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21 July 2016


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There was no coup in France but there was a number of suspects arrested because of the attacks, the coup in Turkey justified the arrest of the criminals who were involved there and other suspects.

The states of emergency in both countries are comparable and are the 'similar restrictions' on the whole country I'm referring to.

I hope you get the distinction because I don't think I'm allowed to comment further on France.



A point you are missing is the Turkish Government had previously stated that they want to improve relations with Syria which means time for conflict closure.


You mean the home team that shoots down a civilian airliner and blames the other while denouncing anyone who questions the score?


No it's not but thanks for another interesting link. The article I referred to was published a few days ago.

different clue


The problem is that different US factions will advance different notions of US interests. If Clinton is elected, the DC FedRegime will attempt winning Erdogan over based on renewed support for toppling Assad and supporting all the alphabet jihadis, coupled with a token effort just for appearances to oppose ISIS.

If Trump is elected, we maybe have a chance to signal our acceptance of Erdogan's re-orientation towards Russia, Iran and the SCO . . . IF Erdogan changes 180 from "Assad must go" to "Assads rebel opponents must be exterminated." We should set up a "ready-to-go" set of sanctions and boycotts designed to make Turkey as poor as South Sudan if Erdogan thinks he can combine his new "re-orientation" with his same old opposition to Assad and support for the Global Axis of Jihad. We should consider wiping out the Global Axis of Jihad to be more important than maintaining the current so-called "stability" which is designed to advance the Global Axis of Jihad's interests and goals.

different clue

The Beaver,

Those Turkish students abroad might all be advised to request political asylum where they are. Then governments might think about how to respond when the Erdogist government takes all their remaining family members hostage to try forcing all the overseas Turkish student asylum seekers to return.


You are absolutely right in your first paragraph. We certainly need a re-presentation of the European 20th century; but it might be long in coming.


Suspending the ECHR is perfectly legal, and there is even a provision in the ECHR regarding this: article 15, "Derogation in time of emergency", http://www.echr.coe.int/Documents/Convention_ENG.pdf.

And by the way: France likewise suspended the ECHR after the attacks at the end of last year.



No. Go ahead. I look forward to the opportunity to comment on your remarks. pl



""US propaganda lies about the Soviet Union" What were these lies?"

The basic US propaganda lie was that the Soviet Union was aggressive and a credible threat to Western Germany. However, behind that there were many more US propaganda lies, like Western Germany under nomnial leadership of John Mc Cloys brother in law Adenauer was a democracy, had independent unions and freedom of expression, the US was against totalitarism, fascism and racism, the Soviet Union was behind the devision of Germany and Europe, the founding of the FRG was a reaction to the founding of the GDR, the founding of NATO was a reaction to the founding of the Warsaw contract, and so on and so forth.

"Question: Was the GSFG a defensive deployment in East Germany to prevent a NATO invasion of the Warsaw Pact?"

As you may have noted, the GSFG came to East Germany only after the German military killed tens of millions of people in the Soviet Union and tried to conquer large parts of Russia, including Moscow and Petersburg, because in Germany there happened to be a "colored revolution" of the color brown, financed by the US and inspired by US works of ideology, politically aiming to support British and US schemes of aggression against the Soviet Union.

During the end phase of WWII, Britain and the US wanted to continue the war to conquer Russia, but their so called "Operation Unthinkable" was militarily deemed to risky, so they called it off. Directly after WWII Britain and the US betrayed agreements with the Soviet Union by dividing Germany, and the US military intelligence (a bit later the CIA took over these terror groups) lost no time to set up terror groups to destabilize Soviet run Eastern Germany with bombings and killings to overthrow the Soviet backed regime there. A founder of one such US-backed Western German terror group, KgU, was later rewarded with the post of chief justice of the German constitutional court. However, the US-led destabilization attempts of Eastern Germany and Eastern Europe instrumentalizing fascist terror (not only in Germany, think of Bandera, too) were not successful in overthrowing the governments, because Soviet tanks prevented that.

"Dis you grow up in the GDR?"

NO,I grew up in the FRG. I was a target of these US propaganda lies, that's why I know the lies well, which the people in the FRG were told about the Soviet Union, the nature of the US and German politics. As I later found out, people in the GDR had it much easier to learn about reality, because their education system and media told them lot's of basic things about the Western system, which we people in the FRG weren't told by our totalitarian US rule. Oh, did I say totalitarian US rule? Don't take it personal. It's just because in my expeirence the US treats everyone as an enemy who disagrees with it's lies and desire for global supremacy, which Americans call, correct me if I'm wrong, their exceptionalism by the grace of god.

