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29 July 2016


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If I were Putin/ Russians and I had Clinton' 30000 deleted emails, I wouldn't just release them yet. They might be worth much more then just getting Trump elected. If Trump doesn't get elected then Russian still have a trove of 30000 emails the Clintons didn't want the public to know and Feds to see them. Anybody who might have those emails knows they can be used to coerce the future POTOS,(if she gets elected) to something more valuable, and if she refused to comply, release, and perhaps distablize and impeach if they are that bad that Clintons had to delete before Feds get to them.


Fortunately for me I was on vacation in the sunny South. I managed to make Chelsea's intro of Mom and some of Hilary's speech. I'll have to read or view the rest. Here's my initial perception. It's nice to know Chelsea loved dinosaurs as a kid but I don't think that is a word to use when introducing the grandmother-in-chief nominee. It didn't helped any when seeing Dad's face panned by the camera. (I notice he didn't have that $10,000 make up job from the night before).

America's mom is going to "do something" about gun violence. Will that include talking about the "mass" shooting in Ft. Myers Fl the day before (2 dead, 17 injured; media silent on who did it. I doubt it even made the national news) or about the police officer who was assassinated in San Diego? Another mournful day for the thin blue line. This only a day or so after the prosecutor in Baltimore drops all remaining charges in the Freddie Grey case. What will the candidate "... who will reform our criminal justice system..." do about that? She should, but won't, go after the prosecutor. The Law and Order candidate is going to gain some more votes while the BLM folks are going to .....

Education, Hilary is going to go "full bailout" for colleges and universities. Music to the ears of professors, administrators, contractors, suppliers and assorted hangers on. Four more years! Of full employment without accountability. I'm sure that will garner plenty of votes, but then she already had that special interest group locked up. Where's the money going to come from ?- everyone who pays taxes. What's the value of the credentials being bought? Apparently "who cares" is the appropriate response.

Security. Lets just say I'm sure she will keep our cities and towns as safe as she kept her email server.



Did they do one on the possibility that the US Ambassador to Libya was in Benghazi to try to arrange something along those lines for the unicorns in Syria?

Mark Arnest

This is going to be a base election in which hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent to convince people it's not worth voting. That said, I'll be surprised if Trump wins. HRC is very unpopular, but her unpopularity is well established. Trump - who was a punchline when I lived in NYC back in the early '80s - is only becoming known beyond his TV persona, and the more people learn about him, the more they'll hate him.


"Foreigners feel free to join in. Your interests are at stake as well. "

Nice to see that for once admitted. So we are now allowed to criticize U.S. policies without getting banned?

Hillary means certain new wars and certain escalations in big power competition.

We do not really know what Trump will mean. I like his talk on peace with Russia and on NATO but he wants to make trouble with Iran which makes no sense at all (the price he had to pay for Sheldon support). His character and history point to a somewhat isolationist view on many issues. I like that very much. Fix your country but please leave others alone. For that I very much favor him knowing well that I might get disappointed.

S Wood

I agree, Things can change but if I were a betting man:

Princeton Election Consortium
A first draft of electoral history. Since 2004

As of July 29, 12:03PM EDT:Snapshot (89 state polls): Clinton 320 EV, Trump 218 EV Meta-margin: Clinton +3.3%RSSClinton Nov. win probability: random drift 65%, Bayesian 85%Senate snapshot: Dem+Ind: 50, GOP: 50



Whatever lets you sleep at night.



The "demographic advantage" is muted because most of it lies in two states that already go blue all the time: CA and NY (really NYC for the latter).

Hillary is shedding the Rust Belt and Coal Country as fast as she can, and she's going to lose the race as white people realize that she's looking to pump the US full of Mexicans as quickly as possible.



AFAIK Trump hasn't broken any laws relating to national security or left men to die in Benghazi and lied about it.


Mark Arnest,

Yeah except the polls are showing the opposite of what your last line insists.

dat argument by assertion fallacy. lmbo


There is no such thing as a "moderate." There are people who buy into one set of view (liberals) and those who accept another (conservatives), each of which include packages of policies, ideals, and other characteristics don't naturally go together--but "serious" people think they do. Then there are a bunch of people who don't buy into them, and these are your "moderates," which, incidentally, is why the "serious" people don't understand moderates. Trump is a moderate. Sanders is a moderate, most Americans are moderates. Mitt Romney probably was not a moderate. Hillary Clinton certainly is not a moderate.


