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15 July 2016


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Google translation of military's statement:

Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) has announced that the country's government confiscated its entirety .

Turkish Armed Forces said in a statement :

Turkish Armed Forces , the constitutional order , democracy, ensure the repetition of human rights and freedoms and facilities , enabling dominate again the rule of law in the country , deteriorating public security order of confiscated whole administration of the country in order to ensure again.

All international agreements and our commitment remains eçerlilig . with all countries of the world , we hope to continue our good relations .

Chief of Staff

Istanbul Guy

Lots of helicopters flying overhead.... streets are so quiet...

Charles Michael

There were some affirmation in Al Masdar today that somme Turkish troops were inside Syria.
Any Kurds project is anathema for the Turk Army.
Erdogan seat is getting hoter and hotter.


(Sound of champagne corks popping in the Assad residence."


lots of conflicting reports coming out. Possible each power base is trying to psych the other out by claiming victory.

Eric Newhill

I Imagine Russia has a hand in this?


My oh my.....

Daniel Nicolas

A theory:
Turkey's now former government recently changed their tune and started being super friendly and nice to Russia. I suspect this is because they received word that there would be a coup if Russian - Turkish relationships did not improve because Turkey's Military did NOT want a souring relationship with Russia. It appears that Turkey's military did not want to wait for things to improve.

Seeing unconfirmed reports that Tayyip Erdoğan has left the country.


I wonder which side our President is going to decide to back should he be foolish enough to intervene. At the same time I am glad Hilary Clinton is not currently Secretary of State. I wonder if there was anything in those emails though....


This is a game changer. I suppose the Turkish military will want to repair relations with Syria. We will probably also see jihadist attacks on Turkish soil more by those of Turkish origin.

Once the dust is cleared I wouldn't give a wooden nickel for Isis's supply lines.


Now we find out whether Erdogan has any real friends.

Paul Escobar

Mr. Lang,

Do you think this move is being motivated by "Kemalist" nationalism...or that Gulen cult/religious movement?


Russia's hand is presumably behind this.


Let’s hope that whatever the outcome it results in a more democratic Turkey.




IMO the general anti-western policy of Erdogan and the Chihuahua's threat are behind this. pl


Paul Escobar

the initial communique was signed by the chief of the TGS so I think it is Kemalists. p

Istanbul Guy

Now we are starting to see the counter-coup..

Mosques in conservative areas (pro-akp) are calling for followers to enter streets and challenge the military.

Babak Makkinejad

And with Syria, Iran, Russia, EU as well.

Babak Makkinejad

That would be my guess as well; AKP Government degenerated into alienating everyone - and damaged Democracy in Turkey as well.


Actually there are reports of 'celebratory gunfire' in Damascus over celebration at the news.


Yeh, it's all Putin's fault just like yesterdays crash in the Tour de France on Mont Ventoux.


Aidan: Would you care to explain how Russia is toppling the government of a NATO member? They can't even topple the government of Ukraine.


MarkC: Like Sisi did in Egypt? You don't build democracy by having the military overturn a democratically elected government.



You prefer elected Islamists bent on creating shariah law states? pl


I was just watching the NBC news in Chicago. The anchorman said " ...Turkey is a US ally in fight against ISIS....". I could not believe how much crap these news agencies are feeding the public.
Amazing turn of events indeed.

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