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17 July 2016


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Eric Newhill

This *should* put an end to the "lone wolf" meme, but you never know when dealing with ideologues. In fact it should lead to recognition that a race war has begun and that the Ds are using it as they do all the color revolutions overseas.

Cleveland may end up in martial law for Ohio. Of course it will all be Trump's fault for being "divisive".

This is on Obama, IMO. He does nothing to discourage it and subtly encourages. He met with BLM leadership, again, just yesterday. My search reveals no resulting strong statement against violence from either BLM or POTUS.


I predict we will be hearing--as it should be, in my take--the term "terrorist investigation" employed more and more. And that has legal consequences. i.e. easier to obtain warrants/subpoenas and man power. Lynch will be pressed, until she squeals, to move hard and aggressively on this. She will initially resist. But she will be compelled. And the same thing goes for the MSM...they will be forced to reexamine their coverage the shootings, ALL SHOOTINGS, at police officers AND at police buildings.

Obama? Useless. He has no political future so he won't act. The rest of them do desire, anyway, a political future, so they will begin to 'connect the dots' that, I suggest, may have been overlooked, because few wanted to look. Hard. That period is drawing to a close.


Sara Sidner

.@BRPD saying they do not think shooting of its officers was "race related". #BatonRouge


Other unconfirmed news says that this was an ongoing shooting between "civilians" when police arrived.

michael brenner

I am going to offer a comment that I make independent of any interpretations or judgments about Baton Rouge, Dallas and the other places where there has been racially tinged violence between police and civilians. Indeed, it is independent of political geography generally.

It is the simple observation that violence begets violence - of all types, from whatever source, whatever the targets. This is a truism going back to Paleolithic times when its recognition kept violence within and between small bands low.

If one group physically abuses another (whatever justifications and authoritative legitimacy there may be), the recipient will retaliate sooner or later - one way or another. And inevitably, the dynamic of reciprocity will set in.

That is why the angry, instinctive reaction to shoot the bastards, bomb the bastards, nuke the bastards, pay back the bastards must be restrained. Restraint does not mean do nothing.


Michael brenner

So, war settles nothing? pl


The black blowback in America and the jihadis are acting out of the same human impulse as any commenter on this board , any Palestinian, the anti- USA Iranian revolutionaries, etc etc....people don't like family members, neighbors, , etc to get killed, punked, oppressed, stolen from......when enough is enough, you take up arms and fight back. The Right in America lack empathy for the oppressed... They don't seem to be able to make the cognitive leap to " put oneself in someone else's shoes". U.S. Lefties are able to empathize with the plight of the downtrodden and willing to pay more in taxes on o redistribute wealth to less fortunate....I've always told people from a young age if I was black I would be in jail because I wouldn't stand for one minute the bullshit whites inAmerica give to blacks...


And inevitably, the dynamic of reciprocity will set in

War is not an isolated act, it has serious social and cultural impetuses apart from universally accepted economic and (geo)political factors. Yes, violence begets violence but in the end it is who can provide more and better targeted violence to, in the words of Clausewitz, "compel the enemy to do our will". Marxists called these an "insurmountable contradictions". We do have an insurmountable contradictions between civilized people and their institutions (and I am 100% behind US Law Enforcement) and those who do not want to live by the law--those are a minority in every sense of this word. Again, there will be (already are) as always Kumbaya and "unity" media "gospels"--they change nothing, in fact, they make things worse. I know this first hand. The faster we recognize the depth of a problem and cultural and social "insurmountable contradictions" inherent in it--the faster and less violently we may arrive to resolution. I suggest to start with declaring BLM a domestic terrorist organization and charging Al Sharpton (among many) with sedition and treason--that will be a very good start. Later, when Obama goes, it also could be looked into his and Holder's and others role in creating the atmosphere which leads (for now, I hope we reverse it) to a race war in which black "community" has no chance of winning. The blood of Dallas and Baton Rouge (and Lakewood) officers is on Obama's and "his" people's hands. This must be decisively and if necessary violently stopped by most brutal methods allowed by law, otherwise I will have to narrate my own, very terrifying experiences, on what happens when "cultures collide" and countries disintegrate. I don't think we want this fate for the good ole' USA for a huge number of reasons of domestic and foreign nature.


In reply to Eric Newhill 17 July 2016 at 02:12 PM

"This *should* put an end to the "lone wolf" meme, but you never know when dealing with ideologues."

How do you know? As you yourself say "you never know when dealing with ideologues"

Could it not be equally the case that Micah Xavier Johnson hoped that his actions would inspire others to emulate him?

Or even if Johnson didn't set out to inspire others to target and kill police as a desirable secondary outcome to his actions is it not possible that his actions would be seen as worthy of emulation by a number of hate and rage filled people?

I'm sure you're familiar with the concept of "copy cat killing".



