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16 July 2016


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Peter in Toronto

I'm sorry, but Mohammad does not pass my litmus test for a prophet, which is simple:

Did the alleged prophet expand his political influence, military power, gain tremendous wealth and access to fertile women as a result of his revelation (which of course took place in a secluded cave, with no witnesses)?

His chat with the archangel Gabriel included among other things, farting etiquette (I can point to the correct Hadiths) and fashion tips for women. Somewhat petty for the messenger of God himself. The prophet than spent the rest of his days personally leading military campaigns and ordering the executions of his vanquished opponents, all in self defense, naturally.

On the other hand, we have a tradesman who preached some cryptic stuff about God's kingdom, died a virgin and in poverty.


For most of human history the older generation complains about "kids these days".

Relax, the kids are alright.

Bill H

Is that the true fate of ,mankind? To idolatrize gadgets and fiddle ourselves into inanity? Sadly, yes.

I patrol the internet seeking discussion groups which do not enforce a policy consisting of, "We do not want you to speak in this group unless you agree with us." I do not refer to sites like this one which require civility, but ones which require conformity and which, in doing so, stifle actual thought.

I agree with you on movies. Closeups flashed too fast for meaningful imagry. The much acclaimed Jason Bourne series strike me as annoyances for the most part.


My next bumper sticker---

"Convenience is going to kill us all."


For those with no (or limited) Spanish, the gist of the following linked article is about the latest craze finding its way to Holocaust Museums, including Auschwitz...



Part of the problem is the amount of testing carried out in schools. Talking to a friend from school who had gone into teaching, I commented how good the public school we went to in teaching pupils to think for themselves and he replied that in the state school he currently worked in so much time was taken with preparing for tests and inspections that he had no chance of teaching children to think and anyway a lot of parents thought that was subversive in some way.
Driving demands focused attention, and it involves the mind in estimating distances, glancing at gaugues, estimating approaching velocities, noting the habits other drivers; it demands timing and reacting to unforeseen danger and threats.
After having an accident in a company car I was sent on a drive and survive course and the ex-police driver who instructed me pointed out that the average driver focused on the twenty two feet in front of him and that about 10% of his awareness was focused on what was going on around him. So for that kind of driver, cars that drive themselves are a good thing.

Babak Makkinejad

Richard Sale:

Islam is not dependent on the Character of the Prophet - it is dependent on the belief in the Quran as the Word of God.

The God of Quran is not the God of Nicene Creed; it has more in common with God of Jews and certain Christian sects that were declared heretical by the Council of Nicaea.

As for Pokeman Go, it is just a game; adults need to learn to play games again - just as when they were children.

Babak Makkinejad

The Prophet was Man's man - not some sort of dead-dog liberal forever apologizing for his physicality - which had been ordained by God.

Islam is a religion for both War and for Peace - it does not encourage the fatuous hope in a false peace that will be never realized until such time as God creates a New Creation and a New Man.

As for Jesus dying a virgin, says who?

Babak Makkinejad

My sentiment exactly!


"As for Pokeman Go, it is just a game; adults need to learn to play games again - just as when they were children."

I agree Babak.

Sometimes it is important to step back from living Life too intensely, remember its fascination, and continue to grow from it again.


But the kids playing PoGo look old. Older and alone seemingly wandering around aimlessly. The game doesn't seem to encourage organization/collaboration among friends?

I also like how Niantic didn't realize their app had access to our Google information for no legitimate reason and removed access after techs called them out in the media. How did they fail to notice that (feature)?

The app is analogous to Tesla by encouraging users to suspend awareness of their surroundings. It's a great way to set up an ambush. Maybe you can't be all right to think that way.


The Jewish notion of what a prophet is is a man who rescues the people from a crisis by bringing them guidance from god.

Mohammed clearly qualifies. And I think Jesus too.


The Washington State Dept of Transportation @wsdot tweeted about PokemonGO's #Eevee as a way to engage attention to driving.

The original WSDOT tweet:
"If your weekend includes looking for #Eevee on #PokemonGO, please do so safely. No Pokemoning from behind the wheel."

The tweet generated thousands of retweets and public 'thumb's up'.
I thought it quite clever, and humor generally produces better results than scolding, IMVHO.

That said, I truly enjoyed the section of this essay on the history of Islam.



In the DC Holocaust Museum, you can catch Koffing, a pokemon filled with poison gas.

I am not making this up.



Adults do need to learn to play games again. But better it's not built around staring at screens running interference between them and the natural world. It is that which corrodes adults' souls and from which they need to separate themselves more often. Whatever happened to good old horseplay and fantasia and sillines snd kindly, respectful lechery?


True Sir, it's a game. My grandmother played Bridge and Backgammon, and I'm sorry to say that I don't know how to play either of the two (however my older cousins were lucky enough to learn from her).

Richard Sale

You are dead on.


Richard Sale

I don't agree. I have three wonderful children all of them excellent people but lots of times it is clear that lack many things that are worth knowing and would them people of wide culture.


Richard Sale

"to suspend awareness of their surrounding. Well said!


Richard Sale

Has there every been such a case?


Richard Sale

Islam is not dependent on the Character of the Prophet - it is dependent on the belief in the Quran as the Word of God.

I thought it made that clear. I was doing a post, not a term paper.




They need to be more creative than that. Which one's are "Make America Great Again" and the "Stronger Together" pokemon's? Why in the City of Brotherly Love one could search all over for those things the founders created and in Cleveland you can search for the factories that were shipped out to make things with "low cost country" labor ... But, sadly, I don't see those ideas on Google. I do see that "It's World Emoji Day! Teen girls, code an emoji that's unique like you." Boys need not apply.... How sexist of them.



I remember the "pet rock" fad from the 70's. Whoever got rich off that fad deserved it but then again everyone was in on the joke. Here whoever is programing the app is vacuuming up data on millions of people. That's worth far more to marketers (amongst others) than a one time sale of a gimmick. It is illustrative of the emptiness of men's souls that they will engage in this for so long so as to avoid the void in their lives. The Banal Life on display for all the world to see.



Here you go.




Of course. I keep bees for anger management, I also box, hunt, and make an excellent artisan cheese, among other skills.

The obsession I've seen towards this game is ridiculous though. If they invested as much time into that as they did lifting, they would have a 400lb deadlift.

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