Trump can win if two things happen. First, he can't bleed too many suburbanites. If they are lost, no Republican can win. Second, he has to win over a lot more of the working class whites. Clinton is helping Trump a lot here and Trump, from the beginning, has been the only candidate who could be credible to these voters. Still a big gamble on both of these fronts, so a big gamble overall. But, if Romney showed one thing, getting vast majorities of suburbanites and ONLY the suburbanites can never win elections.

Trey N

Maybe so Lars, but a lot of reliable past indicators in many fields of activity are now no longer valid, due to corruption on a vast scale. Best example: how high-frequency trading via algobots in the stock market, combined with the worthless drivel of current non-GAAP "earnings reports," have ruined traditional investment strategies for individual investors. The data just can't be trusted, and the big brokerages run amok screwing their customers (look up the latest settlement by Merrill Lynch in that regard).

In all too many cases, what used to work -- simply doesn't any more....


I haven't seen McAuliffe say that and I live in Virginia. Can you provide a link?


I grew up in NJ, worked in Chicago for many years, and now live in Central Virginia. Outside of the insular, liberal enclave in which I live, an awfully lot of people seem to be sporting Trump bumper stickers on their pick up trucks.


I suppose you think Cruz is a moderate. Think what you will. Both Bushes were moderates; Bill Clinton was a moderate; and so was Reagan in retrospect circa the 1990's. Moderates get elected when the system approximates open competition.

Neither of our candidates in this cycle are moderates, imo.

Margaret Steinfels

By "y'all" I mean the foreigners that Col. Lang invited to join in; they too will feel the effects of the 2016 election. As far as I have followed the discussions here, most of "them" will not be happy with Clinton, however little most actually seem to know about her. Depending on where they live (say Poland, Estonia, Ukraine, etc.,) they will be even more unhappy with Trump.


This is part of Bush the younger's plans to discredit US Social Security to allow folks the option of investing contributions in other "plans."

This is part of the plans for the evisceration of Social Security at the benefit of Wall Street. My better half and I receive small benefits from SS and hope to collect our EU pensions at some point as we have recently applied for them.

Unless and until HRC commits to supporting SS, I will not even consider giving her my time of day.

Trey N

Would to God the immoral, lying, thieving, murdering, cowardly hag only "*lacked* character" instead of being a total psychopath....

Trey N

Re "anonymous polls" - our phone was literally ringing off the hook this spring from political pollsters calling to ask who we were going to vote for.

My answer: "What the hell is it you idiots don't understand about the concept of 'secret ballot'"?

Trey N

"I will vote for Clinton with the belief that Trump is worse."

Just curious, Walker: given Hillary's track record of sleaze, corruption, and lying her entire life; her total lack of sponsoring one single piece of meaningful legislation during her entire Senate term; the complete catastrophe that her Libya policy resulted in; the fact that she is a tool of Wall Street and the 1% oligarchs; and (worst of all) that she is a neocon and will continue their warmongering against Russia, China, and a large part of the rest of the world to boot -- how do you believe that "Trump is worse"? What has he actually *done* to make you think that he is worse than what Hillary has already *proven* herself to be??

I am asking this question in all sincerity. I look forward to hearing your reasons, because I am genuinely curious to learn how and why Hillary's followers support her, given her track record and positions.

(Anyone else who wants to try and explain this phenomenon to me is more than welcome to chime in!)

different clue


Why would the Left freak out over the HRC-dumping-in-the-polls part of it? I think the Left would treat a Hillary defeat as an I-told-you-so moment to throw back in the DNC's face.

Granted, the Left would be sad to see Trump elected. But that same Left would be happy to see Hillary defeated. It would be a strange case of mixed emotions. It would be like a mass placed just exactly between two black holes of equal-but-opposite sucking power, emotionally speaking.

And optimists on the Left would look on the bright side and be happy on balance that Trump was able to destroy 2, two, TWO dynasties in one.


Tyler -

Ha. You're the one that doesn't accept numbers unless they agree with you, as I recall. Worship your orange god, nobody cares.

different clue


Who were the people withIN your insular liberal enclave sporting bumper stickers for . . . during the primary season?


I think it was a mistake to have the two conventions so close together?

Certain my own "convention fatigue" was very obvious by Tuesday of this week and I think millions of other Americans felt it also.

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