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06 July 2016


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US Police Officers shooting unarmed Americans.

The Guardian coult is higher, 603 as of this morning.


not Khabensky, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Porechenkov

there is an American character actor who would be perfect but can't remember his name.


the elusive quality is teddy bear cum berzerker



That's what all the women say. Yup. Pain and hunger are grand motivations. l


Colonel in my imagination, someone in a combination of John Wayne and Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now would fit play your part.


Good grief! This is great! :D


they are complementary AND complimentary - not contradictory.



Yes. I would like to be played by Stephen Dillane pl



Yes, black men killing other black men are of no concern to the guardian.



Clint Eastwood. No one else will do you justice imho.


Colonel Lang, BTW in this morning' Comey testimony to me it seemed like he was HRC' defense attorney ratehr then the investigative police of federal goverment,IMO there where too many inconsistencies in his presentation and defending why not to recommend legal action against here. OTOH some republicans made well reasoned arguments which he couldn't make reasonable court worthy rebuttals.

Linda Lau

Too bad we don't have John Wayne.



The midnight update:

I'm sure some of the Guardian readership will rejoice.



Queen Boadicea should reread her history of Britain.


For the Col, the British actor Michael Kitchen.
For TTG, the British actor who plays Watson in the BBC's 'Sherlock', Martin Freeman.

Will ponder Tyler's character.
Love the insouciance.

Looking forward to future installments, and agree it has wonderful cinematic potential.


Kim Bodnia?


the borders between Ancestor Land and Fantasy Land are permeable, so dead is not - or should not be - a disqualifier.

Old Microbiologist

You would also need to add the North Pole as well. Interesting things going on there and as usual over oil/gas fields. Then we have "other" FSU Republics which we are attempting to fester more trouble for Russia to include Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Iran is still hanging out there as are Palestine, Lebanon, and Yemen. I read somewhere US soldiers have been in active combat in 27 countries during FY 2015, but can't recall the source; however, I find it believable.

In South America we are actively pursuing destabilization in quite a few countries including Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil. I am sure there are more but these are the most active ones.

Add in Asia and you get a lot of activity.

Eric Newhill

Maybe Dallas should be added to the category.


Off the topic for sure but seems tha SAA is near to control Castillo road and create a cauldron east of Aleppo.


"Leading troops at my age. SWMBO would spit," said Pat. He had diverted to spit at the last second, as a more vulgar term had come to mind at first. There was still too much of the southron cavalier-gentleman for him to drop a caustic word lightly though.

"Whodda thunk it, eh?" TTG responded as the two navigated the stairs and ladders that led deeper into the complex. He reached out and tapped a pipe that led up to the surface. "And us passing on the lessons Mr. Charles taught us so long ago. Do you think Giap is laughing or crying?"

"He would appreciate it. He was a good general," responded Pat. "He probably would have been jealous of some of the things we have, to be honest. Solid rock and iron over our heads, for one."

"And the Russians providing aid again. Time is a wheel," muttered TTG. The coincidences were startling when laid in front of him like that. He rubbed a hand over his face and shook his head, opening the door into a dim room with occasional spots of brightness. They both knew there was a copy of this medical ward for the civilians out in the desert, and there was some contention with the man running the show here about that. This was a feather smoothing trip.

The medical assistant behind the desk looked up and rose as the two men approached. Pat waved his hand at him. "As you were, as you were. Don't announce me at this hour. Where's the charge medic?"

"Back at his office," said the young man, familiar enough with the Colonel's visits that he didn't need to tell him where to go.

"Very well," he said, nodding as he passed and looking from bed to bed at wounded soldiers.

The light at the desk illuminated another man as he reviewed charts and looked up at Pat's approach. "Sir," he said, and sounded weary as he shook his head at something he saw on a chart and circled it with a large piece of paper.

"How are things, Babelfish?" asked Pat.

"Busy. Tyler's group brought back a few new wounded, and that civilian clinic you pushed for is taking up resources," Babelfish said.

"Nothing more than we expected," said TTG, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning against one of the office's plywood walls.

Babelfish tapped his pen several times on a desk made of a door stacked on concrete blocks, and turned towards the two men. "You're right, I'm just grousing and its late."

"Some good news. That raid got you the supplies you requested, and then some," said Pat, nodding at TTG. Wordlessly, the NCO pulled out several folded pieces of paper, flipped through them, and then passed one off to Babelfish.

Even tired as he was, the old medic's eyes lit up. "You're sure of this? This is enough to restock everything we lost when we opened the civilian clinic, and top off their resources. And he got cardiac drugs, and narcotics?"

TTG's bushy eyebrows went up, and he looked over at Pat, amused and mouthed "Technicians. All the same."

Pat stifled a smile as Babelfish went on, and then broke in at the man's stream of consciousness chatter with "So you're good then. Not mad at us anymore?"

"I wasn't mad, I just had concerns about splitting our nurse corps and putting half of our nursing staff out there like that," he said, a little defensively.

"Those three girls knew what they were getting into, and having them out there shows the people that you don't need to carry a rifle to help," said TTG.

Babelfish went to argue again, but something in TTG's shifting posture made him stop, reconsider, and shake his head. "It's late, and you're right. Thanks. This is a big help," he said. "One more thing? When am I going to get Tyler back down here?"

"Let him rest up a bit. Looks like you have things well in hand down here for now. I'll send you out to the little clinic like I promised," Pat assured him. Babelfish nodded his thanks, and the two men saw themselves out, Pat waving his hand at the medical assistant to settle down.

"Wish him and Tyler got along better," said Pat.

"They get along just fine. Babelfish is just set in his ways and reminds me of an old married woman complaining about her husband being gone and then talking about how much she can't stand him when he's near. Marry them and get it over with," said TTG, shaking his head.

Pat chortled at this, and the two men navigated another series of tunnels before smelling solvents and astringents coming from the series of rooms ahead. They could hear cursing, and then a startled "Aha!"

"John, you old dog," yelled TTG, "I heard you got a new machine gun for us?"

"No, I got a hunk of rust that looks like its going to be functional," yelled John Minnerath back, flipping up his goggles and wiping his hands on an old rag. "Looks like the bolt and sear are in working order, at least. Just had to get the damn barrel unclogged. Were they shitting down it?" John demanded to know. Among the SF old hands, rank was only observed in front of other troops to set the right example. For the majority of the Green Berets in revolt, they were too old to be worried about nonsense like protocol when they had things to do like carve a country out of a crumbling empire.

"The Ghosts didn't seem to think highly of the troops' training. Your foil poncho is working, too," Pat added.

John nodded as he picked up a rubber mallet and banged a pin into place. "Wish I could have tested it myself," Minnerath admitted, and then turned back to the two. "I got the munitions those young bucks liberated. They're waiting back there, along with a surprise, and one of the Polite Green Men," he said, throwing a thumb back towards the armory.


Actor to play Tyler - Brad Pitt. That smirk and the gleam in his eye.

The Twisted Genius


You really should consider running with this concept. You have the writing skills, knowledge and imagination to do a bang up job with it. I'm sure some of old coots could add a little technical advice if needed.



You flatterer. Personally I like the actor that plays Hawkeye in the Avenger movies.



Alas, it will likely continue to be serialized for the time being in open threads and other posts around here. There's something of a crowded market in post-apoc survivalism, but this niche (civil war in empire) would likely hold its own.

I owe my published a third novel in my "humans and intelligent dinosaurs fight aliens in the future" trilogy, so am working on that right now.

That being said, if an editor of a medium or large press is reading this and is interested in the concept, I'd be open to working something out.

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