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22 July 2016


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The Twisted Genius

Allen Thomson,

They are Bavarian state police. They look the same as I remember them from the 90s, including the H&K weaponry.


Tim Kaine is a perfect choice. He is in the same Clinton DLC mold. But most importantly he can likely deliver the swing state of Virginia which has been trending Democrat with the growing NoVa population benefiting from increased size and spending of government.



There has been zero links to carbon dioxide affecting climate change outside of Progressive Cargo Cultism.



Stop importing the turd world.



When the media dedicated to dragging HRC's corpse across the finish line is reduced to saying "oh its a dark speech" you know he nailed it out of the park.



McAuliffe isn't available or just not malleable?


Not worth to pay attention to the not-much-is-known public channel information loop. Much less pay attention to Bild as mentioned in a link above. Police forces from outside pulled in, added Bavarian and federal special forces, perpetrator (could well be only one) or perpetrators on the run. 6 dead not much known about how many are injured.

And then, there was this a couple of days ago:


On a dinner note:

Pretzel encrusted walleye sautéed with lemon and butter. Fresh asparagus, salad with Columbia 1905 dressing accompanied by a chilled Domaine Dominique Cornin Macon Chaintre.


OK, I'll take the plunge :)

Personally I dislike political speeches and avoid them as much as possible. However I am occasionally motivated by news headlines to listen to a speech for myself.

This morning when I saw the following headlines and the opening paragraphs in my email inbox, I decided to listen to Trump's speech.

The Daily 202: Why Trump sounded more like a strongman than a movement conservative https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/paloma/daily-202/2016/07/22/daily-202-why-trump-sounded-more-like-a-strongman-than-a-movement-conservative/57916dc84acce20505087cdf/
You could be forgiven for wanting to pop a valium at the end of Donald Trump’s acceptance speech last night. The Republican nominee painted a stark picture of a Hobbesian America that is nasty, brutish and short.

Trump essentially used the most important speech of his campaign – and perhaps political career – to yell fire in a crowded theatre. He warned that we are in “a moment of crisis” and made the case that these desperate times call for desperate measures.

This is what passes for political analysis in America today... sad. However one point was correct... Trump in no way sounded like a "movement conservative" regarding social issues.

I listened to Trump's acceptance speech here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CVTuOyZDI0

While I can't say I enjoyed it, I did at least find it interesting and entertaining. He definitely seemed more presidential than in past speeches and he stayed on message pretty well. It was long... about 96 minutes... so I suggest doing some mindless chore while listening (I opened a large backlog of mail and sorted it). Definitely not a traditional Republican speech although there were traditional Republican elements... law & order, strong military, strong borders, support for the 2nd amendment, the importance of Supreme Court picks. He talked a lot of the importance of jobs and made promises to blue collar workers about bringing their jobs back. He promised to get rid of trade deals that were unfavorable to the American worker.

He made some positive noises about the LBGTQ community (esp in regard to protecting them from events such as Orlando) and he made some positive noises about women and minorities. Some of his talking points were obviously geared to attempt to lure Bernie Sanders or disheartened Democrat voters his way. He did NOT make noises that would appease socially conservative activists.

I did not get the impression of a "Hobbesian America" from Trumps speech, though it painted a harsher picture than such speeches normally do. But Trump did talk about the many problems he perceived in American today (or wanted potential voters to perceive in order to vote for him to save them from those). At the same time he pushed his standard theme that he was the one who was going to make America great again. I don;t think this makes him a "strongman"... he's just being egocentric Trump.

The WP columnist Chris Cillizza was more balance in his assessment and gave the speech a general thumbs up. Though he too thought the speech painted a "deeply grim picture" of the state of America https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/07/21/winners-and-losers-from-the-final-night-of-the-republican-national-convention/
The Republican nominee gave the crowd what it was looking for — a command performance of the tough-talking, details-free approach that won him the nomination in the first place. He promised to wipe out crime as soon as he took office. He promised to defeat Islamic State militants "fast." He promised a whole lot things. What he didn't do was provide any meaningful specifics about how he might do it.

The crowd in the room was with him for the whole address — cheering in the right moments, booing when it was required. Trump, too, seemed relatively dialed in — staying, generally, on the teleprompter and hitting his applause lines well. The speech itself was well crafted — if way too long. (It clocked in at almost 80 minutes.)

I'm a third party voter so this speech had no effect on anything except my opinion of the media coverage of it afterward. More and more the MSM seem like idiots and talking heads that are pushing their owns agenda rather than fact based reporters or analysts.


I did and we had a massive thunderstorm during it. The first more or less major political speech in the last 20+ years which could be construed as a first approximation American nationalism. I would say that the trend is healthy and it was not too bad of a speech.


The Russian looked up from where he sat on a series of covered crates at the two men as they walked past the armorer. The smell of his cigarettes had overpowered the scent of solvent and gun oil, and he grunted at them in accented English. "Hello again, comrade."

The two men knew there was an ironic twist to the Russian's use of comrade, as they had discussed more than once over a bottle of whiskey that their contact had procured how fickle a thing fate was. The men had trained for a Soviet invasion of Europe, and here was a Russian helping the Americans in a civil war.

"Ivan, hello," said Pat. He and TTG both took a cigarette from the open box that Ivan offered and placed it behind the ear. They did not smoke, but some of the men did. It was hard to get things like cigarettes or alcohol in the Federally Administered Zones.

"I heard you have what I requested," said Ivan.

Pat nodded, and considered the man. FSB or Spetznatz? Did it matter, really? He knew he could trust Ivan, to an extent, at least. "Word travels fast. Do you have what we requested?"

