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15 July 2016


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If you missed your first chance to change your Facebook avatar to the French flag, Islam is gonna give you plenty of opportunities.

I cannot WAIT to see the rationalization for this from the Fifth Columnist dhimmis on here.

Babak Makkinejad

The July 3rd attack on the Baghdad Market place has killed 300 people.

I never saw any picture anywhere altered with Iraqi Tri-color.

I understand that: tribalism at its best - across religions.

alba etie

We mourn with France .



Just listened to Berman and Balduan on CCN talk to the Fariid about a statement made by the French Prosecutor General in which he said that the French must accept that these terrorists will not go away and that one must learn to live with that. B & B whined that this was too cruel when people are hurt, "the children, etc.) That was too much even for FZ and he gently tried to tell them that sometimes reality must be confronted. He was unsuccessful in this appeal to the adults who might lurk within. pl

alba etie

Knowing your background but not always agreeing with your politics ( though I must admit lately I find you are making more sense ) - I would respectfully ask what would a Donald Trump administration do differently in our war against Daesh ?

alba etie

Col Lang .,
We trust Monsieur Patrick Bahzad is doing well and doing good. We wish him God Speed & Every Success in his current endeavors , and await his next available erudite & thoughtful post here at SST .
Meanwhile would it be worthwhile considering what the SST committee members might recommend where we in charge , perhaps in another war gaming exercise ?



I will think about it. Now that we know who the candidates will be this is a possibility. pl

alba etie

alba etie

Poor grammar needs fixing.

"Meanwhile would it be worthwhile to consider what the SST committee members might recommend to defeat Daesh - were we in charge ? Perhaps this might be the topic of another war gaming exercise here ? "

Col Lang the typepad login thingy does not let me use my most current email address ajetransportation@gmail.com , but instead now only accepts my 'dead" albaetie@hughes.net -- does that make any difference ?

alba etie

Col Lang
This is how we learn . Thanks.

tim s

If anyone is playing tribalism, it is those from the tribes in the ME. The West may be looked back on as fools for assuming tribalism was a relic of the past.

If all of the multiculturalists can't find a way to get everyone satisfied with our current situation, then tribes may be what we return to.

And forgive us for not getting too worked up over ME violence. If it weren't such a frequent occurrence, we may be a bit more shocked.



I think this type of attack is quite easy to duplicate in the US.



". B & B whined .... one must learn to live with that" I assume none of their relatives or neighbors had their children run over by the ISIS express.



Baghdad, the multicultural metropolis.



The ME doesn't care, why should I?

Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for vindicating my point for me.

Babak Makkinejad

Baghdad - "Bagh" + "dad" - Justice Garden in Persian had been a truly cosmopolitan and multicultural city for millennia - both under Sassanids and later under the Omavids, Abassids, and finally the Ottomans.

Until the Arab Nationalists destroyed it.


Ah! But the Baghdad Market bombing is a "private affair" between muslims longing for The Caliphate you so wisely promote.
BTW, I am not even sure that Islam is the primary motivation of the individuals doing the attacks in France, it may be more of a convenient and "classy" justification for an intergroup hostility which can only be depicted as racism.
Because, yes, notwithstanding the squealings of the cretinous lefties, races DO EXIST and racism is widely shared among ALL races, so racism cannot be denied nor suppressed but only "managed" such as not to disrupt the fabric of societies.
Especially so for multi-racial societies.
Are you "paying attention" Herr Babak?



Supporting the Russians.
Stopping the triple bank shot "irregular warfare" against Russia in the Ukraine
Stop bankrolling the Unicorn Army.
Stop providing cover for the neocons to start seven wars across MENA.
Reigning in the "black ops" that are going on over there.

Some ideas.

Babak Makkinejad

My recommendation would be -

End the Syrian Civil War.

Get the Iranians and Turks to promulgate a religious and political program to combat jihadists.


I gotta say, the passive voice headlines of TRUCK ATTACKS CROWD are pretty amazing for their purposeful obtusity.

michael brenner

To be honest, there really is nothing to say about Nice other than to express sympathy. At the interpretive/analytical, it doesn't add anything new to our understanding. Obviously, there were errors in the security precautions at the site - but that is another matter.


More people can relate to France because most US/Europeans as well as Asians have visited France, & Paris (France & Paris according to statistics is the most visited country/city in the world for tourists) ..

Nice is the #2 most visited city in France for tourists according to statistics also

ie, it's more personal for most US/Europeans because they've been there or have friends/family there.. but relatively fewer US/Europeans have ties or connections to & have not been to Iraq ..

but you can grieve for both or all without making it a false dichotomy

My wife was tearing up because she vacationed in Nice several years ago & on that very same street

I have a distant aunt (cousin's aunt) who lives in Nice & another aunt/cousin who lived in Paris ..

I'm agnostic so clerics or followers from any religion that preach violence
in imposing their theocratic laws on others or encourages jihadists like IS, Nusra, AQ etc that seek to impose their theocratic laws onto others should be eliminated, silenced, assassinated, etc


Trying to find confirmation of this but a friend told me that the police held him for 6 hours before letting him go, as he was "delivering ice cream".

Man oh man.


Stop interfering with the R+6 ( or R+7), and let them have a local indigenous govt run things locally. This would also lessen ISIS focus on the west (and redirect towards Russia, which seems to have a better track record and preventing such things (last I recall was Beslan 12 years ago). But then, perhaps Russia still believes in humint, not sigint).

Also, waiting for the POTUS to argue Nice requires gun control -reminds me of "Let them eat cake."


All, an update?

Just listened to Eleanor Beardley (?) NPR reporter reporting from Nice. She said “we,” whoever that was, had spent time interviewing people from his neighborhood and reporting what French police had uncovered so far. Some details. Interesting. Interview interspersed with French reporter? intel interview guy? saying no intel or international terrorism interest in him. On no one's radar, not even local police.

• Local resident, from Tunisia.

• Married, wife from good family, working class neighborhood residents called him “just bad news.”

• People who knew him thought he was concocting some fantasy in his head. "Not a terrorist.” Beardsley said jury is out on any connections.

Grenades and guns in truck fake. (!!!)

• Only firearm/weapon that worked was his handgun.

• Killing and damage done by the vehicle, the truck, not the handgun.

Beardsley cautioned that none of this confirmed. Police still looking for a possible accomplice.

Fake grenades and guns?

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