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06 July 2016


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Martin Oline


I looked through this book lately. Life After Doomsday shows what life could be like after a nuclear exchange in the fifties. We are no longer in the fifties so almost all of the information is badly out of date. I thought the best thing about this book was the cover photograph.


Tyler, Babelfish et al

Who will play me, the crusty old s--t in the movie? pl

Babak Makkinejad

Harrison Ford


Bravo, Tyler... well done!! Looking forward to the rest of the chapter, book, or movie script.

Or perhaps it could be an ongoing serial here at SST ;)

Babak Makkinejad


In Arabic:

This Algerian commentator speculates that the next war - after Syria - will be in Europe.

Also expresses concern about the repeat of Syria in Algeria:


The Twisted Genius


An amusing scene. I like it. This could be part of of a very interesting and topical novel that should sell well in these times. I can see this band of foul smelling brigands eventually making contact with and coordinating activities with other diverse resistance groups like the New Black Panther Army (NBPA) and the ethereal, mysterious and effective "P0izon Underground" hacking and cryptography group. Hell, this could become a long running series of novels with movies and sequels to follow. You could become rich and famous. Remember us when you do.

You might enjoy this classic from the Blaxploitation era. SWMBO, when she was my girlfriend, and I saw it in Troy, NY in 1973. The city was a mess back then. I think we were the only two whites in the theater. The premise of raising a resistance army naturally appealed to me, so we had to see it.




You and I have read some of Tyler's excellent fiction. IMO this deserves to be developed further. pl


Pat, my thoughts were this. Bruce Willis - nah, not enough gravitas. Arnold - nah, the accent just doesn't work. George Clooney - nah, too expensive.

Harrison Ford - age appropriate, handsome craggy look - possible. Liam Neeson - if we can get him to stop playing hard boiled former NYC policemen or a man 'with a special set of skills', another possible.

I think Harrison is the winner.


One of the most important wars Borg conducts is one on true scholarship and, in larger sense, causality. Take causality out of the picture and one gets...well--it is in a front of our eyes.

The Twisted Genius


Most definitely. The possibilities here are infinite.

Seamus Padraig

For the first time I can remember, PBS ran a remarkably balanced segment on the defenders of Donetzk: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/desire-to-break-free-from-ukraine-keeps-devastated-donetsk-fighting%e2%80%8b/

For the most part, they avoid the usual clichés about 'little green men' and conduct interviews with real people from the region.

David Habakkuk

I also like it, and think perhaps a lot could be done with it.

We have to face facts. Events have become surreal. The conviction has been growing on me for a long time, but recent events – the transgender bathrooms, Blair's response to Chilcot, etc etc have hammered it home.

We live in a madhouse, and the only way to chart a path back to sanity is to find ways of laughing at it.

If I had the skills and energy, I think I would be writing a remake of 'Dr Strangelove', in which Wing Commander Mandrake is egging on General Jack D. Ripper.

Or perhaps a rewrite of the 'Smiley' novels, in which – at least occasionally – Karla shows some twinges of conscience, while Smiley is an utter and unmitigated rascal, who couldn't tell the truth, even if he wanted to.

Babak Makkinejad

You need to work a couple of female characters into your narrative.

Carl Lazlo

Hi Col. Lang:

Harrison Ford is a fine choice, but I was thinking Wilford Brimley would be perfect. The movie’s a comedy, right? If it’s supposed to portray real-life events, you, Tyler and TTG will only have bit parts at the beginning, before the opening credits, so your parts will be played by unknown extras.

In real-life, they know who you are, they know where you are, and, most importantly, they know how dangerous you are. You all will be the first ones they kill, and none of you will see it coming.

Carl Lazlo


Carl Lazio

A death threat! Your IP is in Atlanta. I have forwarded your message and IP address to the FBI. pl

Carl Lazlo

Col. Lang:

A death threat? Are you serious? I am on your side Col. Lang. They are the threat to you, not me.

Carl Lazlo


"You all will be the first ones they kill, and none of you will see it coming."

Ah, another poor soul has a mental meltdown.

So who are these Super Secret Specialists that will wipe us off the face of the earth if we don't bow to Borg Brother? Why can't they take out Ibrahim al Samarii for a demonstration to show us their invincibility? Oh that's right those folk fight back and so will many of us when your Neo-NKVD come a knocking. Better work on confiscating those firearms, and Bows, hatchets, axes ...


Col., how about Russel Crowe but he may be too tall? Of course maybe a European, perhaps Konstantin Yuryevich Khabensky (from “The Admiral” which one of the committee reccomnded once upon a time).

The Twisted Genius


Come now, we're not that dangerous. I had relatives that were that dangerous. They fought Stalin's NKVD divisions in the forests of Lithuania for years and some of them lived to tell about it. They had a story to tell... and I listened intently. And the Borg is a lot better at building haystacks than they are at finding the needles.


Absolutely on point. There was not going to be any new Status of Forces Agreement. Bush got the max that we were going to get- the Iraqi government and their Iranian supporters/power behind the throne were not going to let us stay any longer. The idea that we could have stayed longer is still put out there by people like Scarborough and Rove. The idea the Obama could have stayed longer or gotten an extension or new SOFA is nonsense. And for us to stay beyond the time when we had a SOFA would have made any forces that were left there a huge target. It would have been very costly in terms of money and people. Neither Corker, Scarborough, Rove,nor anyone else promoting this have served- which partly explains their stupidity.



Who is going to play you in the movie? pl


Carl Lazio

You will have a chance to explain. Comey will insist on that. Isn't that right, Nightsticker? pl




Keep them stories coming.


Tyler, I always enjoy your writing it's so colorful. There was a tv series a few
years back about U.S. soldiers in Iraq that I liked to watch & then it just got pulled;it was called "Over There." Perhaps it simply had low viewership but there was a rumor floating the Pentagon was instrumental in its sudden demise since several
of the characters weren't behaving along strict ROE lines.

Novels & film seem to give writers more leeway than tv. Just a thought. There are so
many fine writers on this committee & you are one of my favorites.

The Twisted Genius


Tyler once suggested Christopher Lee, but he up and died. I would have liked Charles Bronson, a gritty guy with Lipka Tartar blood, but he up and died, too. Tom Selleck or Nick Offerman would be nice. I once rocked a mustache at least as magnificent as theirs. As long as it's not Gerard Depardieu. That would be embarrassing.

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