Ivan stood, stretching his lanky frame, and then pulled the tarp off low squat boxes marked with Cyrillic, like runes from a spellbook. He reached over for a crowbar, and began to pry off planks, waving Pat and TTG close when a number had been removed. "You see?"

The two men nodded at the MANPADS packed neatly in their boxes, the Verba launchers slick as if with venom under the low lighting of the cavern. "You have our faith that you can meet the federal troops in open combat and succeed," he stated. The men were all old hands in this game, and the unsaid otherwise we would not have wasted our time did not need to be spoken. Pat wondered idly at how hard it had been to ship it through, and then shook his head. Probably not hard at all, considering the state of the border now.

"These will help," TTG murmured, nodding appreciatively. He reached out to stroke one of the launchers, knowing that this was a definite game changer for the rebels.

"More than you know," Ivan responded. "I was in Afghanistan when the CIA brought the missiles over, and survived a ride to the ground in a Krokodil after one hit us." His hand, covered by old burn scars, clenched once, and then he shook his head. "The wheel is always turning, is it not?"

Pat nodded, tactical and strategic opportunities racing behind a nonplussed demeanor. "Let's go get you your information."


Fred was drumming his fingers as the thumb drive Tyler brought in was downloaded. He had on his "ears", listening to the continuing radio traffic from the other side. The copper in the mountains around here made the kind of difficult, high end encryption that the federal troops favored difficult to sustain, so many simply went "in the clear". This of course, was a field day for Fred.

The rebels, meanwhile, had stuck to bush sign and techniques like heliographs, even telegraph. Radios were used rarely, and were encrypted heavily. Each cell learned to make due. It was not easy, and it required a great deal of initiative for the leaders of these small units, but the consequences for ignoring signals security was dire.

As these idiots are about to find out, Fred thought, and smiled as he came across a series of movement manifests that laid out how the federals planned to smash the incursion over in the "Arizona Western Corridor", as it was called in the documents. Out of curiosity, he had pulled up old logs of after action reports, and was not surprised to see that they deviated wildly from what the federals had reported. Seems like covering one's ass was still a big part of the other side's way of doing business.

Fred felt rather than heard the presence of the three men, and pulled his headphones off his ears. "We're almost done here. I've just got to pull the last of this off, and you can have the rest."

"Anything good?" TTG asked.

Fred waved him forward, and showed him the manifests and movement routes that he had pulled from the thumb drive. It took a moment, but TTG smiled - a wolf's grin, full of teeth.

"Oh, this will be amazing," he hissed.


thanks, rjj, fascinating.

Allen Thomson

Thank you. Long time since I was in Munich. (McGraw Kaserne, mid-1970s I guess.)



McCauliffe has been a resounding flop in dealing with the General Assembly and he can't appoint himself to the US Senate. pl


TTG said "I am glad you like my advice about bunker bagshitting. I learned that lesson firsthand during a 22 day SICTA (strategic intelligence collection/target acquisition) mission."

TTG, you really misunderestimate us third world evil doers. We know everything about that "SICKTA" mission of yours. We even inferred the location despite the coded words. We have intel on it, you see, snatched from Hillary Clinton's email server (along with nude pictures of pubescent Huma Abedin taken by Woody Allen.) We call it The Hobbiton Coprological Data Gathering, and we have the secretive radio chat transcripts to prove it: "Today I go first hand into Bag End..." "Filthy data acquisition, TTG..." "Yes! Tomorrow the whole BagShat Row..." What you don't reveal to us is that you gave the stinking intelligence product of that mission to a rookie SF team to use as parachuting jump cushion in a training mission you deviously named Parashitting Swamp Dive. We suspect foul landings.

We also suspect, on account of your incredible argumentative slickness on all things black, that in the original TTG callsign the twisted T meant teflon instead. We evil doers will try some nanotech based memetic glue in our next ambush, though you seem a rather hopeless case. You're in the "I never thought this could have happened!" league.

By the way, honestly, calling nice hobbit holes bunkers is an ultrage. What about the "and that means comfort" part? Methinks you Special Forces make use of some poetic license in your tales: From inside the comfy SF tent, the boys scream in chorus along with the the ultratech spy satellite TV set "Hodor! Hodor!" but to us outsiders, on the eerie report about the mission the screams read "the horror, the horror!"

So much for your bad advices, TTG. Your psyops will not work on this meanest of evildoers. I will now shitdown this computer... HOLY FU.........


Is he sufficiently capable to move into the top job?



It's possible to have an atmosphere with much more CO2 than we currently do, for example, as Venus does. As for the article, ISL is right. More, the global warming/cooling tied to the Earth's orbital changes (which we've known about for over 30 years, right?) provides support for the man-made global warming case because: (1) The cycles predict no warming trend now and yet we clearly are warming; (2) You can extract a forcing sensitivity from the cycles that agrees with what we're seeing now.

Your former student,
Douglass Schumacher.



I agree, I was just curious as to the odds of him vs. Kaine as Hilary's VP pick.


CO2 isn't a fluid under atmospheric pressure and normal earth temperature.



you forget people who understand the Einstein equation. They also see a link

michael brenner

You remind me of our own Texas Governor Abbott who declared; "I'll only believe in global warming when I find seaweed in my Breakfast of Champions cereal bowl"

The Twisted Genius

You're a real Bon Vivant, Fred. Good on ya and enjoy.

The Twisted Genius

Kaine barely won his last election. I don't think he'll help or hurt here in Virginia or elsewhere.


oops, I meant to say the speech was 76 minutes long.


Agreed. It was much more about American nationalism than American exceptionalism. The speech was more targeted to the average American (without being condescending about it) than to the establishment or the political elite. Yup, the elites don't like that their narrative of America was not expressed by Trump.

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