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22 July 2016


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Yes, the Taqqiya crackpot covers the full range of crackpottery and he keeps driving his point.



CNN reported that this child was killed by MISTAKE! I wonder if they are on the US No Fly List!

If Ergodan will stop supporting them and cooperate with Russia and Iran I want these bastards wiped OUT!! I'll even vote for Trump if he is serious about crushing them.

Killers of the Palestinian child put it clearly: “We are even worse than ISIS”

More chilling footage has been released showing the last words uttered by the Palestinian child who was executed by US-backed Syrian rebels just two days ago in Northern Aleppo.

In the video the terrified child is seen amongst a group of militants from ‘Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki’, in the same red pickup truck in which he was later decapitated.

The Islamist thugs are seen giggling, making fun of the child, taking selfies, and of course shouting Allahu-akbar.

When ironically asked about his final wish, the young victim asked to be shot, and not slaughtered.

Their shocking answer? “We are even worse than ISIS”

More info: https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/breaking-killers-of-the-palestinian-child-put-it-clearly-we-are-even-worse-than-isis/


That is possibly the most ridiculous political essay I have ever read by a supposedly intelligent well educated person. Some years ago I made a serious effort to overhaul my political belief system when I realized it was outmoded and not based on reality. I was hoping to see one or two similar thoughts in this essay. Instead I observed a scientist who is clueless about sociology, political psychology, history, and the nature of governments and bureaucracies.

“The typical citizen drops down to a lower level of mental performance as soon as he enters the political field. He argues and analyzes in a way which he would readily recognize as infantile within the sphere of his real interests. He becomes primitive again.” -- Joseph Schumpeter


In the case of climate change does decade-scale matter? It's not like we're going to be burnt alive tomorrow. And there could be many changes in human behavior in century-scale. It seems that when dealing with something like climate there should be more weight on millenial-scale observations.

What I see is that climate change scaremongering is being used to get government once again interfering to benefit politically well connected elites. Carbon trading and credits primarily benefit Wall St. Subsidies for ethanol and uneconomical wind and other "green" power generation, as well as feed-in tariffs, and boondoggle investments of taxpayers money in Solyndra, et al are a few examples of how this about gaming to benefit the elites. Of course, Al Gore has become wealthy but does not practice what he preaches in his own lifestyle.

Babak Makkinejad

I forgot to add:

I still recall that afternoon outside of Count of Antipasto.

Hope the years have been kind to you.

Babak Makkinejad

I suggest a little calculation.

The US Energy Agency has an estimate of the global reserves of oil as well as gas.

Let us calculate the amount of CO2 that is released if all of those reserves are burnt. This can be calculated as the chemical reaction rates are all known.

It can be done with pencil and paper - you do not even need a calculator to this arithmetical computation.

And let us further assume that that entire amount of CO2 is deposited in the atmosphere.

Could the Man-made global warming crowd tell us by how many degrees centigrade the average surface temperature of Earth will increase?


My guess is that the seizure of Manbij which will follow an intense and bloody aerial bombardment and PR outcry (running man with dead baby pics) from the standard Sunni Arab news PR project will be the last major push in the northwest of Syria by the SDF. This has to be stepped up, given political uncertainties in Turkey, to cut off the supply lines between Turkey and IS. This may be one of the only sure ways of preventing Erdogan from dealing directly with IS.

Then I would speculate that all US efforts will be focused on Mosul, as Russian air attacks on US surrogates make clear there is little cooperation to be had in Syria; perhaps Russians feel one way but Hezbollah and Iran would have different ideas. US military will want to deal with Mosul before end of Obama term. Little US military enthusiasm for helping Assad at this point. Likely attitude is that if Assad claims he can retake Raqqa then have at it; Kurds and US can watch with interest. US, French and Iraqi forces will continue to surround Mosul moving slowly west-north-west along a band of Kurdish villages within range of friendly artillery support, so about 5-10 mile increments.

Ten year deal negotiated this week for 5 base access in Iraq will do the trick. Curious to note that Turkish military pulled out of Iraq this week. Not quite sure what to make of that.

