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15 July 2016


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alba etie

How did we ban communist ? There have even been communist that have run for office from time to time , just like there have been KKK members run for office. I do not support either the communist or the KKK but I want to ban neither of these groups .

alba etie

All good recommendations .



Through the internet, I salute you for this.



The first of the dhimmis.



I believe he means the young bucks, here and elsewhere, ready to throw on a tabard, yell "Deus Vult!" and go to war.



Remove the sea in which the fish swim.

If necessary, Roosevelt showed us the way.



And here I thought I had typed that. Good catch.


No, Tyler, the neocons don’t care. They’re the ones who started this with their multi-country onslaught and now everyone is emulating Edvard Munch’s The Scream at the consequences of what these petits fils de pute have wrought in America’s name. And not blaming them.

alba etie

Will Reks
Yes I think the Orlando mass murderer was a second generation emigre .
The real solution to the radicalization IMO is to have the original immigrant community take the lead. I was reading about some interesting work being done in Minnesota with the Somali diaspora to de-radicalize youth that have been seduced by the salafist wahhabist.
Its also good to remember that Moslems also fought in our War of Independence.

The Twisted Genius

walrus and Tyler,

That's a wise list of proposed actions. I would like to see most of those actions rolled into a formal Congressional declaration of war on the Islamic State and its allies. As part of that declaration, Congress should emphatically state that the US will take whatever actions it deems fitting against any state, group or individual who provides aid or comfort to our declared enemies. As part of those actions, I would shut down every vestige of Saudi intelligence in the US and direct the IC and DOD to drain the Saudis of all resources that could be used to support our enemies. Leave the Royals just enough money to keep their own people from stringing their fat royal asses from the nearest lamp post by their own royal entrails. I'd then inform Turkey and Israel that they can look forward to the same treatment if they so much as blow a kiss to the jihadis. This should keep us so busy that we won't have time to play silly games in Ukraine.


The Financial Times has an article "Shadow of jihadi recruiter hangs over glamorous Nice"

It's behind a paywall but you can access it using google:


click the link to ft.com which at the time I type this is the second link down.


Eric Newhill

alba etie, It is you who paint with a broad brush. You think 1.5 billion souls are all just like you and would be a good fit for a US style constitutional republic because....well, I'm still waiting for the answer, but you people never have one.

Furthermore, if you think I'm a bigot, I don't care. I'm not a member of your social group where that word wounds.

It is clear from the European experience of the last few years that Muslims are not integrating well. The lack of integration is positively correlated with the number of immigrants. The more there are the more bold about asserting their own culture they become and their culture is at odds with the one you are for.

I guess rape isn't terrorism. Neither is self-segregating into isolated communities. The former is a crime and the latter corrosive to the identity structure of the nation.

Then there is real terrorism that is further damaging to the national psyche.

And what is gained by an unlimited and unqualified acceptance of these people? IMO you can bend over and take it and even tell them how much you like it, but they aren't going to respect you in the morning. You think they will, but they won't.


And why not? We banned communists.

They didn’t ban Trotskyites like Irving Kristol and David Horowitz, but of course the Trotskyites renamed themselves neocons to cover it up.

The 1954 Communist Control Act didn’t ban communists. It banned overthrowing the government of the USA. Membership in the Communist party wasn’t banned.

As the article says in the tagline, "Today, the Communist Party of the United States continues to exist and regularly runs candidates for local, state, and national elections."


Thanks, you made my day.
I like these " ideoligical " points of view.
You should have been a good political commissar.

"Even Cazeneuve ,Home Secretary,refused to confirm the membership of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the author of the attack of Nice, in the Jihadist sphere of influence."

Facts, guys, only facts.

alba etie

Eric Newhill
This is a straw man argument - opposing banning Moslems does not mean I am not for strong reulations of immigration . Nowhere have I said accept unlimited and unqualified people in These United States . I would recommend a good book to you Christopher Dickey's "Securing the City ' , wherein its described how to best protect We Americans from the terrorist .

alba etie

Yes make the Congress Critters have skin in the game by voting on the War Declaration -



You running to false equivocacy because you can't explain why we need Muslims in the United States.

We banned them by saying they were unable to immigrate here. You think the world has a "right" to come to America. I do not.



The progressive dhimmi calling me a commissar. My sides are dying.

Yes yes, the French are engaging in progressive denial of reality. What else is new?

Eric Newhill

alba etie, this discussion between us highlights why I could never be a lefty like you. I am a practical man. I have to be.

I spent a lot of time in my childhood around people from the middle east, including half of my own family. Admittedly I am talking about Christians (Armenians from what is now Turkey and from Lebanon and some non-Armenian Christian Lebanese, but also some loose contact with Muslims in the stores and markets. This was 40- 50 years ago. I can't recall meeting anyone who, looking back on it, should not have been allowed into America. Everyone seemed to be doing well. So, theoretically, in small numbers with proper selection criteria, some Muslim immigration can, theoretically work.

Of course that was in the days before the rise of Jihadi aspirations across the Muslim world.

Anyhow, alba, we're talking government here. You really want to tell me that the government is going to get the quotas and screening right? How is this going to practically be implemented properly? Clearly, under Obama and possibly soon Hillary the plan is to open the door to 10s of thousands of people who we have no idea who they are and who have little or no means of self support.

So wtf are you even talking about? Just debating theory for the hell of it?


Apparently other trucks with explosives have been found in Nice.


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