Yeah, and Nice was 80 French racists trying to stop a Muslim delivery driver from selling ice cream to orphans.

Top kek.


Many feel that the "rule of law" is a joke.

Once this reaches into 10-15% of the population then it becomes open season on anything that represents the law.

There is not an excuse but ever since the 2006-2008 period , it seemed to me this has been building.

Of course , the head-choppers don't know any other way.


As the number of attacks increase, perhaps it is time to recognize that in a general sense the "motivation" has no tangible relation to the particular "targetting."

What I observe in a general sense, is that at the present stage of social relations degradation there is no need of an a priori realization of whites as the culprits of anything, for a non-white person of any kind, even without the least amount of harm having being done to him (sometimes actually on the contrary,) to be subverted into hatred of whites by fiat. The current ideological climate favors the psychological displacement of concrete minority personal and communal limitations into an abstract barrier made of the figment of white racism.

I'll try a feminist angle here to see if the liberals can relate. At the heart of the matter lies the way whites and westerners in general are bowing to and behaving according to an ideology were they are "objectified" as concrete representations of guilt. One thing is for one to feel guilt about something in an introspective sense, because sometimes that is what one's soul demands for development, the other is for some unknown and unrelated person to be allowed to appropriate of such guilt as general evidence of culpability and be free to dispense his hatred, his punishment, his death sentence at will. When whites become mere vessels of guilt, a vacuum is created in interpersonal relations that sucks any and every ill will towards them. This reduction to guilty share parallels with the notion of reduction to body. Whenever whites in particular and westerners in general, prostrate themselves at the feet of minorities, calling themselves racists and insisting that theirs is the guilt for all things wrong, they act as women who take off their clothes for strangers in public, and consent in being spite upon, be called whores and raped. Some feminists insist that a woman should be able to walk naked unmolested, because his body is his own. So it should be with those who have a sense of guilt, that it is theirs and no others to appropriate, that it is bound to a higher judgement, not to the pleasure of the enraged crowds.

In spiritual terms (a whole other game as far as interpretation goes) charity is the way for a sinner to endure his guilt in life, but judgement comes from above and it is inescapable, and no self flagellation or suicide will anull it. Those who have done great wrong to the innocent, let their naked souls, in due appointed time, endure the piercing eye and scorn of Evil for as long as they are commanded. As for us, mere common citizens who wish nothing but to live and let live, either we free ourselves from the false chains o guilt and the undeserved gaze of hatred it attracts, or else endure the reward of our lack of courage to choose fredom.

PS this was written as part of a greater comment that I made (and as usual didn't post,) in the "What happened to Micah Johnson?" thread. It was a contention about the, in my view, lack of relevance of the "motivation" for the killings, so perhaps is not exactly a the right comment for this thread.



Comments of this quality are always welcome here. pl



"... I wouldn't stand for one minute the bullshit whites inAmerica give to blacks..."

Why do you hate Hilary and Bill so much?

Eric Newhill


Ok. In your opinion then, how many lone wolf copy cats = a movement?

2? 10? 10,000? More?


My tv was on in another room so I'm unsure of exactly what was said so I'm seeking
confirmation. The shooter's name is Gavin Long of Kansas City, he is African-American, DOB July 17, 1987 (if I heard this correctly today is his birthday) & he was/is in the USMC.


"figment of white racism."

You are correct. There is no white racism.



Looks like I heard it correctly. More info popping up on net. Honorably
discharged SGT/E5 unknown MOS; Dean's list University of Alabama, divorced,
no known children.



Well, this guy could shoot. pl

michael brenner

Depends on the nature of the problem and how force is used. Our ostentatious pectoral displays in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and Pakistan has made us far worse off in every respect. The reciprocated violence has cost us immensely in lives, in treasure, in prestige and in political standing. And that reaction may not have crested yet.

michael brenner

There are many ways for a country to disintegrate - your panacea strikes me as being a sure-fire formula.


These shootings are merely a result of sending our soldiers to fight BS wars and sadly this won't be the last. America has lost its way and those fighting for it feel betrayed. The domestic shootings are just a release valve for the pent up anger that has been building.

The American people have been sold out and judging by the scale of that wholesale betrayal, there should be grave concern amongst the police. I just hope that we as a country have the courage to take the conversation beyond the symptoms and speak to what is causing this. I had this hope post 9/11, but alas, the conversation quickly went from reflecting on our foreign policy to deciding they hate us because of our freedom.



Whatever it takes to preserve the Narrative, right?



If you're going to engage in masochism, do it in the privacy of your house TIA.



Love the comment.

I'd say that its funny that the same class of (((people))) who reject the argument of blood libel and stereotyping are also the ones who insist that whites are the only people who ever did anything bad in history, and everything can be (((deconstructed))).



You act as if the country isn't already disintegrating.

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