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22 July 2016


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Amazing that most of the dead and economic victims of the terror ON THIS PLANET are Muslim. Shia in Afghanistan the other day!

I want to know who the Munich shooter was radicalized by and communicated with.



He used a fake FB account, as pretty girl, to lure people to McDonalds with promise of free food.

I don't buy this. He had help.



Yeah, to the 1%. Kaine UNABLE (stole that) supports TPP, Fracking, and more bank deregulation. Um, no vote for that ticket.

Now, the HRC campaign is trying to scare the publc with the threat of communism in this election because the DNC has been busted for being partisan and employing DESPICABLE tactics to take down Sanders and control the media to do it.



Waa? No invitation?



This is good. I can't wait to find out who the targets are. I think I already know.


Sorry my English isn't my first language so i use read fluid as a synonym for liquid.

ps. Why didn't you call it a gas


Tidewater to Tidewater,

In fairness to Tim Kaine, he announced his support of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)--the Iranian deal-- on the floor of the Senate on August 4, 2015. He stated at that time: "I conclude that the JCOA is a dramatic improvement over the status quo in improving global security. The agreement takes a nuclear weapons program that was on the verge of success [!!!?] and disables it for many years through peaceful diplomatic means with sufficient tools for the international community to verify whether Iran is meeting its commitments. In the negotiation, America has honored its best traditions and shown that patient diplomacy can achieve what isolation and hostility cannot. For this reason, I will support it."

Kaine also joined purported "anti-Israel radicals" in Congress in boycotting Netanyahu's speech in March of 2015. He is, however, regarded as being a hardcore Zionist.

I don't believe he has changed his position on Syria. Surely he must be asked to clarify that. If Syrian intervention continues to be at the core of his foreign policy plans, assuming he could sell them, I think the public had better know. It could be the first of a number of steps towards conscription.

It seems to me that for Kaine to say that the Iranian nuclear program was on the "verge of success" is also bizarre; intelligence reports and evaluations concluded quite the opposite. Kaine seems to be using Israeli arguments that the Iranian nuclear program was much further along than, in fact, it was.

Kaine keeps trying to sell himself as a "pragmatist." If he is a 'boots on the ground' (as it has to be) interventionist, wouldn't that make him simply a Bush-style anachronism?

different clue


It seems to me that there are two power-groups in this country who may have the power to wire up certain clusters of voting machines and/ or certain episodes of vote-tabulating and vote-counting to try and bend an election their way. That would be that part of the Republican Party apparatus which considers a Republican victory wo important that they will even try and win one for the Trumper . . . against the Economic OverClass and its fixers who fraudulated certain aspects of voting and vote-counting in the recent Democratic Primaries to favor Clinton. They will try fraudulating the election for Clinton again because she is their Trillion Dollar Obama 2.0 President-of-choice.

So perhaps we the people will get to grind our teeth as we watch the two Power Groups armwrestle over which one is strong enough to fraudulate the election which way.

Or one candidate could get such a Big! YOOGE!! majority of the votes against the other one that the election can not be fraudulated the other way.


It is not about buying, selling nor believing or doubting. It is about EVIDENCE. Just check out the links that I added to the post.

On the other hand, you might have thought that this is a right-wing conspiracy. I personally think that this is too farfetched.


Perfidious = deceitful and untrustworthy, associated with Albion. I wonder which heritage it refers to...



Erdogan is abandoning the rebels. Good.


Babak Makkinejad

I know you did not.

I wanted to state my opinion regarding the feasibility of creating a new country - Kurdistan; which is a fantasy wrapped in a mystery clothed in an enigma.



Plz stop with the nanny shaming language and go. Plz go.


"Perfidious = deceitful and untrustworthy, associated with Albion. I wonder which heritage it refers to..."

Westside Diocletians?


"It could be the first of a number of steps towards conscription."

That would be an interesting sight, Clinton facing draft protests on the topic of not serving for her campaign contributors.


Back to Global Warming/Climate Change.

Babak - with respect, I'll read your link (Asian Monsoon) with sincere curiosity. Please look through the answers that CLIMATE SCIENTISTS (not soft-head greens) have worked out to some of your questions at...


Note that Astronomical cycles (Milankovich, etc) are indeed considered and accounted for. These guys really are scientists.



I rest my case.

Babak Makkinejad

I am aware of the site that presumably debunks the debunkers of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

I remain un-persuaded.



I still want an answer about little ice age, growing grapes in Canada, and other events that prove moreso that climate is a natural cyclical thing than something man affects.

different clue


I don't know this for a fact, but I am guessing it might go back to the British Foreign Policy imperative of the last few centuries until maybe a hundred years ago(?) of always trying to hold "the balance of power" between rival power blocs on the Continent. And always lending its "balance of power" to the slightly weaker bloc to make it slightly stronger than the slightly stronger one . . . till the weaker became stronger enough and the stronger became weaker enough that Britain transferred its "balance of power" to supporting the new slightly weaker bloc. And back and forth and back again to prevent any one country or bloc from becoming the overwhelming dominator of Europe.

Perhaps it was those various wannabe-blocmasters who felt they were being "perfidized" by the British back-and-forth lending of support.

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