wish to paint 1.5 billion souls with the broad brush of terrorism - I think that is bigoted & short sighted & and a hazard to our national security .

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