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06 July 2016


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"Again I will point out to you that you have not addressed the causes of the participation of Spain, Georgia, Denmark, Poland and Italy."

I don't see why their decisions, and what informed them, to join the MNF at the very low levels they did is relevant. Had they chosen not to join it would have made zero difference. They may well have done so for very disparate reasons. The only thing that mattered to the USA was expanding the country count in the coalition. That was for political/diplomatic reasons, not military ones.


Cheney had plans drawn up for an invasion of Iraq, but needed an excuse. 9/11 provided this. Although 9/11 was performed by Saudi-national terrorists, and filmed by Dancing Israelis, Cheney correctly counted on Americans being too ignorant to discriminate one group of scruffy Arab bad guys from another. America had to stomp "somebody" to "teach them a lesson", and Iraq was first in line. [But "real men go to Iran"...it's still not over...]

I am not finding a good reference to Cheney's detailed plans off the top, this will have to do for now:

Pls remember Cheney + Rumsfeld + Wolfowitz also were running a shadow government, with secret meetings and their own intelligence agency, to take over in case Bush ever became incapacitated.

The profit motive for Cheney as largest private shareholder of Halliburton was there as well.

Bush had already decided to invade Iraq as well:

However, the biggest problem I have is with the "Oded Yinon" plan. As discussed in the '80s and '90s, this was common knowledge among Likud powers that Israel would soon subvert America and use its Pentagon/CIA to wipe out Israel's rivals, including Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Iran. Here's how the corruption works: Congress funds Israel with billions of U.S. taxpayer money each year. Israel and its oligarchs then fund AIPAC with close to a hundred millions a year. And finally AIPAC funds Congress with $75M a year. Everyone gets paid; there is never any reason to stop. Congress votes for what's good for Israel, not necessarily the United States, and no one is the wiser.


I credit this as partial causality for the almost unanimous Congressional vote to invade Iraq.

Britain was a fore-ordained cat's-paw, even more than Congress and the American population. Sorry, chaps, you've been played.



I don't know what "had plans drawn up" means. The armed forces had no plans "drawn up." The neocons wanted t o invade Iraq but there were no "plans." A hope is not a plan. pl

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