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15 July 2016


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Babak Makkinejad

You do that while they hosted the terrorists MEK last week in Paris.

Babak Makkinejad

If you think people in a number of countries in the Middle East do not care about what has been happening in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Lebanon, and Afghanistan, then, I will have to say that you have not been paying attention.

Babak Makkinejad

Ever heard of a place called "Pachenar" in Pakistan; were Shia Muslims are routinely murdered?


This makes too much sense. I'd doubt Donal Trump cares to listen to any of these fine ideas.

I'd really like the Tyler who is not obsessed about domestic issues and SJWs, etc :)


My heart bleeds and I weep for Europe but I cannot also deny a reality of Europe in general, and France in particular, doing it largely to themselves. The war is coming, sadly.


Just a personal observation on how the world has changed..

My family lived in Nice from 1961 to 1963 while my father was stationed with the 6th fleet staff – when the flagship was home ported around the point in Villefranch sur Mer.

Nice and it’s environs (Villefranche, Beaulieu, Cap Ferrat, etc.) where I hung out summers with a mix of navy brats, movie star brats (they all lived in mansions on Cap Ferrat), a few US expats and some French kids our age we met at Plage de Passable was a quiet, very safe and kind of wonderful place at that time.

Our house in Nice was well up on the western hillside with a great view of the city and bay.

It is very sad that such times like in places like Nice will never return, for many reasons but certainly including our (US/EU) clueless middle eastern adventures and “heads in the sand” approach to addressing the problems we have created.

I suspect that the limited group of about 90,000 Algerian Muslims (mostly Harkis, who had served as French auxiliaries) allowed to flee to France in 1962 at the end of the Algerian war seeded the Algerian Muslim population in Southern France and was perhaps the first step towards today's terrorist challenges in France. Of note is that somewhere between 50 and 150 thousand Harkis and their families that did not/could not flee were murdered after the Algerian war ended. Many of the Harkis who did manage to get to France were aided by their French officers, against orders – a situation that will resonate with some SST readers..

It is possible that some of my French friends from that time could have been on the Promenade des Anglais yesterday watching the fireworks – which somehow makes this incident hit me harder and open my eyes more than the earlier attacks in Paris - a place I don’t know, which I guess makes the impacts there more abstract.


In a sense, I am glad that it is the French, rather than our, security officials who are handling this. At least they seem to have some good sense, an idea about the reality. Our political leaders seem so eager to cater to the politically convenient and our spineless security officials bend before political pressure like straw.


With all due respect, this is not passive voice; it is personification. The truck did not attack people; people or animals attack people.


Yes, everything is done to make it seem that humans were not involved
as that would mean facing uncomfortable truths.


AJP Taylor, English historian of acerbic wit, famously said something like, in the end, all auto accidents are caused by the desire of people to go places faster and the invention of the internal combustion engine. We sure spend a lot of time blaming people for their "abnormal and immoral" desire for going places faster and the evils of internal combustion engine. If we ban all trucks, I am sure all terrorism will go away.



You left out the Romans.



I am inclined to think that the wave of immigrants that came after the Harkis are responsible. pl



Let them fix the mess they made then.

What business does a Muslim have in the land of Martel and Charlemange other than as a warning?



It is all the same battle. That you are blind to that is your failing, not mine.



A friend of mine pointed that out as well. Sacre bleu! Some writer am I.



"End the Syrian Civil War."

That has been the Borg's position for a number of years, they just insist that it end with a jihadist victory.

The Beaver


Well look at how successful the meeting Sec of State Kerry is having with Lavrov and Putin at the Kremlin ( just being sarcastic) . The latest I checked, after 6 hours of meeting they are still butting heads as to how to prevail in Syria.

BTW: Last Saturday Hollande called for action against Syrian AQ affiliate - JAN.
In the meantime JAN is at war with ISIS and they are at war with the moderate rebels (or Syrian New Army).
It is a bataille Royale and in the meantime chihuahua Adel is threatening Turkey and pressuring Kerry.
Quelle Magouille

The Beaver

@ Babak

Should not forget that yesterday was also the celebration of 14th July 1958 for some !


Sad to tell my French friends: "If you lay down with the dogs ..."

Hollande and other French officials before him promoted "regime change" in Libya, Syria and elsewhere by proxy Jihadis. They delivered weapons and other support to them.

They were warned, by Assad and others, that those would come back to bite. They ignored the warnings.

Well ... here are the flea.

BTW: The attack follows the script of al-Qaeda as publicized in "Inspire" No. 2 Pg 54., 2010. Could be lone wolf but time and place lets me consider an orchestrated assault.



"Of note is that somewhere between 50 and 150 thousand Harkis and their families that did not/could not flee were murdered after the Algerian war ended."

That is part of the historical record conveniently erased by those on the political left. Understanding that the Harkis were and are French is a point lost on the multicultural evangelists.

The Beaver

yeah that's what a good Israeli TV has been spreading and all good dual nationals who are recruiting their brethren to make aliyah are spreading that news on social media.

check this article for a relevant piece - timeline @ 13h17
or you may translate this section:
"Il conduisait très lentement, c'est ce qui était étonnant", a poursuivi ce journaliste indépendant. "Et il a été suivi par un motard qui roulait derrière lui et le motard a essayé de le dépasser et a même essayé d'ouvrir la portière côté conducteur du camion", expliqué M. Gutjahr qui a également tourné une vidéo avec son smartphone, utilisée par la chaîne publique allemande ARD. "Mais il a chuté et il est passé sous les roues du camion", a-t-il expliqué.

btw that video was shown on one TV network last night at 19:00


I think Kerry is in Moscow to, among other major points, prevent any decision on what many were calling for for some time--ground operation. Latest interview by Colonel Murahovsky who is close to top brass indicates that there are huge tactical and operational issues with SAA. Another matter that Murahovsky suggests to conduct ground operation together with the US, while others (me included) see Russia doing it alone. But, against the background of atrocity in Nice, Syria, while still important issue is one of many others, where European suicidal (multi)cultural policies and "tolerance" to Islam are now clear and present danger. But then again, Europe was warned repeatedly by many for years.

Babak Makkinejad

1953 - and yes, a feat of romantic daring do for its protagonists the ramifications of which have been unfolding for decades.

Sam Peralta


All very sensible ideas.

I would add getting the hell out of places like the ME and let them sort out their tribal and religious wars themselves. I would also be in favor of ending NATO and getting out of Europe. They should be responsible for their own defense. And of course getting back to old fashioned policing here at home. Knowing the people who live in the neighborhoods to prevent half cocked folks wanting their tryst with virgins.

michael brenner

Can't we cease and desist with the back-biting and ad hominem exclamations? They seem better suited to an alcohol fueled frat party than SST. Frankly, they add nothing to our understanding except to remind us that cool-headed rationality is an uncommon human trait.

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