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06 July 2016


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"Little" indeed. Hate to say it, but I think it is all over but the crying. My wife of 38 years, pardon going off topic, finally induced me to watch an episode of Grace and Frank. Anyone familiar with it? Like watching my own personal nightmare of not only where this nation is going. Where it is. I just despair the entire situation.


Col. Lang -

Seriously? You want a list of all the fake scandals she's been accused of since Bill Clinton was elected as President? Do you want a list of stuff she alone has been accused of, or in concert with her husband? Things like killing Vince Foster, defending a rapist as pro bono defense council, Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Benghazi, etc. etc.

I'll put a list together if you want, but they're all over the internet. And with the exception of Bill Clinton getting caught having sex with an intern, they were all bs.



You are why America is where it is.

I am why America will be great again.



This is going to be a particularly vitriolic campaign. The corporate media is actively campaigning for the Borg Queen - spinning, attacking and using all the tools of shaping opinion to drive Trump's negativity higher.

In addition big money through direct contributions to the campaign and through Super PACs have over a billion dollar war chest to further the attacks on Trump.

So, the lens through which most will see the campaign will have the filters supportive of the Borg Queen.

IMO, most people have already made up their mind and the number of voters that can be persuaded are rather small. I speculate the alignment of voters will resemble the Brexit coalitions - working class and rural folks vs the "cosmopolitans" and urban folks. This election will likely hinge on turnout. If the primary is an indication then Trump will be competitive in the battleground states despite all the handwringing by the punditry who are more inclined towards the Borg Queen. My belief is that whoever wins will sweep all the deciding states. It's not gonna be split. And the difference in the vote count will be small. The Borg Queen has all the institutional advantages, so, if Trump prevails it will be a huge psychological shift. He will come into office with no one owning him.



One does not feed the trolls for that is all that would result. You want to influence people who can be influenced not enrage the true believers.


Not defending HC as spent too much time investigating security leaks for military intelligence back in the day. But given the existence of wikileaks would hardly classify the state department's internal communications systems as very secure either. To the best of my knowledge no one has pointed this out.

Doug Colwell

"We came, we saw, he died. (Chuckle)". I've considered myself left wing all my life, but if that means supporting Hillary Clinton include me out.

Mark Logan

The Dept of Justice isn't going to save us from ourselves, and if I put myself in their shoes I find it hard to fault them for that. The moment they start prosecuting a nominee then they are in the circus. Next thing they would have to do something about Trump's pay-off of the Florida DA to drop the criminal case against Trump U. They do not have unlimited resources.

The Constitution seems to recognize the problem, it stipulates that Congress shall determine high crimes and misdemeanors for some folks, and only some folks, and only sometimes. Perhaps that is the best of the bad options. Bottom line, I guess, is Justice is not responsible for the break-down of the system which has resulted in our current presumptive nominees and I can't demand they fix the mess.

different clue


If someone reacts to such an informative link-containing comment with enraged emotion, the link-giver simply non-responds. There are silent lurkers who read those threads and some of them might well find useful such comments as I suggest.

If ten thousand people read a HuffPo thread and ten of them read and follow the sort of link I suggest, then ten people are perhaps ready to make a break and think outside the Borg.

Of course your comment does make me consider the danger that the trolls and especially the emotional true believers might ride the link back to SST to spew their bile and hatred. Perhaps not even being published at all might discourage them after a few rounds and the "ready-for-SST" ten people might come here and start reading.

different clue


" Our enemies have given us a shield, and we use it with relish."

--Hillary Milhous Clinton


Hard copy kept under the briefer's control at all times? She has no authorized storage anyway, right?



You are unfamiliar with how the HuffPaint Post works.

If you try to post it, it will be moderated if it wrecks the paradigm.

These people live in their own little bubbles, their narratives made out of spun sugar. Witness Nancy K, HankP, and so many others here. They are paragons of wisdom compared to the comment section of that place though, to give them credit.


If elected President, can Clinton be impeached by Congress for her conduct, which occurred during her tenure as Secretary of State?

The Twisted Genius

I can vouch for the lack of security of the State Department's unclassified system several years ago. The system was over run by young hackers running wild through their servers, routers and switches. They did it for shits and grins. NASA systems were worse, but a of .mil systems were also severely compromised. To think that these systems were not "pwned" by Russia, China, Israel and others is wishful thinking. I had absolutely no faith in the security of any communications over these systems. I would hope things have improved, but the scale of the OPM hack discovered last year leaves me doubting that.


I'd doubt Col Lang would give a damn about that! If he were willing to work under people like Trump , he would have been head of DIA long ago.