""the desire of the US ambassador in Germany to have US nukes in Germany" You do know I hope that an ambassador these days is just a messenger? He doesn't set policy about anything except hours in the lujch room."

Of course, I do. But it doesn't make the situation any better. It just means that it is official US government policy that Germans shall endure US nukes against German wishes, because if Germans could get rid of them, the Turks may want to do the same.

"Which wars of aggression?"

Just take the US-led wars on Yugoslavia and Iraq as latest examples of US wars of aggression. But, of course, the undeclared terror wars like the unconventional war on Syria fits in a similar category.

"You sre an enemy of the United States."

See my remark above why I think the US rule is totalitarian. It's because the US usually declares anyone an enemy who has thoughts not liked by the US.

"Do you still think of yourself asa Marxist-Leninist?"

I never was. I think the core of Marxism-Leninism, the economic model, is stupid and doesn't work out well. I think the pragmatic economic model introduced by Deng Xiaoping in China are much more sensible than Marxism-Leninism.



I am sometimes accused of maintaining an "echo-chamber" on SST and to refute that I will keep you here as an extreme example of an anti-American German. Somehow, I think that like b you are still angry over German defeat in WW2. I am curious as to how the US causes the German government to keep insisting that US forces and nukes should remain in Germany. BTW, are you a danger to Americans in Germany? pl



I get the distinction well. Erdogan is at 60,000 arrested and/or fired from government employment and you are at "a number of suspects" arrested.



When he's out of jail those one can not defend oneself against will be back to ensure he knows how to kneel properly. And this is the country that once fought the USSR to a standstill.


FB Ali,

Just what type of citizenship did they have?


Well good to know where you are coming from.
Does someone assign you a handle for the blog or do you pick from a list?


It will take some time, inevitably. But every time I am asked where the root of the answers for many things which are happening today in the world, my answer is always the same--look at the battlefields of WW II. Plutarch stated that it takes a historian 50 years to describe the war more or less correctly, as strange as it may sound, it took more than 50 years for real history to begin to surface. Who would think--in the era of electronic media. On the same note, each time I hear that USSR and USA didn't go to war in post WW II period because of "democracy" and crap like that, I always laugh--it was generation of both US and especially Soviet politicians who were WW II veterans who knew what a horror this war could be. Ike, sure as hell, knew it and so did George Marshall--it was this generation of veterans, not some political BS system which prevented it-in general, more or less responsible people. Today, on US side we have a generation of people whose only war experience are CNN reports or plain simple nut jobs like Cotton who thinks that his couple of tours in Iraq (or wherever) make him authority on starting WW III. Sadly, we don't get Ikes or George Marshalls anymore, albeit I always liked gruff tough SOB Sir Mike Jackson--a real deal. Come to think about it--late Norm Shwazkopf was a real deal guy too.



I agree with all of that except the part about Schwartzkopf who was a vain, selfish man of no real talent. Quoting myself rom a comment I made in December, 2012 one occasion of his death. I was responding to someone who had worked for me at the time of my struggle with Fat Norman's staff.
"- He went to CENTCOM to shut the place down after the collapse of the USSR. His pals saw this as a way to get him a fourth star.

- DIA provided a study of how Iraq could invade Kuwait easily. NS then began doing contingency planning in the hope that a JCS approved plan might keep his command in existence

- DIA supported that but we would not accept the unrealistic assumptions having to do with warning times and movement times on both sides that he wanted in the plan as a convenience to him. Without the warning time in the plan that he wanted he could not get his "deterrent force" in place before the Iraqis could attack Kuwait in force. Plans exist within the universe created by their assumptions. DIA knew a great deal about Iraq's forces in the aftermath of the IR/IZ War. We were sure that a realistic deployment time for the Iraqis into their assembly areas would be 7 days. NS wanted 21 days. He could not get the plan approved if we would not sign off on it. I offered CENTCOM ten days. You all jumped all over me for that. I deserved it. In the event the Iraqis deployed in a week.

- NS wanted to attack Iraqi forces frontally with his half a million men. Powell disapproved that and the Jedi Knights were brought in to write the plan for envelopment that was used. NS had nothing to do with writing the plan.

- He would not allow us to deploy HUMINT or SOF assets into Iraqi held territory before Desert Saber started. he said that they might be captured and that would be embarrassing.

