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22 July 2016


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TTG, Col,

If McAuliffe actually cared about this issue he could have spoken with the legislature at any time and made his case. When is the last time a Democratic legislator proposed such a change, they've had a century to do something?



A child was shot here in Detroit "by accident" while at home. None of the dozen people in the home at the time knows anything, did anything or witnessed anything. That is of far more concern to me than Israeli police misconduct.


I said nothing of the sort. You are bickering with your own construct, not mine.


Negative perceptions on both candidates are so intense, I don't think there is an equivalent in living memory. Normally the outsider candidate would need a wider lead at this point which would erode toward the election, but in this case he doesn't have a wide lead but both candidates are so despised that it isn't clear they will be able to steal votes from one another as in a traditional election. People may simply choose not to vote.

The Twisted Genius


The current Virginia government is almost as dysfunctional and partisan as in DC. This idea, which is inherently partisan had no chance in either the Senate or House of Delegates. I don't know if there was a time when a civil rights friendly state legislature and governor existed at the same time. Remember Loving vs. Virginia was in 1967. It was an almost pure Democratic legislature that passed the 1902 law barring felons from voting. I'm going to do a little research to see if there was a time when this could have been done in the last few decades.


FYI 1/3 (one third) of the victims in Nice were of Muslim descent. Driving a truck through a busy street, in a city where a high percentage of the population is of North-African heritage, leads to this logical conclusion. It is rather disappointing if not outright disgusting when the MSM is not describing this.

The only article in MSM that mentioned this, hidden somewhere in the middle of "Europe section", was NYT: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/20/world/europe/nice-truck-attack-victims-muslims.html?_r=0

The Munich Shooter, had no DAESH connection. I think he was a "regular" mass shooter. He committed suicide after his killing spree. This would be the FIRST time ISIS affiliates have done this. Committing a suicide "without a vest" (without immediate return on their "investment"). If he would have had Al-Qeda connection, he would have fought it out till the end or committed a suicide attack at the end.


The masterful Iranian Manipulating Easterners are at fault, not the fog of war.


Munich Shooter mirroring Andreas Brevik: shouted "Ich bin Deutsch" prior shooting Turks and Albanians. He used a fake FB account, as pretty girl, to lure people to McDonalds with promise of free food.

different clue

Babak Makkinejad,

Carbon dioxide is not a fluid at earth atmospheric temperatures. It is a gas. It does not have to "dissove" into the rest of the atmosphere. It MIXES into the atmosphere. The atmosphere is a MIXture of gases. All the gases in the atmosphere mix with eachother without dissoving at all. How is it that the atmosphere can accomodate 21% or whatever of itself being Oxygen without any Oxygen "precipitating out"? Because the Oxygen is not a solute being dissolved into the 75% Nitrogen. And the 75% Nitrogen is not a solvent dissolving the Oxygen. They are both gases mixing with eachother and not dissolving eachother at all. Same for carbon dioxide. Which, by the way, is not a fluid. It is a gas.

different clue


(It also has nothing to do with carbon dioxide being a gas, not a fluid.
About a year ago, when Babak Makkinejad couldn't dispute oft-repeated and restated fact that carbon dioxide is a gas and not a fluid, he told me I was "quibbling" about the difference. I wish I had thought at the time to reply that it is not "quibbling" to note that a gas and a liquid are two different things. They told me in high school chemistry that the difference between a gas and a liquid was very important and not "quibbling" at all. They told me it would be on the test, and it was.)


They can and do with varying accuracy depending on the era. For these times the sun is, if anything, cooling right now. Orbital changes (Milankovitch Cycles) predict no warming now and for thousands of years to come. I don't understand the last line. I've heard many talks from climate scientists and met with them - they actively study the effect of orbital changes and have for decades.


Thanks and I wish you the same. I very much enjoy your commentary here.


There are reports coming out that the Nusra Front or at least part of it is about to break with Al-Qaeda because "they're Syrian revolutionaries" rather than jihadists.
Whether this means they will drop their terrorist activities is debatable:
Influential Jordanian-based Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi supported cutting ties with al-Qaeda, according to The Times. “If the name of Nusra is a justification to target its affiliates, then changing or abdicating it is not abdicating the Koran,” he wrote in a statement. “And disengaging [from al-Qaeda] is not apostasy when there’s a need.”
That reads to me like "we'll change our name but not our behaviour".
To continue my theme of gross cynicism, just as members of the Washington Borg were "persuaded" to have the MeK dropped from the State Dept. list of terrorist organisations, so the Washington Borg will be "persuaded" to try to have the Nusrah Front dropped from the UNSC list of terrorist organisation. I just hope Russia uses is veto.


If CO2 goes up, you'll have increased warming from the greenhouse effect - the cause of the increase doesn't change that. For Venus and in earth's past, increases were not man made, sure. C02 is increasing now due to man, as we know by direct measurement including isotopic analysis.

Talk of trees and plate tectonics and the like (volcanoes, ocean take up, etc) doesn't change this.


The men/women in the yellow uniform are normal policeofficers from Bavaria.

They are only armed with pistols/sub machine guns, they have vests in their cars.


The "heavily equipped ones with helmets" are members of Spezialeinsatzkommando of the Bavarian state police.


In addition, each federal state has readyness police units.


