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05 July 2016


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Just to be clear. Nancy K and her husband are elderly pensioners (kinda like me!) They moved to one of the big cities in NC from CA in order to be near their adult children who evidently fled the golden paradise of the Left Coast. I wonder if they actually know anyone outside the big cities of NC. pl


King B moved his B Queen out of check. while knight announces that other Game Players may have tapped into B Queen's comms.

Will next move be a player with an axe to grind (or national interests to protect) takes a whack by dropping the dime?

scott s.

I guess my question is, the person or persons who transmitted classified information to Clinton without proper markings and via systems not cleared for that classification level would seem to be in for a world of hurt. That there were "chains" of emails suggests that Clinton included parts of the improperly marked information in out-going email. Clinton would be in a position to know, and IMHO had a duty, to question the improper classification and take affirmative action to apply the correct markings and remove it from any system not cleared for the appropriate classification. My wife, in a prior life, ran the internal network systems and external record message systems for the Joint Staff for a couple of years and just laughs at the pathetic explanations given in this case. But then again, we have the history of the White House Comm office losing emails during BJ Clinton's administration with no repercussions.



Something oozing out of Hillary's 'carelessness' is the vapor of hostile Israeli espionage against US, and that is what Comey was referring to with his 'no reasonable prosecutor' would bring charges against Hillary is it would have allowed the Israeli espionage against US vapor out of the bottle and would be 'career enders' for both FBI Agents and DOJ Prosecutors who dared to put the Israeli Espionage against US into the US public limelight.

Three monitored and gleaned critical US Classified info from Hillary's carelessness - Russia, China, Israel.


I am certain that this story is not over, either in the political or legal domain. The comments by Comey and the FBI investigation centered on the mishandling of classified email as per the referral from the USIC. The insider trading issue is separate and apart, and remains unresolved. Comey, having gone through his detailed accounting of the investigation into the email abuses, will not revisit this issue of insider trading until after the elections take place. If Hillary is elected, she will be facing the insider trading issue and the "sleaze" assault starting in November. I am told it will be an unrelenting attack and will be fully underway before she is inaugurated. The Democratic Party platform contains so far an open call to reinstate Glass Steagall full bank separation (commercial banks fully separated from investment, insurance). The final ratification vote will take place this weekend in Orlando, Fla. when the full platform committee meets. The Glass Steagall resolution is backed by both Sanders and Clinton reps on the platform drafting committee, and it will remain in the final platform. Wall Street is very unhappy about this. Hillary does not even control her own delegates on this issue.

Wall Street will use any possible leverage to stop Glass Steagall. Pulling Hillary's chain on the son-in-law corruption is right up their alley.

Nancy K

My grandchildren are 7th generation North Carolinians. Granted Wilkesboro, where they live, is not in the hollers, but neither is it cosmopolitan. I admit my husband and I wanted to be closer to more upscale shopping and medical facilities and RDU, because being "elderly pensioners" those things are important to us.
I do however know people from outside the big cities. Most of our neighbors however are from somewhere else like we are, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Florida being the most common.

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