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06 July 2016


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Bigger picture: Yesterday was just the latest reminder that Clinton would probably be trailing in the polls if Republicans had nominated a stronger candidate.

I was flabbergasted with this WaPo statement. GOP has "stronger" candidate? As per HRC--it is obvious that she is trouble both for personal (human) and political reasons. No integrity, no competence. It is not encouraging to see where this whole election goes. Ah, yes, agree--she is a liar, runs in the family, I guess. Will sell anything and anyone for power.


This does fill the requirements of a good horror story. The 'reader' is required to practice a "willing suspension of disbelief." Ever since the Whitewater affair, I have been suspicious of both the Clintons. Now my worst fears are coming true. Some may say that the Union survived the troubled administrations of such worthies as Cooledge, Garfield, or Harding. However, none of those past transgressors had the ability to wipe life from off the face of the Earth.
What will tell the tale for me is how the Conventions are handled.


I do not believe any person of character -- or of clear mind, to explain the zealotry of Clinton groupies many of whom are otherwise good people -- could support a candidate who has so often lied in public statements in order to protect her candidacy. Importantly, how can her fellow democrats have clear conscience in supporting this candidate? It will be interesting to see what they say, and what Bernie Sanders does, in light of Comey's political indictment on the facts.


I remarked before that the Clintons represent a much greater threat to American democracy than Trump. To protect democracy, having to live with a Trump for a few years is worth it, I think.


Nope, this one ain't goin' away, not by a long shot.

Here is a link to a letter from Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on the Judiciary to James Comey in which he poses a list of questions to which he requests a written response by July 11.


Mr. Comey has an awkward few days ahead of him, I would venture.



"Are we really going to let her "skate" on this in order to avoid living with the clown Trump?"

The Democrat partisans, the duopoly establishment and the "cosmopolitans" as Ross Douthat calls them will support the Borg Queen as she is the leader of their tribe. For them her poor judgment, "carelessness", incompetence, bellicosity and corruption are not limiting factors. She is the lesser evil.

Trump on the other hand comes across as clownish. And does not speak as a practised politician and someone from the Yale debating team. My feeling however is he's connecting with the people in flyover country which is where I believe the election will be decided. We could be surprised by the turnout among the working class in Ohio, Florida and Virginia. I will also not be surprised if some registered Democrats vote for him. Of course anyone who does that will be labeled racist by the opposing side. IMO the coming election is a stop on the way to realignment in our social and political setup. Similar to what is happening in Europe. And I feel that the more the Borg use deceit and all the levers of power at their disposal to thwart this realignment the more violent the end.

jeremy C

Here's a jaw dropping compilation of Hillary "Lying for 13 Minutes." This went viral a few months ago, and is really well done and shocking. Her unscrupulous lying gets worse and worse throughout the video. I always despised her for her Borg Wars and scheming triangulations, but this shows that she is a fundamentally dishonest and deceitful person, with no credibility on anything.


different clue


Sanders will try giving her the weakest non-endorsement endorsement he can get away with giving her. That is the most he will feel he can do, given that he promised months ago to support the "Democratic nominee" if it turned out not to be him.

I think he knows his supporters will do what they please regardless of his endorsement. The Clintonites will keep demanding that he "deliver all" his millions of voters to Clinton. They will not understand that Sandervoters are not a fan club, and we are not "his" to "deliver".

The question is, can umpteen million Sandervoters voting Third Party or Write Sanders In be enough to defeat Clinton? Or will Sandervoters think about having to vote ( ugh. yuck. poo. ) for Trump?


Trump is going to make America so great again that he's going to make the good Colonel head of the DIA.


more interesting to see what they say about Biden and how many times they say it.


Short answer?

Babak Makkinejad

Why Leaders Lie:



PL, one of the major problems this nation has to overcome is the dissemination of information. Go look on Huffington Post, the #1 most visited news site on internet, and there is no mention of any of the facts u are citing. My guess is that the majority of citizens are being provided false, skewed, biased information so there will be no outrage amongst the 50% (or more) of the population following liberally biased Media...and then all the people who refuse or choose not to watch/read/listen to news. So its only the vast minority of citzens getting right-leaning Media info who will be (justifiably) outraged...so there is not enough outrage=no change. What can be done to inform the citizens better?



