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10 July 2016


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That said Flynn seems a lot more good than bad, although Bill Kristol has kind words for Flynn which is cause for concern. Then again I am only observing from afar.

David Habakkuk


I also am puzzled by Lieutenant-General Flynn.

It may be that he is confused – old conventional wisdoms under challenge from new evidence can often produce elements of intellectual chaos.

And then, resentment at the way he was ‘purged’ may enter into this in complex ways.

There also could be an element of opportunism.

The connection to Ledeen I find both puzzling and worrying.
If others could clarify, it would be helpful.


And you can't find another candidate who disagrees with unfettered free trade? Actually you are probably right. The only other one I can think of its Bernie Sanders.

I think you are probably right. This election is about free trade. Funny how the media has not bothered to clarify that.



IMO Flynn's purge from DIA and from active duty was a great shock to him. he had not experienced defeat before. Now, he is flopping about and IMO is sold out to the neocons. pl


I think you have a clear understanding of Flynn's positions... they are contradictory.


Of even greater concern (to those who may prefer clever & selfish diplomacy before warfare) is his co-authoring a book with that paragon of wise policy-making, Michael Ledeen.



These are strange days. I am convinced the West is suffering from pre-civil war turmoil. The propaganda has stopped working. It is impossible to hide that the world is a very dangerous place with the restart of the Cold War 2.0 and the influx of refugees from the Long Wars. If Brexit is a shock, the quick selection of the new Prime Minister and confirmation of the vote to leave the EU seems to provide hope. The USA is approaching being ungovernable with the hallowing out of the middle class that provides stability. 50% of Dallas is struggling. Other than party apparatchik, Americans will vote for the lesser of two evils, a third party candidate or opt out. We are beginning to question if our vote even counts. Today’s inverted pyramid will come hurtling down when people no longer have any reason to hold it together. Elite and technocrats alike will be wiped out by the crash. Perhaps mankind will survive.



I think he is just a confused pretty boy who had a few great moments before he was shown that he, too, is mortal. IMO he will do anything to restore his self-image. pl


The medication you described don't have psychiatric or emotional effects, except nightmares in case of some of the beta blockers.

In any case, she is healthier than Darth Vader Cheney:
The psychological effect of heart pump that he had with hovering on the edge of death, is well described: http://www.sfu.ac.at/publikationen/PTSD%20StressHealth.pdf
Decline in intelectual capacity:

Maybe there is just an evolutionary and physiological explanation for Cheney's behavior: due to his chronic exposure to life-death stress, his paleomammalian brain (limbic or animal brain) took over from his frontal or intellectual/moral brain, leading to the consequences that were extensively discussed on this forum. Maybe in the future, anyone with these artificial-organ life-support systems, should be barred from higher office.



Immigration. Immigration.



I never said her medications caused her psychosis, I said they were the sign of an unhealthy woman. The stroke caused her psychosis, likely with a number of ministrokes.


Tidewater to Bill Herschel, Amir, Tyler, Turcopolier,

Hillary Clinton is on Coumadin (Warfarin) for the rest of her life, it seems.
I find this startling. This is a very dangerous drug, though most recently, I learn, to my surprise, that at "INR levels below 2-3.0 " (whatever that may mean, I suppose a carefully monitored low dosage) people can go for years taking Coumadin. But there is a continuing debate about this drug. At high dosages even a bruise on an arm or leg could cause dangerous bleeding under the skin. A fall could be fatal. It seems that the risks of taking Coumadin versus the risks of simply allowing or treating differently the thrombosis question tend to statistically favor not taking Coumadin. (Of course, I don't know how accurate that received opinion is.)

My question is this. It is commonsense. How could a doctor prescribe Coumadin to a person who has had a stroke? Any kind of a stroke. Coumadin stops the ability of the of blood to clot. It would seem to me that this is the worst possible treatment for someone who has actually had a stroke whether minor or major, or shown a vulnerability to this happening.

Hypothyroidism is apparently diagnosed. The thyroid gland is underperforming, whatever a thyroid gland does. Amir says that this produces an irregular heartbeat? And this irregularity means that blood becomes thicker and at some point can pool and clot, a condition known as deep vein thrombosis? My father and several of those in his generation had, in their late seventies, their legs "stipped" of veins to prevent blood clotting in the legs. It was the use of metal clips instead of "stitches" which cause comment about pain.

From what I have read, Hillary Clinton has a history of deep vein thrombosis. This is being controlled by the Coumadin. She is also on hypertension medication, and I will bet that however much she takes it means that her blood-pressure is at normal levels. I understand Tyler's point that this medication could cause a dry cough. (Something different from the results of her announced vulnerability to 'allergy season.')