Ken Roberts

Not my choice -- I don't get a vote in the forthcoming election -- I am one of those who believe Honour is appropriately spelt with a You in it. But a couple of remarks ... my two cents, worth 1.4 US cents after currency exch.

1) If Trump wants to win, this is tremendous opportunity. He can select VP running mate who can actively and credibly speak to middle-ground; maybe a well-known name who cannot easily be ignored by media, and looks a solid alternative to Trump if he is not able to complete his term. Both DT and HRC are older and that must be a concern. Woman perhaps? Hispanic, black, etc? Detail which I do not know. Capable mid-spectrum maybe most important.

2) The great strength of US political system is, or has been in past, checks and balances. The three branches. But there is a fourth "branch": "We the people ... do ordain and establish ...". Both the DT and BS campaigns have been a reengagement of the people. Much of the anxiety and frustratino seems to me to be a concern about who might be an appropriate king or queen, as you elect someone to be monarch. We merely have to find a prime minister -- who may be a bad choice, but can be replaced by colleagues, at moderate trouble, if choice turns out to be terrible. PL is correct in his insight about reinforcing the senate. Anyway you have your system; it works well in general and has proven successful over decades. Not to worry; keep engaged.

Just from the peanut gallery. By the way, it is an error to assume that being "Left (Very)" as Facebook categorized me, is an accurate predictor of what one might do in selecting personnel.

Best wishes in difficult times.

Ciao !

Green Zone Cafe

If I get called by any pollsters asking who I will vote for, I will answer Gary Johnson and William Weld.

Maybe two decent governors might get some traction. Cool, worldly old guys: they will not blow up the world.

Answering Jill Stein would also be a good idea, if you prefer. Americans need real alternatives, and anything that would get more of them into the debates I am in favor of.

If it is limited to the two of them, I prefer Trump to Clinton because his instincts on foreign and economic policy are much better.

Edward Amame

Emailgate probably qualifies as a genuine scandal, but the GOP won't be able to capitalize on it because they've dialed every other BS Clinton scandal (ie: Vince Foster, Travelgate, Whitewater, Benghazi!, etc) up to 11 and their own candidate is a FUup.


Ken Roberts

As you know, I am a Canadian citizen who can't vote outside Canada. Soo, I have some interest in Trudeau's behavior. Do you find his behavior was appropriate during Obama's visit? pl


That's a fundamental problem with the Republicans (and the current political environment in general, actually).

The incident at Benghazi, for example, was a genuine crisis not so much on the account of pinning the blame on Clinton or he administration but because it was one of early signs that our intervention in Libya was going horribly awry. But the Republicans saw it only as an opportunity to embarrass the political enemies and the administration's response, fronted by HRC, was equally obtuse. Everyone could see it, I think, even then, that there was something genuinely wrong that nobody was paying attention to in favor of political mudslinging.

Same problem with the email gate: while there is a genuine problem and lawbreaking, once it becomes politicized, it becomes muddied.

Ken Roberts

PL ... You are more diligent about following the news than I am. What is the behaviour you are referring to? I only saw a photo, and I admit it ticked me off a bit, as it showed Obama marching along with his Mexican and Canadian wingmen. But that's just optics. In general, I'm sure Justin Trudean has a lot to learn, but believe he is up to the position and its responsibilities. He seems to be acting as a prime (ie first) minister, not the only decider, and to be relying upon and trusting his cabinet colleagues. That is good !


You are one sick puppy.


ken Roberts

He looked to me to be a shirt ad model who somehow became PM. pl

Ken Roberts

Well, he does have some substance. I've only had limited non-media info flow. My wife heard him speak at a conference, years ago, and was impressed. When JT was running for Liberal leadership, and I was concerned about youth, I asked someone very experienced, former MP now/then retired, and she supported JT -- that was very influential on my thinking, as she had worked with him and I trust her judgement more than my own in most political ear-to-ground matters. And, when the Cons were bashing JT for being invited to speak to a Muslim group, he went and spoke anyway, and I read transcript of his remarks, and was impressed about how he handled the situation -- appropriate for one who aspires to be leader of whole country, not just one majority religion. So I think he is capable of being a politician, despite looking young and being in good physical condition. We have to go with the choices in front of us, and S. Harper was a disaster, long after sell-by date, but he refused to listen to voices of others in his party. SH smart but was seduced by the concept of "the Harper government". I think JT knows he is responsible for "government of Canada". Humility is a good thing.



You are fine with the castration of five year old boys if they claim they are girls.

You have zero moral authority, you freak.

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