Yes. Most people believe a great many things to be true that are just the product of memetic conditioning. I heard some idiot woman say on TeeVee today that Saddam had gassed MILLIONS of Iraqis. I would like to know where she got the number but the stupidity was not challenged because it was part of a memetic attack on Trump. what cam be done? Little. pl


Hillary Clinton displays all the characteristics of a typical 3rd world dictator. It's amazing how people are not able to grasp this.

Ex-PFC Chuck

I supported Bernie in my precinct caucus and may vote for tTrump. Probably won't decide until shortly before the election. My state went for Bernie, but my precinct did not. Too many women over 60.

different clue


If HuffPo has comment sections on their news stories, and if any SST people regularly read HuffPo; then some of those SST people could-if they wish-leave short well-worded apposite comments in the News Story threads . . . and leave clickable links back to the relevant SST posts.

People might also do that with the second, third, fourth, etc. most visited websites and just start seeding bits of counter-narrative and counter-information links in threads.


For a useful perspective on Trump, here's a short clip of Dilbert comic strip creator (Scott Adams) explaining Trump's brilliant use of persuasion to Bill Maher.


Comey served up 'cognitive dissonance overload' to a public already conflicted and bitter over injustices (whether those happen to be about immigration, economics, race, are in the eye of the beholder). If Trump is as skilled as Scott Adams seems to believe, all bets are off, and the 'conventional wisdom' pundits are the least capable of analyzing what's happening. They've earned their bread and butter analyzing campaigns and election strategies, and Trump doesn't play by those rules. We live in interesting times...


"It is clear to me that Hillary Clinton is an unscrupulous liar. Are we really going to let her "skate" on this in order to avoid living with the clown Trump? Washpost "

Typical of corporate prostitute journalism, if you can call it journalism.

The question is not if john or jane doe are good for the presidency. The rober barons have control over the process, lobby and think tanks, etc. They are also the 6 corporate entities that own all US corporate media. this media jingoism just provides the theatrics of a supposed democracy. Unless and until the people wake up from their slumber, don't hold your breath. but we can discuss and debate if we'd be better off 4 years from now, or was it if you are better of from 4 years ago??

The main problem are the people who are mis-informed, ill-informed and divided and mostly dis-engaged. life is still way too comfortable for most, even with a mountain of debt. we have ways to go before any real change. most unfortunate.

Bill H

Let’s not forget the undue command influence that was in place when Obama endorsed Clinton for the presidency before the investigation was completed. Do you think that there was any chance that Comey was going to recommend prosecution after his boss had said of Clinton in a national forum that he had “the highest possible confidence in her judgement and integrity?” Yeah, right. I’m surprised that Comey’s statement was a critical as it was.


Knowing what is know now, how is Hillary keeping her classed briefings?



A large percentage of people, especially the young, don't watch or read any news. Mark Dice videos show an incredibly ignorant group of people. All they want is to be entertained.

robt willmann

Tomorrow morning, Thursday, 7 July 2016, FBI director James Comey will appear before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government and Oversight Reform, at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time, in room 2154 of the Rayburn House Office Building, about the FBI "investigation" [sic] of Hillary Clinton--



This is a very bad idea. Any member of Congress and staff have not had enough time since yesterday to research, plan an approach, and develop questions. The short time periods, usually 5 minutes at a time, are easy to string out and buffalo the questioner. Furthermore, predictably, there will be no witnesses to criticize Comey or what the FBI did. The people appearing will be Comey, Steve Linick (inspector general of the state department), and I. Charles McCullough III (inspector general of the intelligence community).

Thus, Comey will be able to reinforce and expand the bulls**t he was pushing yesterday, and the congressional committee will not make any progress.

If Representative Jason Chaffetz (Repub. Utah), the chairman of the committee, wanted to do analysis, he could call Joseph DiGenova to testify, a former U.S. Attorney (who prosecuted the Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard). CNBC TV got DiGenova on the phone at the right time yesterday when he was quite irritated, so he came out with rhetorical guns blazing about Comey's announcement--



Yes, I'm going to vote for her. She's done stuff that is legitimately wrong (but tons of stuff she's accused of is bs propaganda promoted over the past 25 years). But the complaint that she's merely the lesser of two evils - when has that not been the case in my lifetime? It's naive to think that any politician who gets to the level of running for President doesn't have severe drawbacks. That's just the way life is, and not only in this country. Saints don't run for high office and wouldn't do too well if they did. Politics, especially with the money and power at stake in this country, is a brutal, vicious business.



"... tons of stuff she's accused of is bs propaganda promoted over the past 25 years)." What would that be? pl

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