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29 July 2016


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The Colonel will correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that Trump has managed to turn the "party of Lincoln" into a Know-Nothing movement!

(For my fellow foreigners: search for "Lincoln" in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Know_Nothing )

Nativism, isolationism and (with Pence) religious zealotry. Full stop. Everything else has been abandoned to the Democrats, who have gladly taken up the torch of supposedly American ideals. That's how you end up with a speech like this:


As a side note, I'm bemused at people railing against Hillary's "lack of character". As opposed to Saint Donald Trump? Come on.


Passing virtually unnoticed during the primaries were the voting results from Democrats Abroad. By contrast, those who were running the show and hand tabulating the results were ecstatic that the "unprecedented turnout" showed participation levels @ 50% over the 2008 election.

It is stunningly apparent that Madame Secretary is enormously unpopular among our fellow citizens living beyond our borders. Bernie creamed her by 69% to 31%.

Not that she lost every contest though; Dems abroad in Nigeria, Singapore and the Dominican Republic did favor her.

Fascinating regional and country-by-country results:


Go Go Trumpzilla

Yeah, General Allen is exactly the kind of guy you wouldn't want as the czar fighting ISIS. Or any job. In fact, you wouldn't want this creep near your daughter.

General John R. Allen Reportedly Exchanged 20,000 to 30,000 Pages of 'Potentially Inappropriate' Emails With Jill Kelley [Petraeus' paramour]



As we all know this election will be decided by a handful of states. The only polls we should watch are the polls from those states. IMO, this is going to be a Brexit like election, so I would weight higher the anonymous online polls as there could enough people who plan to vote for Trump but don't want to acknowledge it publicly. At the end of the day it will come down to which side has more motivated supporters. There's very few voters that are undecided and can be persuaded. It's clear both candidates know that. See where they're campaigning right now. The rest of us can go to sleep. I'm in the fringe minority in my Democrat state as I never vote the duopoly. My vote has never mattered.

Personally I had to chuckle at the Borg Queen's speech. Total dissonance from her actual record. But that's not gonna matter to her die-hards who view her opponent as the reincarnation of Hitler. Funny, but I know a few folks who were at the Blackrock party in Philly where delegates were being plied with the best booze and food and ferried back and forth to the convention center. They were saying the amount of backslapping that was going on was real fun to watch. Wall St knows its their girl and know its their party too. They're gonna spend whatever it takes.


"He seems to be hated by all the right people."

LOL, the most distinctive feature of this election will be that a majority of voters will not so much vote FOR their candidate than AGAINST the other one.


Thanks. It is an interesting , albeit alarming, piece.

charles Michael

you have the complete agreement of a not so representative French man.
opposite to the old saying, I would prefer an unknown angel(let's say virgin politico) to a very well known devil.

Go Go Trumpzilla

It is clear, if Clinton wins she'll ramp up neo-con aggression against Russia big time (think Kagan-Nuland on bath salts). She'll redouble efforts to overthrow Assad. She'll put the 'Camp of the Saints' transformation of America into high gear. She will end all restraints the globalist finance plutocracy. Bye, bye Western civilization as we knew it. And I am not being hyperbolic here.

As Honore de Balzac once said, “The final battle for Christianity will be over the money problem, and until that is solved there can be no universal application of Christianity.”

"Taking him to a high mountain, the devil showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splen-dor. ‘I will give you all these,' he said, ‘if you fall at my feet and worship me'.” (Luke 4:8-10).

This, then, is the devil's plan, to rule the whole world, and his people are almost ready to deliver it to him. The super-capitalists are in Financiers Enslave the World 31 control of global high finance, with Zionism as their nationalism, and Communism as their bulldozer to eliminate all other nationalisms. It's all Luciferian. And have you noticed that nothing makes these folks as apoplectic as the Cross of Christ.



Yes, because that is not a total non sequitur based on what we're seeing now.

Weak troll 1/10



You gotta remember, this is Lars we are dealing with. Not the sharpest tool in the shed and always ready to shoehorn in the most ridiculous of links.


This site has an excellent multi-cycle record of predicting US presidential elections. That's all.



More than casing joints. Pokemon seems designed to be a backdoor spying mechanismsm on anyone foolish enough to use it.


Trey N,

That has been my response when people plead with me about the supreme court appointments.



