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26 July 2016


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Michael Brenner

Are you going to assign grades? pl



You're on the path to wisdom whether or not you realize it.

Come home, white man.


Swampy, irf520,

You could honestly say Bernie looked like a cuck up there.


or NH??? due west arc has been colonized.



Personally I want Professor Brenner to opine on whether or not the three Muslims who beheaded an 86 year old French priest in a church while shouting Allah Ackbar had any connection to Islam or if they were just mentally disturbed young men.

Larry Kart

I can see Tyler and myself strolling off together like Bogart and Claude Rains at the end of "Casablanca."


Gotta disagree. The Dems need to make a very strong case to the BBs in order for their loyalty. Despite what pollsters and pundits declare, Bernie supporters will not support Hillary. They consider her worse than Trump. With that fact and #NeverTrump going for HRC, this election is one for the books.


86 year old priest martyred while three Muslim men scream Allah Ackbar.

Reality continues to confirm the Trump worldview.

Sam Peralta

Both candidates are despised by the majority. Look at the unfavorability numbers on both. Yet, the majority of those that will vote in November will vote for one of the candidates that no one likes. What does that say about voters?

The question is which side hates the other more? The answer to that will determine the winner.

michael brenner

That's for each of us to do - and then to act accordingly


Michel brenner

I do that all the time. That is why some people are no longer here. pl

different clue


Heading the Consumer Protection Bureau was the job Warren wanted. It was also the job that Obama and all the Wall Street oriented Obamazoids conspired their hardest to keep her from getting.

different clue


I think Sanders knows that and always did. I remember reading several occasions where Sanders said basically that he can't control who his primary supporters will vote for and that it is up to Hillary to win them over because he can't send them over.


That Ames article was excellent, thanks. He's a helluva productive journo.

Mark Logan

Whatever Sarah's considerable flaws her observation wasn't entirely without merit. Saying it on stage? Unwise. Sander's supporters do not believe they are going to get him nominated at the convention. Advocating for policy has to be more than heckling people on stage.

Our media loves the sports team mentality. Great for ratings. Great fun too. It is doing a lot of damage nevertheless. Damn the cheerleaders to hell but...a variation on the art/life conundrum... Who is imitating whom? The enemy is probably us.

Babak Makkinejad

The two are not mutually exclusive.

I think the fellow who is commits a murder for money is also deranged since - per the Supreme Rationalist, Baruch Spinoza - "the most useful thing to a human being is another human being."

Babak Makkinejad

"An App. for Chopping Wood" - that is pretty good.

Soon, no doubt, to be followed by an App. for whipping one's nose.


I'm SHOCKED that a left winger posed as a "journalist", shocked.

Stephen Calhoun

Economically, six of Obama's eight years have been undermined by his GOP opponents.

Trump says he is against the rigged economy, yet his tax cuts are heavily slanted to favor those same plutocratic riggers. Please explain why he wants to feather the riggers' beds!

Trump, actually, has made the astonishing claim that it is precisely because he was a money-shifter, that he knows how to unwind the rigged system.

My own opinion reduces to: Mr. Trump has one main aim in life and that is to satisfy his appetites and take care of anything with his name attached to it. Trump is also, a globalist's globalist--judging from who he does business with.

Mark Logan


I doubt Wikigeeks has cut a deal with someone who advocates suing journalists for saying things he disagrees with. They publish everything as a matter of policy, near as I can tell.

The rumor is that Russian hackers did this and the Russian government's control of all Russian hackers is iffy, to put it mildly, and could even be a deliberate red-herring. The Geeks have learned some hard lessons in security, such as in the all but permanent treeing of Snowden in Russia. I expect they will indulge in some disinformation about their sources at some point anyway.


"America is a racist oligarchic police state". Gee, is that HRC's message, or even Michelle Obama's? If so, I missed it.


The situation was different in 2008. HRC drew support mainly from the Democratic Party insiders and the regular Democratic voters. Obama brought in many voters who were not habitual Democrats. In 2016, many of Sanders voters are not habitual Democrats at all--about 1/3, at least, aren't even Democrats. These voters might actually vote Trump, or, much more likely, not vote at all.

The Democrats do have a general demographic advantage and many regular Republicans don't like Trump--but like the regular Democrats back in 2008, there is good chance that, given the alternatives on hand, many of the latter will stick with Trump in the end. Losing the potential new voters (that Sanders could have brought to the Democrats) while having the regular Republicans stick with Trump, a quite distinctly likely outcome, does not bode well for Clinton--even if I still don't think her defeat is very likely.


Time magazine's contention that Sanders "conjured a spirit of resentment that he can’t dispel. He succeeded in creating a political revolution, but like many revolutionaries, he may have lost control of it" is MSM bunk, to put it politely. Bernie is not, never was a charismatic leader. He seems too civil, not that hungry for himself.

Instead, he forcefully articulated a series of largely valid issues and discontents that had been unspoken in the country's political discourse (not totally different from Trump in that regard). In doing so, he caught people's attention; the media's attention not so much. A surprising number of folks identified with the message: "Hey, I'd like to see that happen" or "He understands why we're hurting; sounds like he might do something about it" or "Yeah, Wall Street needs a comeuppance". Bernie didn't lose control of this movement. He never had control and likely didn't want that.

Throughout his career. Bernie has delivered the message because he believes it, I think. He certainly might have had a more spectacular political career with a different message.

Absent the nomination, Bernie's path is narrow. Last night, he took what was available, two planks from the platform: "No TPP" and "get Wall Street under control", and (tongue perhaps in cheek) tried to tie Hillary to them.

Because Bernie is likely more about substance than personal glory, his path now seems to be Hillary's election followed by holding her feet to the fire on issues. Narrow path indeed!


Sanders has consistently said throughout the campaign that he would support Clinton if she were the nominee. Why are people now surprised that he has done exactly what he said?

Whether or not that endorsement ends up being more than pro-forma, time will tell. I suspect we will see none of the Elizabeth Warren type of Hillary cheerleading that was evident the past couple of weeks. I doubt if he will play much of a role at all as Hillary goes for the disaffected-with-Trump repub voters.


Sam and Swampy,

I feel you miss the point. In recent US history, a major part of winning elections is getting out the vote, which takes dedicated energized (usually young) people. I have been noting a lack of energy and enthusiasm even in Hillary Surrogates. Without the energy that Hillary middle fingered, no one will be busing democrats to the polling place.

Perhaps Han Solo's name applies - Your Worshipfulness - expecting the faithful to bow and run to vote.

Meanwhile, I see a lot of energy on the Trump side.

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