Perhaps one more US air field in Syria southeast along Iraq-Syrian border to put veto on Iran-friendly land route to Damascus. Russians might bomb an isolated US/UK sponsored camp and claim it was a miscommunication but less likely to accidentally bomb a camp adjacent to an airfield with American aircraft.

One might guess a year from now that IS will be pushed out of urban Iraq and have largely squirted to western Syria maintaining possession of as much oil and agricultural land as possible. IA is trading oil for cash with Syrian government militias on behalf of Syrian government that has no where else to purchase oil with devalued currency. I speculate this explains the lack of reporting on IS oil trucking and trading that was all the Russian media rage 3 or 4 months ago. Without hard currency one might expect more exchanges of commodities for fuel and more emphasis on grain silos. In Iraq Berzani-Erdogan oil deals will proceed uninterrupted in relative calm. Sunnis will lobby to have Beiji rebuilt but Iraq government will divert construction dollars to more stable areas perhaps around Basra or in Sadr country for political reasons. Sunni Iraq world will be economically grim post conflict and for foreseeable future.


"According to some media analyses, the Kurds prepared and approved the draft constitution too soon. Article 5 specifies that the federation shall have an independent flag, and Article 66 paved the way for the establishment of diplomatic relations with foreign countries, despite the Syrians having yet to agree on the form of the future Syrian state. The majority of them fear that the declaration of the federation would be the beginning of a project to divide Syria, since it would be made by the Kurds and the Kurdish self-administration, which the Syrians view as enemies."


There has always been a question mark around the Kurds. Russia has been firmly in the Syria should remain intact camp. The US is talking out of both sides of it's mouth but it smells like they want to do what they did in Iraq. Give the oil to the Kurds and let the rest of the country wither and die. Assad is firmly in the keep Syria whole camp. Erdoğan would stick them all in a gas chamber if he could get his hands on them, international community be damned.

What does this do for co-operation between the Kurds and every one else?


Tyler, LondonBob

Stephen Miller is impressive. Very articulate in front of a camera. I just hope Trump gets someone like Stockman on his economic team instead of the usual Goldman Sachs Wall St guys. Another Rubin, Paulson, Summers, Geithner and we'll keep going deeper in the mire.


Tyler -

You obviously are that dense. Carbon dioxide absorbs and re-emits IR radiation, that's why it's a greenhouse gas. Carbon cycle has nothing to do with it, neither does closeness to the sun as Venus is much further out than Mercury but is also much warmer.

Temperatures are rising, deniers not only can't explain it but also rush from one hypothesis to the next desperately trying to find something that will change the actual measurements. There does not appear to be a magic bullet argument.


Babak -

That has nothing to do with carbon dioxide trapping heat. Deniers seem to keep making these ridiculous, half-understood claims but the measurements show that all the obfuscations don't explain anything.


Tyler -

Insults, the last resort of the ignorant.

The Twisted Genius

Fred and pl,

I'm glad our Supreme Court slapped down this executive order, not because I disagree with the effort to restore felon's rights, but because it was an executive overreach not consistent with our normally prudent state government. Beyond all the platitudes, it was an attempt to quickly add to the Democratic voter rolls just as the Legislature's push to prevent it was an attempt to limit any increase in Democratic voter rolls. New voter ID laws attempt to serve the same purpose. Attitudes haven't changed much from 100 years ago according to this passage from a Virginia paper:

"Virginia is one of just a handful of states that ban all felons from voting and require individual exemptions for ex-offenders to vote, according to the Brennan Center for Justice. The ban is tinged with racial overtones; when it was adopted in 1902, a delegate testified to the need to “eliminate the darkey as a political factor,” according to Kristen Clarke, president of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law."

Still, the Virginia Supreme Court made the right decision.



Greenhouse gas is a nothing term, like "assault weapon" in that it is only marketing. Like climate change, or that golden oldie, global warming. And since this is news to you, TREES ABSORB CO2. So it has a bit to do with it. "Heat trapping" good grief.

