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12 July 2016


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Larry Kart

Eric: Oops -- the figure I used for the U.S. population must have come from my lizard brain or memories of eighth grade. But however more minuscule the percentage of deaths from police action is for each racial group once the correct total figure for the population is used as a starting point, is it not still true that the number of blacks killed by police action in 2015, as a fraction of that racial group, is 3.72 times greater than the number of whites killed by police action in 2015, as a fraction of that racial group?



If you want to win an argument with me about civility you can but you will be banned from SST if you continue to want to fight with Tyler. Same for him. Childish. pl

Larry Kart

Did I say anything about why any of those people -- White, Black, Hispanic -- were killed by police? I was just saying, if my calculations are correct, that "... the number of Black deaths from police action in 2015 as a percentage of the Black population is 3.72 times greater than the number of White deaths from police action as a percentage of the White population."


wow, just read all that (it was way past 2 AM so lots of typos, missing phrases, & it should be "300 years of British rule" for India (I mistyped 500) & accidently copied/pasted some passages

(I originally wrote the post in Wordpad, copying & pasting my previous posts in another political forum & transferred some sentences & paragraphs to the chatbox here so sorry if I repeated stuff since it's a collection of passages from my previous in other forums)




Not sure JiuJitsuMMA really care about arguments, only an ego-stroking troll posting link to his FB photos.

Babak Makkinejad

On your number 2, I think Marvin Harris (or you) are wrong.

There used to be a saying in Europe: "Ask a girl from Rhine river area to sit beside you, instead she sleeps with you."

Marvin Harris is a creative man, no doubt, and I thoroughly enjoyed his book on dietary taboos. And he is an honest scholar in that he puts his ideas clearly on the table - cultural materialism.

But, I think, at times, he is trying too hard to fit the empirical reality to his model.

For example, after World War II, there was a shortage of men in Germany and in USSR but they did not alter their mores and institute polygamy in order to address the physical and emotional of man-less women.

Or in the United States, there African-American women are reluctant to entertain the idea of a European-American man as their mates, even though many Euro-American men find African-American women attractive and are interested in them.

I think Dr. Harris does not give enough credit to the Life of the Mind.


MMA Master,

It is obvious from your essay length posts, attempting to parse what you blathered on about before into something less humiliating, and false jovility that you are indeed triggered as hell by me and I am living in your head.

Please, tell us more how not upset you are. I am all ears.



He is an amazing example of autism in action when it comes to lack of self awareness.



Sorry, this Nice attack has me all punchy.



That does not change my point.



8888888 didn't read it



You do realize "LOOK AT THESE PICTURES OF ME HUH HUH TOUGH GUY?!" is absolutely validating my hypothesis about you.



2) Culture takes generations to change & evolve.. funny, your quote from the Rhine girl is accurate (surveys show that Germany, like most of Europe, is one of the more sexually open countries.. it's actually legal to & you can see people sunbathing in the nude in Germany's city parks & no one cares.. and the saunas/spas are fully nude & co-ed)

Yes, there was a shortage of men in USSR & Germany due to millions of males killed in WW2..
what developed there is that the culture is very accepting of married men having mistresses .. it's almost expected

Turning to polygamy would almost never happen in Germany/USSR due to deeply ingrained written law (ie, most politicians, voters [especially female voters] would never vote for nor be elected if they voted for polygamy)

Add to this that after WW2, there was actually a food shortage since much of the country's farmhouses/farmland , transportation, agricultural mills, & farmers were killed or destroyed .. thus their society would also have competing scarcity pressures to be more conservative until the food pressures were gone ..
but being sexually liberal, there are written newspaper reports & accounts of
desperate hungry/starving German women giving sexual favors in exchange for food & increase in prostitution that often happens in areas that are economically deprived

Note that in Germany, like France & most of Western Europe, prostitution is legal (in Eastern Europe, the Communist Party banned prostitution until some Eastern European countries legalized it when Communist Party lost power)

3) http://blog.okcupid.com/index.php/your-race-affects-whether-people-write-you-back/
As for the US, surveys & statistics from Match.com's OKCupid dating site above (which was created & run by Harvard statisticians & mathematicians) of 25+ million users show that African-American women actually messenged more males of other races (as well as their own)
had the lowest rates of men of other races replying back to them -they actually had the lowest rates of other messaging them of all groups

Another data point showed that Asian women actually had the highest rates of males messaging them

The Harvard statisticians added it might be racial preferences or it could be that Asian females have the highest rate of being slim/normal weight & African females had the highest rate of being overweight/fat.

Pictorially, overweight women have the lowest rates of being messaged by males of all races since most males find overweight/fat to be unattractive

Other interesting things from Match/OKCupid's 25+ million accounts being data mined by the Harvard administrators/creators:

a) Women over age 40 had 90% drop in men messaging them (number of messages falls off a cliff when women reach age 40)

b) Overweight women also had a huge drop in messages compared to slim attractive women:

Whereas an overweight female would get 0 to 2 messages on average a week, a slim attractive female would get 400-1,000+ in a week

Note that statistics show about 70% of the US population is overweight, and 36% are obese.. there is definitely a shortage of slim attractive women in the US

This results in slim attractive females being deluged with attention due to the 1:3 ratio imbalance

c) Females that showed pictures of their cleavage had higher response rates

d) Men who showed their 6-pack abs had higher response rates. Additionally the most attractive males would get an average of 2+ unsolocited messages from women --this is unusual because most women would never message a man first --most men get 0 unsolocitied messages from women

e) Both men & women who showed pics of themself playing a musical instrument had higher response rates

f) Both men & women who had pictures of themselves traveling outdoors to famous locations had higher response rates as well as with animals/pets

Probably because it indicates shared interests in traveling, pets, or playing music according to the studies

Results were replicated & confirmed in other studies also at other sites

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