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05 July 2016


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It is not just the federal government. Look at the recent anti-gun legislation in Hawaii and California. They aren't the only states pushing to disarm the populace.



Globalization, the free movement of people and capital, is incompatible with sovereign democratic nations. In the face of a corporate media onslaught a majority of Englanders and Republicans repudiated it. Succession isn't applicable. Washington DC, City of London and Brussels must have the consent of the people in order to govern. There are only two options; 1) the rule of law for all with honest elections or 2) tyranny. When we are long gone, North America may well split asunder into ethnic enclaves but history matters. The past is always with us. As long as there is hope, there will be living dedicated to the great task that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

The Twisted Genius

There's still a chance that the federal prosecutors will be of the overbearing, hyper-aggressive type that go after Jeff Sterling and others who care only about prosecuting somebody... anybody. I hate those people, but a pack of these jackals is just what we need now. Having said that, I don't have a lot of faith of that happening. We have had years of both one percenters and borg types getting away with all matter of crimes. Prosecution is clearly not for the rich, powerful and connected.

The Twisted Genius

For an idea of what modern secession may entail, we can see how Brexit turns out. Will the young British professionals opt for German citizenship? How will EU and GB resolve trade regulations. Will BG really get control over immigration and residency? I have a feeling secession will be more like the partition of India. There will be a lot of population movement.


She's going to get away with not debating Trump either.


Frankly I'm totally confused by Comey's remarks. Where I worked a document had to be properly classified before it could be distributed. If there was any doubt the document had to be created on the classified server where everybody with access to the server had at least the classification of the information the document might contain.





what "facts"? I see very few of them. "Facts", in this case, would, in a traditional legal phrase, be contained in the 'reconciling of the holdings'. i.e. show me the legal opinions (holdings) relied on to differentiate "extremely careless" from "grossly negligent". The latter gets you indicted, assuming the statute governs (and it might not, based on capricious decisions, otherwise known as 'prosecutorial discretion')...the former, "extremely careless" gives you a pass to walk. Somewhere within the FBI, there is a legal memo detailing the reconciliation process. i.e. a legal brief. THAT is the document that should have been released. So we can see, if we desire, the reconciliation 'logic'. Simply to come out an announce the results of process, i.e. 'runner is safe' (extreme carelessness)...runner is out (gross negligence) is not presenting a 'set of facts (holdings). It is merely announcing a conclusion. Perhaps a right one...or a wrong one. Perhaps a fair one or an unfair one. But until we see the cases relied on we're flying blind. The DOJ can do that, or we can do it ourselves, at significant cost in time and perhaps money. Or we can fly blind...as the Borg usually wants.


Poll on secession




How would she avoid debating him? pl



Interesting polls? Where do you stand on this? pl

Edward Amame

I'm guessing a lot of people in the north wouldn't object to secession. Especially if it's Texas. I'm also guessing the majority in north + south would not support it. Plus, I thought that the SCOTUS has said there's no legal right to secession.

Swamp Yankee

Col. Lang and Cee,

I think a peaceful break-up of the United States is far from the worst thing facing us right now. It's not only Texas that could be a powerful independent country, but also the Great Lakes states or the Upper South or my own New England (which is small, but has a GDP up there with a small to medium power like The Netherlands or Australia). I can even see, like different clue says, secession within states, e.g., my part of Massachusetts, the Old Plymouth Colony, along with the Berkshires and Western Mass., are different than, feel very left out by, and have negative feelings towards, the Beacon Hill powers that be in Boston and environs. I can see something similar happening in New Hampshire with the White Mountains and North Woods having a different geography and political culture than the southern part of the state. Couldn't a Texan Republic have two (or more?) constituent states, say East Texas and West Texas, which seem to be pretty widely agreed-on divisions?

It's not the most unreasonable idea out there. Perhaps this is overly optimistic, but as long as each state or new polity had a republican form of government I think we could all just live and let live.


Edward Amame

A majority of the colonists did not support secession from the UK. they were rather closely divided among separatists, loyalists and those who wanted to be left alone. SCOTUS? Texas VS White? The side being rejected always say the act is illegal. pl

Nancy K

I don't think this scenario would work at all. In most states the financial engine that drives the state is located in the larger cities, which very often go Democratic and the rural areas are Republican. These rural areas often need financial help from the Federal Gov and large cities, ie in my state, Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham, and Charlotte are really the power houses of the state.. How will small rural areas sustain themselves if they leave the US and what kind of country or countries will they represent if they are scatted in isolated areas through the US? States like Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Louisiana, might like this idea but these are states that take more in taxes from the federal gov than they give. What happens when a huge disaster hits or a terrorist attack, who will come to their aid? These areas are also have older populations, where will they get the money to provide for an again population or from educational system for the young. Would England survive if London left?



A remarkably condescending attitude toward those who do not live in large urban area. In fact groups often choose secession when their economic interests are threatened by the separation. "Not by bread alone does man live..." Did it make economic sense for the Philippines to press incessantly for independence from the US? Did it make sense economically? pl


by simply refusing to do so, and watching the people and media do nothing about it.


Comey: "I don't want to die suddenly and mysteriously."
Welsome to Venezuela north and remember the Venezuelans voted themselves into that disaster zone.

Nancy K

What are you talking about, she wants to debate him. She will debate circles around him. He is incapable of formulating a complete thought or sentence, and has no knowledge of domestic or international affairs other than fear mongering and name calling.

Allen Thomson

I hope, but don't expect, that at some point we learn more about the classified information that the FBI found on the servers. Was it actual documents, verbatim quotes from documents, paraphrases that someone made from identifiable documents, general information about classified matters that couldn't be traced to a specific document, or what?

Possibly relevant anecdote: Long ago I worked for someone who had been a CIA case officer in Saigon and was talking to him about sending classified information by unsecure means, in that case the telephone. He said that they tried to be conscientious about it when they could, but there were times when classified information urgently needed to be communicated in order to get the job done and secure means weren't available. In which case they picked up the phone and took their chances.

He later became COS Moscow, so apparently such practices weren't career limiting.

Nancy K

I don't think I was being condescending towards either rural or urban areas, if so interrupted, it wasn't meant. Man may not live by bread alone, but they don't do very well without it.


Allen Thompson

for a clandestine case officer to use insecure communications in an operation is a calculated risk for which he/she is subject to punishment. For a cabinet officer to do so routinely as a matter of course is quite different. pl


It looks like you haven't ever read Scott Adams on Trump/Clinton



"These areas are also have older populations, where will they get the money to provide for an again population..."

These newly independent states will tell these folks that they are not paying for unfunded federal (US) mandates and if they want them go back to where they came from. Which will shift the burden right back to the originating state. Then if you want to retire in sunny where ever you'll have to foot the bill yourself, just like lots of foreign countries require of immigrants right now.

The Twisted Genius


"Go back where you came from" wouldn't work for an aging native population. They are where they came from. Also, a lot of retirees moving to other states have fixed incomes well above many in the states they migrate to. This is certainly the case with my father moving from Connecticut to Maine with his Pratt & Whitney Aircraft pension and SS payments. He did this to escape the onerous tax burden in Connecticut. Old people bring a lot of purchasing power to the gaining state. With the demise of the pension system, this will undoubtedly change.

Your point about requiring some kind of buy in to receive state benefits is well taken. Ithink that would be a good policy even without secession.

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