The former Federal Boarder Guard (Bundesgrenzschutz)is now called Bundespolizei and consist of normal police units which guard airports, railway mainstations etc., federal readyness police units and the GSG9.

The Bundespolizei should provide command structure which is augmented/filled with state police units in case of larger events.



I know. I'm just pointing out how farcical the argument is.


"I just hope Russia uses is veto."

It likely will. If such BS agitprop is being sown by advocates of this bunch, e.g. Charles Lister:


then they appear to be in deep waters indeed, especially when one takes into account their being shattered time and again on the Mallah fields at Halab...although, maybe it's only such far-sighted* individuals as Lister perceiving such and hence spreading this on Nusra's behalf.

*More meant in the sarcastic sense here.



Someone in this country may have felt the same way about your ancestors when they arrived here. You're not Native American are you?
Respectfully, just stop it.



I agree on ONE POINT. Many of the people in these these neighborhoods live in fear and too many others are criminal. I'm not going to address the reasons for all of this because I doubt we'll agree.
I've said to some people that the police should stop responding if people don't want to cooperate. I'm all for people being armed to defend themselves so they can take care of it themselves if they don't trust the police.

Btw, the monsters who beheaded that child have been located and killed. Good.



What else is new? Did you know that the first air hijacking and act of biological warfare in the ME was done by the Israelis?
Most don't. They rewrite and censor history.

Babak Makkinejad

My contention is that global warming is a periodic phenomenon caused by astronomical causes. The core samples from various parts of the world indicate the changes in climate - glaciation and de-glaciation alternating at regular intervals - I have seen data going back to more than 2 million years ago.

Furthermore, during some of those intervals, Earth was warmer that is today - but those estimates are model-dependent.

The advise, in late 1980s, to some graduate students was to hitch their wagons to the "Global Change", lest they be unemployed.

I do not have any problems with the anthropogenic Global Warming crowd beyond that in which they deny - or seem to deny - the astronomical causes of the warming.

I have not looked at Milankovitch Cycles since early 1980s, I am not familiar any longer with the recent developments. I saw this article in Nature and I thought sharing it.

There were 3 reasons for my decision:

1- Many read SST and I thought the Nature article deserved a wider audience.

2- The article supplied evidence of periodic global warming through the surrogate of Weak Monsoons.

3- It untangled the contributions of orbital parameters; eccentricity, obliquity, and precession to the process of glaciation/de-glaciation on Earth. If I recall correctly, in the book by Professor Mueller on this subject - "Ice Ages and Astronomical Causes" - which greatly influenced my own thinking on this subject - this untangling of orbital parameters was not mentioned (I do not own a copy of that book, I am relying on memory).

I am interested in Scientific Truth and would like to know the cause and effect of phenomena; in the case of global warming I would like to know the contributions of various factors - be they man-made or not.

Professor Mueller had posted his data and his MathLab code that he had used to analyze the data for his book and anyone could go and download the data and the programs and run them and explore them.

The Anthropogenic Global Warming crowd ought to be able to do something similar.


Oh no, the Perfidious Persians strike again!


Tidewater to All,

In an interview with Zack Beauchamp on Vox which could be many months old, but which was upgraded on July 22, 2016 ("Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's VP pick, told us why he wants the US doing more in Syria"), Kaine discusses the creation of a no-fly zone, and also a "safe zone" in Syria. He says he wants American intervention, at least, in part, for the delivery of humanitarian aid. Some time back--was it two years ago?--he joined with Senators McCain, Graham, and Durbin in a letter to the White House calling for intervention. Kaine goes on:"The opposition to it comes from [a concern that] we'd need US military assets to protect the no-fly zone if Assad wanted to barrel bomb people or if ISIS wanted to attack. That is true: We would need US military assets to protect it."

Further along in the interview, Zack Beauchamp asks, "Would you support the use of US ground troops in significent numbers to defend a safe zone?"

Tim Kaine: "There would need to be ground troops, but in my conversations with regional nations, they have made claims to me that they are williing to put ground troops into a situation like that if the US continues its strong provision of air support. They really have wanted the US to be more forward-leading in terms of activity in Syria to provide humanitarian aid.

If we're all-in providing humanitarian aid and air cover, I think other nations will provide the ground troops. Especially nations such as Turkey, which are getting most affected by the now two million refugees that live there: They actually prefer that refugees continue to live in Syria..."

Tim Kaine seems to think that Americans on the ground supporting and running an active air base would be protected, then, by foreign troops, and not by Americans? Who is he kidding? Shades of Tora Bora. Trust Turkish troops? Even if they were available. What a dumb remark. Does he really think he could get them now? Worse, Turkish troops could be infiltrated with Islamists, or by ISIS. Set up the overunning of an air base, the capture of several hundred American servicemen, their trial, torture, and deaths lovingly recorded on video... And a trillion clicks later, America snaps. Lets it come down.

No wonder Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton get along together so well. Kaine seems to be neocon and RTP all rolled up in one, with a chocolate sugar-coating of religion and civil rights to disguise the hallucinatory nature of the imperialist drug mix. And he is a charming guy. Reminds me of a real churchman. Who is he? Scary as hell.



Clinton Cash

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For the same reason they let some the Saudi funders of the 9-11 hijackers fly away? Terrorism is profitable in many ways.

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