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01 July 2016


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The Twisted Genius

Slick Willie was a little too slick for his own good. His stunt backfired badly and now Lynch is forced to accept the FBI's recommendations to salvage her own reputation in this matter. So now it's up to the FBI to throw the monkey wrench into the Clinton machine. Throw it hard and throw it fast. I concur with Bill Herschel's comment to the previous post, except Clinton won't withdraw. She will have to be driven out with pitchforks and torches. Feel the Bern.

"Clinton withdraws from the race. Sanders is the nominee. Trump goes back to hotels, golf courses, casinos and the Howard Stern show. America wins."


I learned one valuable term in the conspiracy universe, from one of the most incomprehensible/cryptic contributors, but apparently also pretty street-wise, he called it "deviant elites". It could help close the circle to corruption. And the obviously not that easy tools to deal with it.

On the other hand you can famous easily nowadays, apparently even pretty short-term. Which allows you to sell a Kel-tec you bought at one point for 300 something dollars for above 100,000 Dollars. Pretty impressive gains. Never mind, it's not quite what you would have needed to pay, if you hadn't joined the ?semi-fake? competition. But instead decided to buy it on the spot. In that case a buy-immediately-offer would forced you to pay 500,000 dollars.


All meaningless, unless Lynch either resigns or appoints an Independent Counsel. Simply recusing herself does not remove the stain of unlawful command influence.


Maybe they wanted to get rid of Lynch?


Blowback's a b--ch, and slick willy's in the doghouse again (for many nights).

Shameless, as in even the appearance of ethical conflicts (taking the grankid talk at face value, which I don't for a second, and neither does John Kass in his excellent skewer) are for the little people, as well as protecting govt secrets, and numerous other laws and rules, and just common decency.

Still think Borg is better than meat puppet as a useful analogy for the mainstream media / commentariat / establishment thinkers, albeit less fun.


Your keyboard to god's ears!


TTG: Bernie would be great. The Congress would reject his policies, but the country would be well served with 4 years of actual policy debate.


TTG, Sir

Do you think Comey is a man of honor? He stood up some what to Dubya's "lawlessness" in that famous hospital scene.

We'll know soon enough if our highest law enforcement officials believe the law applies to the political elite. It clearly didn't for the financial elite and Clapper, Alexander and Petraeus. Lanny Breuer, AG Holder's deputy who has returned to the same law firm with Holder is promoting this on his bio page:

"He specializes in helping clients navigate financial fraud investigations, anti-corruption matters, money laundering investigations, securities enforcement actions, cybercrime incidents, Congressional investigations, and other criminal and civil matters presenting complex regulatory, political, and public relations risks."

Crooked Hillary can retain him. In any case the Clinton Foundation tax attorney is at the same firm. Is it any wonder why under Holder & Breuer there was not a single indictment of anyone behind the securitization sausage factory and the credit bust?


One can only hope.


I think we need to give Loretta a little more credit. As AG she waltzes into BHO's office the afternoon after he gives full support to HRC and says what....nobody knows.....somehow Huma takes a deposition & Hill is on stage promising to work on salvaging her trustworthiness.....now Slick Willie prances in and Loretta lets it happen...yup... After a career as a lawyer she let that happen...so now she can legally step aside. To me Crooked Hillary and Slick Willie were just greased for the coming onslaught.
Do you really think Bernie can take Donald??


From Lynch's press interview in Aspen:

After much prodding from Capehart, she even basically acknowledged the meeting never should have happened.

"I certainly wouldn't do it again," she said.

John Minnerath

This could lead to the end of HRC. Even her friends and fans in the MSM are having a hard time defending her and the BHO clan surrounding her.

robt willmann

This is intriguing. I heard only a small part of the questions to Loretta Lynch at the Aspen function. This may be a video of her at that part of the Aspen event on the issue of an investigation of Hillary Clinton, her (Loretta's) meeting with Bill Clinton, etc. Being preoccupied right now, I will watch it later--


In this whole drama, one must not forget, because it is not publicized, that Loretta Lynch was on the board of directors of the New York Branch of the Not-Federal Reserve Bank for a while when George W. Bush (Bush jr.) was president. And Ms. Lynch was on the search committee of the NY Fed board which "searched" far and wide (ROFL) for a new president and CEO. The recommendation was for ... drum roll ... Timothy Geithner, who was appointed on October 15, 2003 to be president and CEO of the NY Fed--


Mr. Geithner had worked as an Undersecretary of the Treasury for Treasury Secretaries Robert Rubin and Larry Summers when Bill Clinton was president (!), and started working at the International Monkey-Business Fund (IMF) in 2001. Then he is president of the NY Fed during the start of the Big Bailout and then continued with the bailout when he was Secretary of the Treasury from January 2009 to January 2013 for Obama--


Loretta Lynch was appointed to be the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn) by president Bill Clinton. Then she goes into private practice as a "partner" (right away) at Hogan & Hartson. Then she is appointed to the board of directors of the NY Fed. Then in 2010, president Obama puts her back as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of NY. And in 2014, Obama appoints her to be attorney general of the U.S.--


Notice that Ms. Lynch's biography at the Department of Justice website says nothing about her having been on the board of directors of the New York Fed, the most important "branch" of the Not-Federal Reserve Bank.

