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02 July 2016


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i'd like to make the following observations:

1. The SCO and EEU demonstrate effective international cooperation can be achieved without unbearable impositions upon national sovereignty, contra the EU.
2. There's a flood of articles coming out of Russian think tanks like Katehon of late cogitating on the idea of the land vs sea powers.
3. Although it's unlikely Russia will rival China's economic strength anytime soon, improving social metrics (including a rising Total Fertility Rate), economic diversification and revitalization, strict fiscal discipline, and pivotal location on the world island will see Russia gradually replicate German economic strength in Eurasia. Thus, Russia will be the sub-dominant power on the world island, as opposed to the master-vassal relationship between the US and Canada. (We should also take into account China faces internal challenges like contracting population in a way that the old world hegemon, the US, did not during its expansive post war phase).
4. If Germany can be pulled into Russia's orbit, a Russian-German axis could balance against both China (favourably) and the US (competitively). I've come to the conclusion Russia's entire long term European strategy is an alliance with Germany.

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