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29 July 2016


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"This, then, is the devil's plan, to rule the whole world, and his people are almost ready to deliver it to him."

The ending of the story is already known, they lose.

Mark Logan

Tyler, jtd...and other "low information voters" (ahem)

"Is Kerry's opinion of Assad changing" can be googled. Or are y'all the sort of naifs who expect public figures to loudly and clearly admit mistakes and whose minds are closed to anything less?

The idiocy of our initial policy towards that situation was so great it is possible even Kerry could, over the course of a few years perhaps, detect it. You know this to be true.


no one in my circle will vote for Clinton, regardless of their near unanimous support for Bernie. I can divide them in equal three groups: one third will stay home, the other will vote for Jill Stein and to everyone's surprise, the last third will vote for Trump (with their noses closed) just to block the Wolverine-in-Sheep's Clothing


That's about as much a rational thought as claiming Trump is a Nazi! Clinton is as far from Marxism as Trump is from a Brown Shirt! Get real!

Trey N

I respect all three choices. I only hope that as more SHTF over the next three months re how corrupt Clinton and her cronies are, people from the first two groups will decide to join the third group. Keeping her wrinkled old fingers off the nuclear button today is even more important than keeping McCain's off was in 2004.

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