She has been brought along by people above Barack Obama on the totem pole.



I agree on this moment for Sanders. I hope Comey does the right thing. I hope they make a movie about his integrity then, and perhaps now.


The Twisted Genius

Jack, I have no reason to doubt the integrity of Comey. I don't agree with his take on encryption and probably other things, but I consider him to be a man of honor.


When the White House wants to minimize public exposure, they schedule their announcements for Friday.

David Habakkuk


As an ignorant Brit, I cannot judge American politics. However, I am somewhat surprised by your apparent optimism that, if Hillary was cleared out of the way, Sanders would defeat Trump.

What John Kass has to say about the ‘Brexit’ vote is partly to the point, and partly completely unreal.

A common delusion of contemporary ‘liberals’ in London is to think that their fellow-countrymen are not ‘tribalist’. Do such people know anything about, for instance, the history of Liverpool, or Glasgow, or the East End of London?

The kind of delusions one sees among contemporary élites here actually reflect a peculiar kind of British narcissism. We like to think we are ‘reasonable’ and ‘good’. In fact, here as in most places, people are mixed bunch.

And the ‘tribalist’ revolt among many of the ‘whites’ is a complicated phenomenon, which is partly the reverse side of the coin of the largely bogus ‘multiculturalist’ enthusiasms of ‘liberals’.

In this country, the prospects of someone like Sanders being elected Prime Minister would be zilch.

When Trump made remarks about ‘no-go’ areas for the police in inner-city areas here, the ‘liberals’ both in Britain and the United States, reacted with shocked horror.

But in fact, his claims were certainly closer to the truth than those who denounced him as ‘racist’.

Moreover, in the wake of the migration crisis and the terrorist attacks in France, Brussels, etc, the people who think this – without necessarily saying it – are not simply the ‘poor whites’ who live in the areas affected.

A very large part of what might be called the ‘Thatcher constituency’ would agree.

Moreover, among those I know who voted ‘Remain’, as I did, more than one quite clearly did so, as I did, despite, and not because of, the positions of the ‘liberals’ on immigration.

Mr Pancks

Watching Lynch answer questions on CNN, and never having seen her in action before, I'm stunned by her sheer bureaucratic mediocrity. She spews such a torrent of ungrammatical word salad, at such high speed, it's hard to extract a definite meaning. And then I start to think maybe that's the intended effect.It's a kind of verbal squid ink.

different clue

Bernie isn't tough enough, in the sense of being "plain dog mean" as Clint Eastwood once said when playing the outlaw Josie Wales. He is durable, but he is not "plain dog mean" attack-tough.

So this moment is entirely wasted on Bernie.

Trump is tough enough to try using this moment, though. Is he artful enough to use it correctly?

different clue

Oh, and as someone noted in a comment at Naked Capitalism . . . Clinton is proud of his brazen in-our-face lying. He knows that nobody plays golf in Phoenix in 110 degree heat. He knows we know it. He knows that we know that he knows we know it.
He is just strutting his Upper Class Privilege to lie in our face and dare us to do anything about it.

The question is . . . will Comey and the FBI deliver such a brutal and stinging list of evidence of felony wrongdoing to multiply indict for, that when Lynch refuses to indict for any of it, that her public image will be so destroyed that she will have to console herself with counting her money in private?

Heads on Pikes

This is all really good. The mask slips just a little more. At this point, everything that undermines credit in our political arrangement is good news.


Is it possible that the private meeting was in fact a formal interview of Bill aboard the plane? The fact of an interview is normally kept secret, and properly so. In what other way would he be interviewed? Brought into the Justice Department? Just a thought.

Babak Makkinejad

Tell them about Chaves...


worked for Ike.


David H.,

I don't think Sanders would necessarily be the American equivalent of anti-Brexit. Clinton and Trump, if we are willing to set aside a lot of complications, make for something analogous to Brexit--the internationalist ally of the financial capital against an eccentric and very odd non-politician. Sanders and Trump, were that to take place, would be two anti-Brexit propositions slugging out with each other. Were that to happen, I like Sanders' chances.

Having said that, it'll be staggering were that to happen. The import of the internationally connected economic-political-social interests is immense and it would be dangerous to believe that they can excluded, as much as one can think the City can be ignored in UK national politics.

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