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05 July 2016


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LOL, Don't want to be caught on the wrong side of history, natch.



All due respect but all the Senate is going to do is make a lot of noise while it passes HRC's globalist agenda. The people, the rough, uncouth people, have decided that Trump is their nominee. The Senate will roll so hard and so fast for the Borg Queen you will regain your capacity for surprise.


The Senators are already sharpening their daggers for Julius. Who is the Augustus waiting in the wings?

Our America that we grew up in is dead. Has been dead. Anything but Trump is voting for more midwit Imperial ambition. Trump might not be some Founding Father ideal, but he acknowledges the US is a country and not a bazaar with a flag and a song.

The Beaver

From the Observer:

FBI Counter-Intelligence serves as America’s frontline domestic defender. It is tasked with destroying enemy spy rings, tracking potential terrorists and stopping terrorist attacks on U.S. territory. The Director’s failure to encourage prosecution makes his own department’s job much harder. It will undermine the morale of U.S. security personnel.

Comey’s kowtow to the partisan political interests of the Obama Administration and its powerful elitists will add to the erosion of faith in the American system and embed a bitter partisanship that will take a decade or more to bridge.


Yep, this liberal in on the take for sure:

"James Brien Comey, Jr. (born December 14, 1960) is an American lawyer. He is the seventh and current Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

He was the United States Deputy Attorney General, serving in President George W. Bush's administration. As Deputy Attorney General, Comey was the second-highest-ranking official in the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) and ran the day-to-day operations of the Department, serving in that office from December 2003 through August 2005. He was U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York prior to becoming Deputy Attorney General."


With all due respect, the prospect of HRC getting her grubby hands on all the US's national secrets isn't top of my list of concerns. I'm more concerned that the probability of me seeing my 50th birthday has just undergone a step change to the downside ...

So it seems there is no one left with any honour. I honestly believe no one gets into a position of any influence unless the controllers have a way of keeping them on the reservation.



"honour." you are not American so why should we care what you think about "American national secrets?" pl



I respect you also but IMO Trump cannot be elected in the face of Black, Latino and media campaigning against him. I want to save what we can. pl

Eric Newhill

Unfortunately, while I agree with your sentiment, my sense after today is that Trump won't win. Even, if he gets more votes, the software in the machines will alter the result. Who would investigate? Comey?

I agree with you, though, that there is pretty much no one in Congress that will stop the Borg Queen because they largely agree with her where it counts - where the big money is, globalization and imperial aggression/war. So she will get her way.

The only solution is to throw them *all* out as soon as possible, but that won't happen either. Too many depend on them for handouts.



Some have suggested to me that secession and civil war are coming. pl


There is an expression attributed to the original Pyrrhis, king of Epirus, who after 'winning' a town at too great a loss of men and provisions, exclaimed, "One more such victory, and I am lost!"

Hillary gets another Pyrrhic victory.
She's off the hook, "legalistically".
But what she won legalistically, she lost in trust and credibility.
She can't sustain many -- if any -- more such 'victories'.

Should she 'win' the November election, she'll be at least as delegitimized in the eyes of the nation as GW Bush after SCOTUS anointed him in 2000.

More leadership crises ahead.

Eric Newhill

Many feel that the federal govt does not represent them. Yet they are taxed. And the federal govt increasingly imposes unwanted policies and attitudes. Many see the federal govt acting as elitists beyond the law. There are many who are poor or rapidly becoming poor while the federal govt continues to pursue the policies that put the people in those precarious positions.

All of these are, historically, conditions that can to civil wars or revolutions.

There are states in the union that could do well, perhaps even better, on their own (TX for example) and where a significant proportion of the population perceives themselves enduring an increasingly tyrannical non-representative federal govt.

I have no idea if it actually leads to civil war, but I can't imagine the trend continuing as it is indefinitely and I don't see the federal govt giving an inch. So what happens? Something, but what? The more the pressure builds, the more violent the release.

I guess probably the Borg Queen attempts starts a big war overseas to divert attention from these things.

John Minnerath

Valid feelings for sure, but that same populace that would put HRC in power would not and could not support such a thing.
Some of us will be a lonely group wondering if the nation can survive.


Swampy -

I just prefer the facts to accusations from internet lawyers.