- DIA supported NS's incompetent CENTCOM intelligence staff with 2,000 people for eight months. 600 were deployed to Riyadh to do the work for his people. Jim Ritchie never got the credit for running that. C-130s flew continuously to SA carrying all the work DIA did for him. Many phone lines were kept open for all that time so that a continuous support was offered. NS's gratitude to DIA for all the agency did for him was expressed in congressional hearings in which he bitched about not having had perfect knowledge of the enemy. What a clown!

- His behavior with regard to his security in theater was ludicrous. I traveled to Riyadh several times with groups of US senators. His PSD wore civilian clothes and followed us around his headquarters in MODA while pointing their damned sub-machine guns at members of the senate. I was not polite to the goons.

- in the immediate aftermath of the war and before he retired he got himself a personal "agent" and started telling the rest of DoD that we should talk to his agent if we wanted an appointment. He was the first post-modern general.

Everyone can spare me the BS about what a great commander he was. pl"


I agree.
And more:
“Russia will never again fight a war on its own territory!”
Sergey Karaganov, a personal advisor to President Vladimir Putin.


Sir, maybe they knew about " Operation Unthinkable".



https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Unthinkable Surely you know the difference between a planning exercise and an intention to attack. Surely? pl


I have a different take. Erdogan is not the neo-Otoman Sultan that the MSM tries to portray. It was Davotuglu , his former PM who is the neo-Otomanist and CIA plant. Check it out. He wrote a piece on Osman. Erdogan is conservative and his beef like that of the secular Kemalist generals is against NATO helping the kurds establish a separate entity or country. To sign up on this is is treason. So they did a U turn towards Russia, Syria, Iran and Asia. Erdogan is a big conservative and small islamist. That is why the secular Kemalist sided with him in this coup If he had been the islamist bogey man that the Western MSM tries unsuccessfully to demonize him with, the secular Kemalist Army generals would have turned against him. But they didn't. They actually supported him with nuclear blackmail against NATO's Air Force at Incirlik.

The man that wants to carve up a pan-islamic Turkic Empire is holed up in Pennsylvania. He is protected and perhaps funded by the CIA and the klintonistas at State Department. His name is Fethullah Gulen think of him as a contemporary Genghis Khan. The reason why the Deep State of Pennsylvania Avenue and Wall Street wants him is because he wants to carve up all of the Asian Turkic states off from Russia and China. Consider the resources and power of all of Turkey, Khazastan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Ingushetia, Chechnya, etc. into a renewed Muslim Turkic Empire. If you are looking for a quasi religious figure, then Fethullah Gulen is your anti-christ man. Divide and conquer is the idea.


I am using my first name.



"Somehow, I think that like b you are still angry over German defeat in WW2."

Not at all. As I write already I see the past as the past and am not angry for the past. And if I had anything where I could be a bit angry about the US if I would look in the past, then it would certainly not the Nazi defeat in WWII, but the complex of rather positive US-relations with Hitler, probably best known to the wider english-languaged public due to the books of Antony C. Sutton, like this one:

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler


"I am curious as to how the US causes the German government to keep insisting that US forces and nukes should remain in Germany."

In German coalition negotiations with Merkel in the fall of 2009, Westerwelle wanted to write into the coalition agreement that Germany should ask or demand from the US to take back their nukes from Germany. The military agreed that they served no purpose. But German polititians close to the US informed the US embassy, which promptly ordered Merkel and Westerwelle not to make a demand to take back the US nukes in Germany. The US ambassador didn't challenge the evalution that the US nukes in Germany served no sensible military purpose, but argued that Germany has to keep the US nukes, because if Germany would ask the US to take back their nukes other nations having unpopular US nukes (Turkey being obviously the prime case) might follow and the US didn't want that happen. It came all to light only when wikileaks published the leaked diplomatic cables in fall 2010.

"BTW, are you a danger to Americans in Germany?"

That sounds like a crazy idea to me. If I liked violence, I most likely would like the US more than I do. But I don't like violence, that's what my objections to global US war policy are all about.



"the US embassy, which promptly ordered Merkel and Westerwelle not to make a demand to take back the US nukes in Germany." Prove that! Understand that since the fall of the USSR I am and have been in favor of US withdrawal of all forces from Europe but to think that somehow the US controls the German government is, in my opinion, paranoid fantasy. pl

Sam Peralta

Wow! You are one resentful guy and a good reason why the US should leave. Don't call us when you blow up Europe again!

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