Self censoring WHAT? Are you cut and pasting some what some cucked writer from TheFederalist or HuffPaint told you to? Do you have an original thought in your head?

Hillary needs a better grade of intern.


London Bob,

Its not surprising to me. The globalists are getting in the shorts all over.

Here in AZ, McCain's campaign has been spectacularly tone deaf on Ward's insurgency. His attempts to kill shot her by tying her to ISIS and defense funding were patently ridiculous, and her responses revealed as much. He's resorted to running ads about how the A-10 program will be killed if he loses his primary, which also is pretty laughable.

People are tired of their congressmen running off to DC after taking a hard ideological line here, and it's showing.



Ah, the mythical moderate unicorn theory has appeared.

The RNC has run moderates in 2008 and 2016, and look what happened.

Trump IS actually pretty moderate, and he believes the US is a country and not a bazaar.



Ah, the "because I said so" lawgic.

Nah, I think we'll be pretty unhappy under Big Grandma.



I can hear you breathing into that paper bag from over here.

Big Grandma is going down.


Ha! Ha!
So you know something nobody knows.
Would you mind to share this?


General Allen is a well respected individual with a stellar career, but now is retired and entering civilian life. CNAS is a subject that has been thoroughly bantered about on this site so all should be well informed.
I have always had the utmost respect for the military (granted I may be treading water here) while respecting their independence and quietude on political thought or expression. Now once retired military get up on stage and prognosticate the virtues of one candidate versus another they become nothing more than the call girl down the street who also will tell you what you want to hear.
Facts seem to work and facts is what we get on this site.


As a progressive Democrat I'm extremely disappointed by the convention. The sole breaths of fresh air were exhaled on Monday. Last night's parade of hawkish hacks, epitomized by Leon Panetta, make me deeply apprehensive.

The Sanders wing of the party is mischaracterized as "isolationist and pacifist" (both pejorative terms today), by the Democratic establishment as well as Republicans and the press.

Some Sanders supporters are pacifist. However, there are others who acknowledge the need for a strong military, yet also believe that 1) reliance on coercion in foreign policy is a mistake and 2) we can't manage and should not try to achieve world dominance.

I will vote for Clinton with the belief that Trump is worse. But I long for a different party.


Domestic issues undid George H W Bush, were responsible for Bill Clinton's enduring popularity, and scuttled Obama's Presidency after 2 years. I have a feeling the Obama's foreign policy is only as bad as it is because he's had his domestic agenda neutered (largely by his own party). He has had nothing to do domestically beyond issuing platitudes. So he's spent his time on foreign policy, a task he had no real interest in, and on which he has been ill-advised.

Both candidates for President really need to have a concrete, realistic, as-bipartisan-as-possible plan to push forward in congress, along with some strategy in getting it passed.

I am Canadian. I can tell you that the Canadian cabinet is obsessed by domestic issues. It always has been. Perhaps because the Canadian government has power to make domestic policy, something the US government has had for only brief moments during the last 16 to 20 years (Clinton's New-Deal welfare destruction, Bush's tax cut for the wealthy, patriot act, investment and recovery act, obamacare)! Of course I know that foreign policy has take a much greater importance for the US government: it is the major world power. But to the exclusion of all else in government? To the point where a not insignificant proportion of the US population, both left and right, entertains nihilism?

The US government was of course, in a great place 20 years ago. Maybe not much needed to be changed by the government. And it still is in an enviable position. Sometimes laws need to be changed though. And government needs to be structured so that elections matter and the law changed according to the preference of the parties people elect.


This is yet one more take: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QManw4MsC0 It is 30 minutes.

The Young Turks with two reporters, one from US News and World Report and one from Al Jazeera, and a blogger.

I found this very interesting.


I'm a foreign resident. I hold European left wing views. I can't bear that woman because she appears to be both corrupt and self righteous. She is the enemy of democracy and the left wing in the us. I strongly suspect Trump will win because people are sick of the corrupt status quo. Much as with brexit the polls underestimate his support because he had been described as a racist. I think a Trump win is probably a net good for the US because it will clear out a bunch of people who have made their living from the status quo. But I don't know what Trump really thinks. I doubt he knows himself.


I suspect we are back where we were before the conventions. The two worst candidates in modern history facing off against each other. People will be faced with voting for the lesser evil choice, or not voting at all.


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