You can post the measurements because theyre, at best, 10000ths of a degree when you people have been predicting that Miami would be underwater by 2000 when I was 8!

Let me put it into perspective for you, Hank. The Vikings were growing grapes on Newfoundland. So no, it has not gotten "significantly warmer", you wackjob.



The guy crying about fascists under the bed shedding crocodile tears about insults.

Oh my lawd.


SAC Brat,

I think that is why you see these huge over samplings in the polls. D+12? The fact that it's still so close even with that thumb on the scale is amazing.



Miller is a protege of Sen. Sessions, and was one of the first calling shenanigans on the Duke Lacross Fake Rape.

I don't think the globalists are going to have a job in a Trump campaign.


If the Colonel wore t shirts, he'd wear this one:


Babak Makkinejad

As well as the boondoggle of Ethanol and Electric Vehicles.

Yup, the issue is who gets the Benjis...


OMG Jack... David Brooks is such a cry baby. After so much whining, wailing and moaning from the elite L & R what is there to do but sigh, chuckle and wish Trump well? In contrast the undynamic establishment duo of Clinton-Kaine inspires yawns at best. My liberal friends are so caught up in their anti-Trump hysteria (and their sad excuses for Hillary) that I've had to tell most of them I don't want to talk about politics.

I will not be voting for Trump, but if he wins I will drink a toast or two to his health while enjoying the elite's collective meltdown ;)

Babak Makkinejad

"explanation for this rapid increase.."

Firstly, compared to what period of history?

Secondly, surface temperatures, seem to fluctuate even over the recent decades.

Thirdly, the data in the Nature magazine article clearly indicates a period of rapid de-glaciation - but the scale is hundreds of years.

Fourthly, the anthropogenic global warming crowd are not addressing the complexities of the clouds - as Earth warms, more water gets airborne, which increases the cloud coverage, which in turn - due to high albedo - will reflect more sunlight into space and thus cool the earth; i.e. maintain homeostasis.

Fifthly, the anthropogenic global warming crowd's scientific evidence is the conformance or consistency among a few (4 I believe) global climate models - am I supposed now to put my scientific trust in man-made software models - which by the admission of its own creators - are defective in the details of the atmospheric chemistry and simulation of the clouds.

[I will not trust any such software unless I myself have led its creation.]

Sixthly, the search for scientific truth means that one does not have to accept proffered hypothesis that are unsubstantiated to one's satisfaction.

In regards to the carbon cycle, I am afraid that I am not deeply familiar with literature and cannot suggest a review article. What I have learnt has been from a variety of topics - the processes of plate tectonics, the air/ocean interface for exchange of heat and chemicals, etc.

Lastly, I would like to suggest that what I am saying is not profound; that there have been numerous cycles of heating and cooling of the Earth; going back millions of years and this recent one is not an exception.

It could be that the current surface temperatures are rising also because of the anthropogenic causes.

But the global warming crowd, in my opinion, should have the decency to put an estimate on how much is due to Man and how much due to God (precession of Earth orbit etc.)

So far they have not done so.

They ought to be able to publish a paper - or review article - in which anyone with HVAC experience can sit down and calculate for himself and verify their assertions.

All they are saying, in my view, is "Trust Me, I know more than you."

Babak Makkinejad

It is not just trees. You need a process of plate tectonics to take carbonic compounds such as CaCO3 and trap them deep inside the Earth.


Watch in amazement as the Israelis rewrite history and blame the victims in the King David Hotel bombing while completely absolving themselves of their terrorist acts.


Babak Makkinejad

The Kurds, I suppose, in Turkey, Iran, Syria and elsewhere expect to be greeted by open arm by their oil-rich brothers in Iraq.

None of that is going to happen, the Iraqi Kurds would be loath to share their oil wealth with anyone else.

But NATO states, might try to reprise what they did in Sudan, create a new country like South Sudan, and watch it destroy herself over control of the oil.



Where is Omar Mateen's wife? Why would the head of the FBI and the Attorney General not ensure the US government knew the whereabouts of a material wittiness if not an outright accomplice to a terror attack that killed 49 Americans?

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