I think it seems extremely possible that she suffered a post-concussion syndrome that followed a fall, as specialists in this area have speculated. This has never been admitted. The question of double-vision is suggested by the fresnel lense glasses. This scenario of a fall and of course the actuality of hospitalization happened in December, 2012, as I recall, and she was out of hospital in early January. I suspect that it is likely that she has gotten over the effects of the post-concussion syndrome effects. But I would be curious to hear any opinion about how long such effects would take to go away. I played contact sports and did a certain amount of head tackling, and was never knocked out. I have noticed the whole question of concussion being in the news right now, the effects of concussion on pro football players. Frankly, I didn't realize that concussion was all that dangerous. Players getting 'racked up' used to happen routinely. I didn't know that, as they say, the brain "remembers" concussion. I think Hillary Clinton has to be extremely careful not to fall and not to bruise for the rest of her life.

Again, what I am speculating about here is exactly what is causing the apparently abnormal blood thickness and blood flow. Surely if you could avoid Coumadin with a pacemaker you would go that route, would you not? Also, you would think that they could control the thyroid. I find it hard to believe that hypothyroidism is the dangerous thing. (But you think it is, Amir? Again, why?)

Something lies underneath this, surely, but not a stroke.

Mark Logan

different clue,

That is a problem, but then again they are screwed either way. I'm not convinced Trumps firm supporters are all that firm. Most seem to be so in the thrall of abject hatred of "liberals" they may only be supporting him because he is a peerless irritant of them. Will they be able to stay away? They certainly won't vote for Clinton in any event. Balance that against the number of people who will not vote for Trump under any circumstances and the the math works..or so says my gut...


You have defined yourself.


"My question is this. It is commonsense. How could a doctor prescribe Coumadin to a person who has had a stroke? Any kind of a stroke. Coumadin stops the ability of the of blood to clot. It would seem to me that this is the worst possible treatment for someone who has actually had a stroke whether minor or major, or shown a vulnerability to this happening."

There are 2 types of strokes--ischemic and hemorraghic. 87% of strokes are ischemic and are normally caused by a blood clot which prevents oxygen from reaching the affected portion of the brain, hence the cumadin. Hemorraghic strokes are caused by bleeding from a ruptured vessel which can also damage the "flooded" brain cells, for which you would obviously not prescribe cumadin.

There's nothing strange at all in prescribing blood thinners for someone who has a history of ischemic strokes.



Tidewater to Steve,



how often do people say Sanders is "liberal" or ask if Trump is "conservative"?

Concerning Sanders: my uninformed impression was a strong whiff of sentiments reminiscent of the McCarthy era. Labels: communist, with socialist as close second. Liberal? less so. Maybe considered not so effective in the propaganda tool box. ;)

At most, 1/3 (and probably much less)

It's one of the most peculiar US election it feels, including Kerry trying to confront Dubya as war hero. But yes, I think you are right.

Babak Makkinejad

The West never fails to learn from past mistakes; that is like Europe supporting the widow of Jefferson Davis or US supporting that of Maximillian after the triumph of Juarez.

I do not know why Iranians do not break diplomatic relations with France.

Babak Makkinejad

I suspect that too - I look at the politics of Iran, Italy, and France over the last 30 years and it is all about inter-clique rivalry - with the ordinary citizens being spectators to the comings and goings of well-connected people who, all the while, profess devotion to this or that slogan.

When a kid owns a Lamborghini and 2 miles away a family of 6 lives in a 30-square meter hovel - you are not talking about Democracy but Feudalism.

Babak Makkinejad


Boston, England:


Babak Makkinejad

He understand that the core state of Muslim Civilization and US are on very very bad terms.

He also understands that there are threats emanating from un-lawful Muslim combatants against the United States.

His conclusion is that US is at war with Islam and must take the war to Muslims; as far as I understand his position.

Babak Makkinejad

Flynn at least calls a spade a spade; he is willing to admit that there is a religious war.

One may disagree with his prescription (more war) in contradistinction to mine which is "Partial Cease Fires".

Babak Makkinejad

Nixon was not stealing secrets; he was sure to win. His problem was that he was too loyal to his underlings and associates - the old game of Politics as Patronage.

Congress threatened to impeach him, he owed too much to the Republican Party for his rise to power to not be persuaded to resign.

Congress did not threaten to impeach Ronald Reagan - one guy was obstructing justice, the other one lying to Congress - not to mention the earlier one hat suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus or even the earlier one that refused to uphold the Law in case of the Cherokee Nation.

Nixon was just unpopular - may be it was his nose.

Babak Makkinejad


On Brexit:




It was the cover up that did it. He deserved to be impeached.

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