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13 July 2016


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The Twisted Genius

Richard Sale,

Very timely and very raw. It was like being grabbed by the scruff of the neck and having one's face rubbed in it. Good job.

Richard Sale

Thank you. It was a difficult time.


Ed Walsh

Excellent description and pacing of a growing ominous danger, a sense of doom when the situation slowly escalates until it is out of anyone's control. A sense that a future calamity is now certain and unavoidable, but not quite arrived yet.

I very much admired use of freighted adjectives with words most commonly used without qualification: e.g., "frustrated despair, disgusted rage, and helpless indignation".

The narrative structure of the story is puzzling in that it starts out as a first person testimony, includes disparaging remarks about Roger, but then switches to a narration which can see into Roger's mind and report his emotions.

This could only be truly plausible as story telling, if Roger had later set all this information down in writing, and the original narrator is reporting what Roger had written about his mental state and experiences. Otherwise, Roger is a creation of the author, and the first person narrative is wholly fictional. But if so, the story loses some of its authenticity: was the author there at the event or not?


excellent writing about riveting history!

Richard Sale

Roger was there. He usually basks in his superiority but as the danger grows he notes it down.

Thank you.


Richard Sale

Thank you very much!


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