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29 July 2016


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Trey N

Thank you for the links and your analysis, Robert.

I consider the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act to be the most devastating financial blunder since Nixon took the US/world off the gold standard in 1971. Together, these actions have led us to the complete economic meltdown that is facing the world today.

(Of course, it's not correct to call these "blunders", since the parties enacting them knew exactly what they were doing and have reaped the benefits of them since.)

Trey N

A plausible scenario, Sam. Similar "events spinning out of control and taking on a life of their own" in the summer of 1914 quickly led to the catastrophe of Western civilization that was World War I.

Bungling, arrogant, amazingly stupid "world leaders" act rashly and get in over their heads -- and millions of innocent people pay with their lives for the blunders of those "elites"....


I agree, although, I don't see much difference between modern day Democrats and Republicans regarding war. Most Democrats supported these wars also. Furthermore, the old conservatives were very much anti-war. During the 20th century, it was the "great" Democrat/Progressive presidents that promoted war trying to make the world "safe for democracy" ... I guess that didn't go too well :( They are both parties of war.


I think this year offers the greatest opportunity for 3rd part candidates! I don't think any of them has a chance of winning, but maybe people will start to think outside this rigged two-party system.



Actually, I say the opposite. Not everything that appears in the NY Times is necessarily dross. The information must be judged independent of the source. This is a basic principle of analysis. Once again, the information may be confirmed as true by a second, separate source. pl


Here's a video with Putin's speech about the missile shield in Romania and it's threats to peace

After watching it carefully, anyone can easily understand why the whole world very much cares about American foreign policy, and eventually who will lead it.

David Habakkuk

Sam Peralta,

That is precisely the kind of scenario which worries me.

So, two days ago Stephen F. Cohen told CNN that we were approaching a ‘Cuban Missile Crisis confrontation with Russia’ – that noted also the ‘neo-McCarthyite’ smears against Trump, and the absence of serious debate in the MSM.

(See http://tinyurl.com/hk8qkg8 .)

Back in November 2014, Brigadier Ali posted about and linked to a fascinating piece by the historian and former policy planner William R. Polk, which included his – hair-raising – recollections of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and also a war-game conducted afterwards.

(See http://turcopolier.typepad.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/2014/11/strategy-and-international-relations-fb-ali.html .)

A central point Polk was making was about the need to understand how the world appears to adversaries – and also, the domestic political constraints under which they may operate.

I have an absolute lack of confidence in the ability of Hillary and those she is likely to appoint to grasp that they may end up challenging Putin on matters where he simply cannot afford to back down.

Dr. K

I don't believe any Western leader will launch a nuclear attack. The scenarios leading to a nuclear attack will be more in the vein of those in popular movies, situations where an accident will cause retaliation such as "Failsafe" or "The Bedford Incident".

Sam Peralta

"..they may end up challenging Putin on matters where he simply cannot afford to back down."

David Habakkuk, that is a certainty! The Hillary FP team will be a who's who of the neocon policy establishment. She will reward loyalty. Nuland, Ross, et al will all have important roles. They will try and corner and then push Putin. So, it should be expected that more pressure will be exerted in Ukraine and other border areas of Russia. The Assad regime change operations will be restarted. It is also quite possible that with the Saudis & Bibbi pushing to get Iran back in the box, she may launch some new initiative there.

I believe to cement that a woman POTUS can be a strong C-in-C, she is very likely to engage in some shock & awe early in her administration.


Dr K

You may not have noticed that the B-61s can be dialed down to very small yields (Blast yield
0.3–340 kilotons). Do you think the Russians might use nuclear weapons if attacked in their homeland? pl

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