Col. Lang -

Trump certainly can get elected. It's just incresingly unlikely because of the things he says.


Colonel I am deeply sorry to say that correctly said crooked HRC and WJC are our next president(s). The US media and US administration have nothing better to do then protect and elevate HRC and knock on head and reduce Trump, to me this was obvious from get go. I was sure HRC will not be "allowed" to be touched. Unfortunately the political system in this country now is corrupted to the bone, and people who know, ( including Trump or Bernie) have no power to reverse and retain back the constitoutional system that has been placed by the founders. IMO, what may reposes and regain back the US congress is a refusal to participate or refusal to vote for any local or national major party candidates. Anyway else IMO will be rough and bloody.



And Jeffrey Sterling



"Throw them out" is a euphemism for something else, I'm sure.



I think blacks identify more with a "Big Man" who oozes wealth vs. a shrill grandma hectoring them about transgender Muslim illegal aliens.

I believe the "hispanic tidal wave" that has been predicted since 1994 will once again fall short.

And finally, I believe the media is throwing itself towards Pravda irrelevance in their haste to crown Hillary. They've already called Trump HitlerNaziRacistBigot a million times. What's another million?

We will see what happens in November, but even while I keep my powder dry I won't lose hope. But even if the worst case scenario goes down, what's three wars in my life time?

Edward Amame

Chances of a #NeverTrump convention revolt are small. 1/4 of the convention Rules Committee would have to OK a vote on a resolution on the floor that changes party rules binding delegates to the primary/caucus results after the convention's begun. Trump's campaign and the RNC have been working together to make sure that doesn't happen. See the Hill for more on that: http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/286054-never-trump-plots-its-last-stand

Odds are it's going to be HRC and DT, just as primary voters wanted.


In a nutshell, no, you are not off-base. The strike zone is different in this league, in this series. I realize how & why it is so disturbing to those who have been inside the stadium of classification throughout their careers. Things that have been exceptional over the past 20-50 yrs are now accepted, even un-respected. In this case my suspicion is that if prosecuted to the "full extent of the law", there would be a great discovery of so many similar (& worse!) cases in the recent past that even greater, wider damage would obtain, for no good purpose. Such a scenario is impossible for Hillary-haters to fathom - no price is too high to get her. Col. Lang's pov is (as I read him) not simple Hillary Derangement Syndrome, but rather is founded on a straight reading of the rules & the law. My guess is he wouldn't be in the least disturbed if hundreds of cases were uncovered & prosecuted. He's serious when it comes to playing by the rules you swore an oath-to. & as Bob Dylan pointed out, "everybody must get stoned."



The little people don't count!!!




This use of private email to avoid scrutiny is out of control. No one is ever prosecuted for this, it seems. (See the millions of emails lost in the GWB White House for a truly large scale breach of federal law: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bush_White_House_email_controversy.)

At the same time, willful violation seems to be very important here. See James Melendres (who prosecuted Petreaus) for a good explanation of the difference between this case and the Patreaus one: https://youtu.be/Ep6jFkGRwyo

For Drake I have no explanation.

different clue

Colonel Lang,

But if the division is between blue zones and red zones which don't neatly track state boundaries, how would secession be attempted along the much more ragged and lumpy borders of sub-state regions?

For example, a co-worker from upper New York State originally is an apparently-knowledgeable gun enthusiast. He is very resentful about the anti-gun laws forced upon New York State by New York City with the assistance of a couple other Blue Zones within the Big Red State of New York. So how would a division of the Red and the Blue be achieved within New York State?

Or Ohio . . . which has three regions. If Ohioan Appalachia and the Ohio Valley Zone and the Lake Erie Coast regions wanted to go three separate ways, would secession minded people beyond Ohio accept that the three pieces could go in three directions? Or would bigger players try to claim an undivided Ohio for themselves?

I wonder if thoughts of secession wouldn't lead to thoughts of many more much smaller divisions and partitions this time around. And class conflict divisions would emerge even if wished away.


ISL, Please forward all info on the Bryan H. Nishimura case to Judicial Watch & Speaker Paul Ryan.



You have the wrong imperial analogy. In the best tradition of Empress Theodora the khalessi convinced the (not eunuch) Narse, aka "bubba" to have the gold delivered - this time to the greens.

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